No longer a sad hiding person

Before and after

Before and after

I received an e-mail with husband and wife success stories:

The Wife’s Story

I don’t like to think about before, because for almost a decade I was obese. It made me sad to be that way, and I tried to hide from the world.

Spring 2003 I started Atkins. I began eating meat just to go on the diet. I remember the first morning waking up and praying to God for His help. I was such a mess (binge-eating and carb addiction) that I knew I could not do it on my own. The two-week induction phase delivered results and motivated me. I started walking on a treadmill. It took almost three years to lose 70 lbs (32 kg).

I have kept most of it off, and my diet evolved into eating mostly real foods using low-carb as a template. I have found this is best for me to keep a healthy weight.

If you see me not eating, it is not because I don’t eat. It is not because I don’t like your cooking or don’t want to celebrate your birthday. I eat plenty of meat, cheese, vegetables, nuts, fats, and dark chocolate. I have to be careful with what I eat, because I don’t want to be that sad person hiding again.

Congratulations! You can find more on spiphy warfare blog.

The Husband’s Story

Before and after

Before and after

I sat in a seminar ten years ago and listened to a man, in his seventies, lecturing a bunch of men about change. He said, “When you’re done changing, you’re done.” That sentence has always stuck with me. It sums up our need for continual growth quite nicely.

I’ve been blessed to experience much change in the last year of my life. I located a picture from a vacation in 2012 and one from 2013. Sixty pounds (27 kg) later, I felt the need to share them here. This was not accomplished by following any doctor’s advice. It was not done by eating a diet that complied with the USDA, AHA or any other organization’s recommendations. It came about by sensible eating, some exercise, and self-discipline.

More on spiphy warfare blog.



LCHF for Beginners

How to Lose Weight

More weight and health stories

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Do you have a success story you want to share? Send your information, plus before and after photos, to It would also be greatly appreciated if you shared what you eat in a typical day, whether you fast etc. More information:

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  1. Steph
    Congratulations to both of you! I too hope to lose most of this unhealthy weight following the LCHF method. I just need to be more consistent.
  2. Trudy
    I wish I could stick to this way of eating. I want to be that person up there, showing how much weight I've lost. I guess I don't want it enough. Every time I start this way of eating, the craving for junk food hits hard and I struggle with stopping myself from eating them. I make sure I eat lots of fat and protein and include the veg etc, but even though I'm full on the LCHF food I could eat a packet of biscuits.

    I think I have emotional issues.

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  3. robert
    You're addicted to carbs. End of story.

    If there is still room to eat a packet of biscuits, you simply didn't eat enough of the real food.

    In the beginning, first couple of weeks (or months) you must eliminate the carbage from your house, avoid exposure & temptation to eat it. In short: radically clean out your pantry, don't go shopping while hungry, don't buy that stuff. Try to do without sweeteners.

    If you feel the urge to "pig out" on food, make sure to always have safe food around you. That could be Macadamia nuts, pulled pork with mayo, eggs, raspberries with whipped cream (add ice-cubes & blend to get a smoothie), a can of sardines, hard cheese, ham, salami, meatballs, a stick of butter... you know that. Eat until full and satisfied.

    Back to the addiction aspect:

    I suggest to read a series of posts by Tom Naughton aptly named "Character vs. Chemistry". These are very enlightening and should be considered 'required reading' for everybody.

    Parts 1 & 2:

    Parts 3 to 6:

  4. bill

    I just got my Ketonix. I'll let you know how it


  5. bill
    Okay, here's the report on my Ketonix.

    It took about 10 minutes for the blue light to stay on.

    I rinsed my mouth out with water, then blew into the
    device for about 18 seconds.

    It has now been a couple of minutes and the yellow
    light has been on all that time. According to the
    instructions, yellow means moderate trace of Ketones.

    Good enough for me!

    Did I mention: WOO HOOO!

  6. bill
    Okay, now my partner has tried it.

    It only took about 3 minutes to stay solid blue.

    She blew into it for about 18 seconds and it
    turned yellow and has stayed yellow for the past
    few minutes.

    We both eat VLCHFKD. She checks her ketones
    with a blood monitor and it has been consistently around
    2 to 2.4. Her glucose is usually around 70.

    We both have plenty of energy on this diet. We only eat
    in the morning and evening, with maybe a handful of
    macadamia nuts around 3 PM.

    Again, I say: WOO HOOO!

  7. bill
    Okay, now 2 hours after eating dinner (mostly
    fat and protein) I rinsed my mouth out with water
    and blew into the Ketonix.

    It's now been about 2 minutes and the light inside
    has been red. YAY! It says that indicates a "high trace
    of ketones".

    I'm having fun with this.

    Oh, yeah: WOO HOOO!

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  8. Murray
    I love new measuring devices. It's like gaining another sense.
  9. Marcy
    Trudy, try the 10-day Sugar Detox by Dr Hyman. After 10 days of no sugar at all, if you have a bite of a biscuit or other sweet food, it actually tastes bad, like a poison. At least it did for me.
  10. msjake
    Trudy -
    I used to be just like you. I would try so hard to start what ever new diet I wanted to be on, but the sugar/carb cravings just would be so hard to overcome.

    I began LCHF (seriously, I had given it only half efforts before) about 4 weeks ago. And yes, it was hard, but I made sure that people knew what I was doing (that helps me be accountable to someone besides myself!) and I really pushed myself to get over the sugar cravings.

    Now after just 4 weeks, the cravings are gone! I really eat a whole lot less food overall, and it's no problem to stay away from the sugar/carbs.

    I even walked through the candy aisle at the store last week and didn't have the desire for one single thing!

    Basically, yes, it's hard at first, but it really didn't take that long for the cravings to go away.

    Good luck to you!

  11. bill
    Ketonix report:

    After 9 hours of sleep, and before
    breakfast, light is yellow - "moderate
    trace of ketones".

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  12. Paul the rat
    Welcome to the Club bill.
  13. Dan
    I love to read how people are doing on LCHF. I have been on it it for 3 month now and have lost 20 lbs. Lost 5 inches from my stomach, 3 inches from my waist. said to say some days i get off and have a candy bar or something sweet. It's hard sometimes for me because I'm alone doing this with nobody helping me out.
    I tell people what I'm doing and they shoot me down oh you eatting to mush meat and enough carbs, but I'm not giving up. So thank you for this website that you have. Dan
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  14. murray
    Good work, Dan. A couple of observations. Going LCHF is like being an insolvency lawyer. When an insolvency lawyer is introduced at a gathering of potential clients, no one goes over to talk to him front of others and everyone makes jocular humour about the insolvency lawyer, but later on he gets cornered one-on-one with an "I have a friend" scenario. I get diet queries a lot, one on one, but endure jocular ridicule at dinner parties. And the humour can be genuinely funny--I have no emotional need for approval or agreement. Second, you cannot be a prophet in your own land. There is no gain to be made proselytizing to family or friends. I have been content to be viewed as a diet eccentric and just press on leading by example. ("Oh, don't bother asking--he doesn't eat cake," I can live with that.) Of course the discrete inquiries have increased lately, with the increasing news about the harm of sugar and the harmlessness of saturated fat.
  15. Kim Gettingright
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