One year on an LCHF diet with type 1 diabetes


How does an low-carb diet work with type 1 diabetes? Here’s a one-year update:

Today I celebrate 1 year with LCHF, or I could say that I celebrate 1 year in good health! I can certainly endorse the LCHF diet as being good for type 1 diabetics.

Besides a more stable blood sugar and a more easily managed diabetes, I’ve gotten rid of pain in my legs, headaches, GI problems, and constant throat infections. Previously, I had recurring yeast infections, but during this past year I haven’t had a single one!

I only need one injection daily, instead of the previous 5-9. I eat delicious food, and I don’t miss anything. I have more energy and I’m happier than ever before! During the past year I’ve also gotten to know, and come in contact with, a lot of great people through Instagram and my blog!

I could go on about more positive things, but now I’m off to make dinner. A fatty, smoked rainbow trout to honor the day!

The whole story on the blog DiabetesType1LCHF (Google translated from Swedish)


Low-Carb to Manage Type 1 Diabetes

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