1. Alex Millne
    What makes me sad is that I have been on a very very strict LCHF for 8 months and have not lost much weight at all. Actually almost none, as most of it must have been just water?? I am male, 27 and 1,72meters tall. I weighed 79kg and have lost only 2 kg !!!

    I don't understand why it doesn't work on me?? I have never dieted before in my whole life!

    I want to get rid of my belly fat and the fat around my chest (looks like I have boobs). Don't have any health problems at all, no thyroid problem, nothing, all healthy.

    Does anyone have similar problems with this diet and why is that so? Why does it work for some and not for others? What diet should I follow to loose this weight?

    I have gained 15kg over the last 3 years.

    Please help



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  2. FrankG
    Good on yer Chris! And good for your family too :-)
  3. FrankG
    What are you eating Alex?
  4. Alex Millne
    I'm eating the strictes LCHF food that you can imagine, to the point where the food choices are very limited. I have been reading so much about LCHF to educate myself to get the best results and nothing seems to be working. Don't know what's wrong with me. I've even experimented with cutting out cheese the last 2 months and still no change :( I have tried every tip imaginable that I've read on this and other LCHF blogs :(
  5. Maki
    @Alex had you tried to lower protein, and increase the fat?

    If that doesn't help then I would try a different diet, there is no point in doing something that doesn't work. LCHF works for me but that doesn't mean that it will work for everybody.

  6. Alex Millne
    I have tried all the tips! I am very aware of the fact, that this is a LCHF diet and not a protein diet. So yes II have used all the tips including decreasing the protein intake. Eating lots of fat etc. It just irritates me, because I feel great on this diet. Lotsa energy etc... just not loosing any weight at all.

    Is it a calorie story? But apparently calories don't count, so don't know whats up with my body. Besides I just simply eat until I feel full. I don't see why I should starve myself. Frikken irritating

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  7. Zepp
    Could be calories, could be old habbits, could be a bad body composition!

    I got such a body as you.. nearly needing a bra and corsett!

    But Im very sedentary, and think I got to little muscles and to bad physical capasity!

    Soo Im probably stuck here in this body.. till I do somthing about it?

  8. Alex Millne
    so you would suggest more exercise? I am very sedentary!

    I dont know what you mean with old habits, as I have been eating a super strict LCHF diet for 8 months now. No exceptions whatsoever!

    My Problem is, that I have been eating pretty much a LCHF diet anyway before I started the diet. I'm not really a big carb eating lover.... So maybe that's why I'm not loosing weight? I have never been a pasta eating carb muncher. Maybe because before I started the diet I wasn't eating so extreme carby anyway, maybe that's why my body is not showing much effects?

    What I did change and eliminate was the occasional sweets, fruits, and excess meat consumption. But other then that, my meals before LCHF were very healthy and low carb anyways. Oh yea and I increased the fat consumption as well when I went on LCHF.

    But as I mentioned I gained 15kg in 3 years. So dont know whats up with my body, as I seem to be doing everything right.

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  9. Daniel Sonntag
    Hi Alex, so sorry to hear of your unsuccessful journey! As a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner, I find that there are other barriers to healing that need to be handled. Diet is not the only factor.

    You may need some guidance and additional assistance. You can find someone in my field near you.

  10. murray
    Alex, not knowing details it is difficult to know what advice might be helpful. Some people on a high-calorie ketogenic diet get blood sugar that creeps up.You might get a blood glucose monitor and check this out. A lot of cultures that are low-carb high-fat during the winter have periodic carb festivals. This seems to have the effect of re-booting insulin and leptin signalling. I seem fine without carb fests, but I have already lost weight and am not trying to lose more. In fact my wife complains when I do lose some weight.

    When I did lose weight, I did eat slightly less than appetite. So I would have light dinners and wake up a little hungry. If I was not waking up a little hungry I would eat a little less at dinner and try to go to bed for the night already feeling a bit hungry. If find I can eat virtually unlimited fat and not gain weight, but during those times I do not lose weight. I think one needs a fat deficit in the gut so the body draws on stored fat. Not sure if this is the case for everyone, but it was my experience.

  11. Alex Millne
    I just find it weird that this guy lost 29 kilos in 3 months and I have been super strict low carb high fat dieter for 8 months, NO EXCEPTIONS whatsoever. I mean seriously super strict. And have lost only 2 kg, and I'm educated enough to know that this must have been water loss and not fat. What the hell is wrong with me? It's just so frustrating and makes me angry and sad
  12. FrankG
    Are you certain the "weight" is excess fat mass and not lean tissue/muscle? How do you know?

    How realistic are you being in your "weight loss"? I'm not great at the metric system but I think you translate to around 170lbs at 5'7" is that right? How much are you looking to lose? Why?

    The guy in this blog post looks to have had a great deal more to lose than you do. I'm figuring that you currently look more like his "after" picture?

    What happened that you gained 15kg over the 3 years -- presumably prior to starting LCHF?

    Weight training and regular daily activity (even just walking) can help with muscle tone. posture and how you look. How are your measurements? How do your clothes fit?

    LCHF is not just a weight loss "diet" in the traditional sense but is more a way of life to normalise your body. Reduction in excess fat mass is almost a by-product of that normalising effect.

    Eating LCHF will not magically give you a ripped six-pack, unless you are also using those muscles... I don't see how you reconcile "I am very sedentary!" with "I seem to be doing everything right." Perhaps you need to reassess your situation and not rely on others to tell you what you need to do.

  13. Alex Millne
    Well I do have a weight issue problem. Everyone that meets me, that dates me, that sees me sees that. Everybody thinks I have excess fat and so do I! I have a big tummy and flabby boobs not suitable for a male. In my class of 24 students I'm probably 2nd fattest. I dont know if this is considered normal weight in America, but I'm in Europe and people all around me are way way thinner then I am for my age. And I don't feel comfortable with my weight. I felt good 3 years ago when I was 15kg lighter.

    I didn't change anything. The only thing that may have contributed to the weight gain is maybe: stress? age?

    Those are the only 2 factors that I could think of, as I have not changed my eating pattern prior to my weight gain. I only changed my eating pattern slightly 8 months ago when I went on the super strict LCHF diet.

    I am doing everything right (DIET wise) !

    Excerise? Yes... that is lacking. Perhaps I should do more excerise as I surely have no muscles. I am very sedentary

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  14. FrankG
    If you really are sedentary then I would suggest you get up and go outside. Please note that I did not say "exercise" :-) Go for a walk. If in an office job take "smoke" breaks several times a day where you walk around the block instead. Find an interest or hobby that takes you outside, birdwatching, hiking, cycling etc... no need to flog yourself at an expensive gym in expensive special outfits. Park at the far end of car parks or get off the bus a couple of stops early. Take the stairs. If you like you might try yoga, Tai Chi or pilates (a great way to meet women, I understand). Weight training will also help with muscle tone, posture and how you look and feel. The aim is not to burn calories but to increase muscle tone and improve cardio-vascular fitness. Be kind to yourself, eight months is really not a very long time.. many of us have struggled with excess fat mass for literally decades. Having started LCHF and lost significant weight I went through months of plateau followed by another weight loss period. Your body is readjusting to "normal" again... it can take time. Realistically I don't expect to be 100% back to the same look and weight as I was in my 20's ever again BUT I am so much healthier and happier that my "ideal weight" is less important. Your health is for life... if you are too strict with yourself you may be setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.
  15. Paul
    so you have been on LCHF for 8 months with no results and you express your frustration on this blog just now? - after 8 months of suffering in silence?, why?
  16. JAUS
    You should check your hormone levels. Weight gain is caused by hormone inbalance in the body. Usually the culprit is the diet, but there are other things that also effect the hormone balance: lack of sleep, stress, medicines (cortisone for example), certain chemicals that mimic hormones (BPA for example).
  17. Maki
    Maybe there is something wrong with your gut flora bacteria. This is a speculative advice but you might try to drink kefit, and eat other fermented foods that are high in probiotics, those foods are healthy, and tasty anyway so you might as well try it.

    You could try kefir fast, maybe some drastic temporary change to the diet will help. And trying it for a week is definitely not harmful. Don't worry about ratios on kefir fast. Many people loose weight on kefir fasts.

  18. Zepp
    Well Im 56 and very sedentary and drink to much wine I think!

    But my history is that I gained 1 kilo a year.. till I did weight 92.. quite common history!

    Then I started LCHF and nothing happend for three months.. sudenly somthing happend.. probably mostly in my mind.. I realised that I wasent that hungry anymore and eat fewer times a day!

    And then I loose 9 kilo in a couple a months.. and my asthma disaper in the same time!

    But my blood works got even worse.. it get morbidily high and bad.. but after another year it got almoste normal!

    They told me that I have FH.. becuse of the lipids, and that my mother and here relatives got the same bad lipids.. but I didnt think soo!

    But I think I got a heredity for metabolic syndrome.. but I rewersed some of it anyhow!

    And to you.. you are young.. shouldnt put on that much weight in three years.. if its not stress/bad habbits or somhthing like that.. and you say you dont have bad habbits soo then its somthing els!

    If you can.. try to check if there is some disturbance.. like thyroid problem.. ask your relatives if there are some typical metabolic disturbance going in your family!

    A healty person dont gain that much weight in three years, if there is no mental or metabolic disturbance!

  19. Paul
    If you are a genuine, than you are the first case in my experience who did not lose any fat on, as you say, very strict LCHF regardless of family/genetic/physical activity background. Very interesting but nothing to be concerned about, I suggest find low carb family practitioner in your area and take-on challenge with her/him. And let us know in 3 month time.
  20. LarryB
    Consider getting a DEXA scan to find out what your body composition really is. Also, check with your doctor about other potential issues. You can check the PrimalDocs website for an LCHF-friendly physician or nurse-practitioner in your area.

    I agree about the hormone tests - you should ask your doctor about this.

    Also, low intensity exercise + sprinting is a good start. Sprinting doesn't have to be running - it can be any intense activity you can do, like squats or sit-ups. Whatever you do, try to enjoy it. Mark's Daily Apple can provide some exercise plan tips.

  21. Alex Millne
    Who said that only after 8 months I am making these claims? I have exchanged email with the doctor for many months now with my zinn****.com email from the start of my diet journey!

    But what's the point moaning constantly and constantly? I don't have energy to explain myself here every month. So I just carried on and on with the diet hoping that it's just a stall and soon I will loose weight. But now after seeing this success story I'm just super frustrated.

    Of course I have mentioned this to the doctor. And you guys know how doctors are: They are NOT concerned! They said typical things such as: no excercise, age, stress (student with hard exams), and it's normal. -no concrete advice just the usual ''eat less and go to the gym''. If only it were so easy.

    I think the reason why you have never heard such a case before, is that i suspect that for those that fail using this diet just fade away and try something else. Whereas others that have achieved fantastic results tend to shout it out and be loud and proud on these platforms and others.

    I know that I have no thyroid problem.

    I also don't know what to do... Am I maybe eating too much?

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  22. Galina L.
    I remember the story on Dr.Eades blog (proteinpower.com) about one of his patients who complained about not being able to loose weight on a LC diet. The problem was - eating something like 5000 cal a day, which was way too much for a middle-aged petite woman. She was advised to cut on calories. At the end of the day it matters, especially for a weight loss.
    Alex, I suggest you drop all snacks and go easy with a fat dairy and nuts. Try to eat 2 times a day, each time to absolute satiety, max 3 times. I love my butter and use a whipping cream in my coffee (once a day), but being too enthusiastic about things like mascarpone cheese, whipped cream and nuts never fails to increase my weight.
  23. Nemer
    I suggest you do not change your diet except for one modification. For three months, eat half of what you eat now. Success sure. I know this from personal experience.
    Good luck, Nemer
  24. Zepp
    Only you can tell if you eting to much.. and one thing is certain, if yog give all the energy to your body by the mouth.. it never gonna take anything from your body!

    But the most comon thing is that one get a lower apetite.. and eat less if ones body is able to take som fat from your body.

    Moste people have a good apetite signaling.. that tells them how much to eat, but there are conditions that overrides those signals!

    And you alredy knew about blood sugar roll coaster, but stress is another one!

    And I remember when I was studying.. I didnt have any time/strenght to exercise.. I was exhausted.. mostly mentaly!

    Soo.. if you dont have done it befor.. try to reduce calories and se if anything happens.. after 8 months you should be converted to burn fat.. lets see if you can do this without starving?

    By the way.. did you count calories some day, how much was it?

  25. robert
    @Alex: patience!

    I've been doing LCHF for 6+ months now, and I haven't lost a lot of weight. Maybe 3kg or so. I think I need to move more. I do a bit of resistance training, not much really. Belly fat is stubborn.

    BUT... I can eat what I like, until I'm satisfied, and I'm not hungry.

    If I went back to pizza and pasta, I'd inflate like a balloon.

  26. Margaret
    Thank you for putting this story on your website Andreas.
    You have many fans in Australia. This would be a lovely place to bring your family for a holiday during your Swedish winter. :)
  27. bill

    You say you "... feel great on this diet. Lotsa energy ..."

    That's GREAT! Enjoy yourself! Many people would
    like to have those two things.

    As others have said, 8 months is not a lot of time.
    Relax, and be patient.

  28. Galina L.
    BS, 8 months is a lot of time to see weight-loss from a diet, actually most loose rapidly 20 lbs in first 6 months, then weight-loss stall or slows down. It is possible to eat enough of LC food to stay weight-stable, and Alex is doing just that.
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  29. FrankG
    Agreed Galina but I gather in Alex's case he had already been eating LCHF for longer than the 8 months and I don't think he has as much to lose as many who visit here.

    I am also frankly puzzled by statements like "strict LCHF diet" as if there is even a single definition of an LCHF diet which we would all agree on? Even if we agreed on a defined proportion of energy from each macronutrient, then what about the different types of fat, as just one example?

    It makes me think of when folks talk about the "Mediterranean Diet" as if that means the same thing to everyone... which it doesn't :-)

    I see LCHF as more a set of guidelines, than strict rules which must be obeyed.

  30. Galina L.
    Well, devil is usually in details, and telling that diet is very strict LC implies only that diet contains almost no carbs, but it is not enough to start guessing what could be the the reason for to not being able to loose weight. May be Alex is at normal weight? Vilhjálmur Stefánsson and his former team member ate only meat during the experiment conducted in Belvedere clinic in NY for one year, and didn't get thin, probably they lost couple pounds. They lived with Inuits previously , and Inuits who ate only meat,fish and fat were not very thin people, and many of their woman were even stocky. LC diets could be very helpful in loosing weight, but it has its limitation as a weight-loss tool. It is great if you need to shed most of you unhealthy fat, it is a great tool to keep a weight loss, LC diets do wonders for one's health, but in order to achieve specifically a weight loss you have to look into details.
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  31. FrankG
    Again I agree Galina :-) and I did ask for details in an effort to offer more specific suggestions...
  32. Paul
    I beg Alex and all good people for forgiveness here, I am very skeptical by nature, but personally I have a feeling that something is amiss here. Would you stick to a diet, or anything else for that matter, which did not work for 8 months!?
  33. Galina L.
    Paul, Alex said that being on that diet felt great. My guess he is eating as much as he wants liberal amounts of tasty fatty food while feeling energetic and happy. He is not gaining weight exercising that gluttony - not such bad deal.
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  34. Paul
    Yes, I agree Galina. But than I am puzzled why he is frustrated by not losing weight. If I was to lose weight and go on a diet and say started to eat 4 plates a day, so after 2 months of no results I would eat 3 plates no matter what's on the plate, if that would not work I would eat 2 plates - that is not an advanced astrophysics.
  35. Galina L.
    @Paul, Alex is frustrated because his story looks differently than the one featured in this particular blog-post.Some people realize that they get only ideas from the web, not directions and open to experiments like you, but some expect that extreme success stories would be replicated in their case 100%. I always cringe when I see over-the-top success stories like that one about the Guy from Australia - Wow! loosing at the rate 20 lb a month! I am glad he did, of course, but I can't help but to think that story like that also does some negative things - it creates unrealistic expectations, it makes people who have troubles in loosing weight on any diet to feel frustrated, it makes LC diets look like a short intervention (it is successful only as a permanent change).
    I understand that it is a normal marketing strategy to present situation in a rosy light,and it is normal thing to read on a LC-diet promoting blog, I believe that LC diet is the answer to most health problems of modern world and it is the best tool for a weight-loss and maintenance, but a weight-loss itself is very complicated, there is no simple solution for many if not most cases.
  36. FrankG
    Great points Galina and it ties in with what I mentioned earlier about how I see a lifetime of LCHF eating as way or "re-normalising the body - for many that may include reduction in excess fat mass but for pretty much all it seems to also lead to improvements in other health markers... even if "weight" loss is not as they might feel it was "advertised" :-)
  37. Galina L.
    Yes, Frank, it is mostly about improving health and a well-being, and weight-loss often but not always is a nice side-effect, but it gets marketed as a fool-proof weight-loss tool. I just try my best to bring more awareness about the complexity of the picture on blogs in order to help people to have reasonable expectations.
    You are doing a very good job fighting vegans. They are dangerous for public health.
  38. SOphie
    My guess is that Paul's earlier diet was not very different from what he is doing now, so it is not unexpected that he would not lose weight when he made small changes.

    I think exercise would probably work, and make him feel even better.

    Also I would suggest "eating less".

    Losing weight is difficult when you start from a healthy weight.

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  39. Paul
    SOphie you confused people. I suspect you meant Alex.
    I am long timer LCHF - feeling good, looking good.
  40. mia
    Hi Alex, it is much easier to help you if you write down what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat.
    Other people have already pointed out that you are not very much over weight and you cant compare yourself with morbidly obese people. Of course they will lose weight a lot quicker than someone who ha only got a few kilos to lose.

    I would suggest to start with heavy weight lifting in order to get those muscles working. It will not only burn fat but also change how you look.

  41. Gunilla
    Wow! Great. Love from Sweden. :)
  42. Magnus
    Alex: I'm also a male and about your size, only slightly taller (1,76) and older (now 34), and was never severely overweight. I've managed to lose quite a bit of weight anyway, and I'm summarizing my finding here. In short, I think you're overdoing it with your "very very strict lchf".

    Approx. two years ago, I started with a light version of LCHF when I weighed 83,5kg. I still drank some orange juice and ate my daily bread in the morning, but I replaced the ordinary potatoes with a generous portion of salad with the lunch, and stopped making creamy pastas for dinner, which I did too often and flushed it down with a beer or two, too often. Weight dropped to 79 and I started getting comments about my weight. I also boosted my fat intake a bit.

    A few months later, I changed to a strict LCHF, introducing more fat in the diet and lowered my carb intake to 10-30g/day on average. Clearly a ketogenic diet. My weight dropped further to 75kg during the three-four following months. Then I started barefoot running, which I continued doing until October. Lost zero kilos during that period, perhaps even gained a bit. But of course, I was in quite good shape which was nice.

    However, I really wanted to lose more weight, and I started cutting down on the amount of food I ate. I ate less frequently and smaller portions, especially for breakfast, as I noticed I wasn't really hungry at the lunch break. I admit I starved myself slightly, in order to see some changes on the scale. Got the weight down to 72 kg.

    In December and especially around christmas, my stomach started aching frequently and I started burping a lot. I had no idea what caused it, so I eliminated a few things in my diet one at a time, first the fat yoghurt. It felt it helped a little, but not much. Next, I skipped my boiled breakfast eggs. I used to eat 2-4 of them almost each morning, as I considered them in the category "super food". Bam! No more stomach ache and burping! But, as taking away such an important food for breakfast, I had to replace it with something else. I turned to something that isn't really good food, but very tasty; finncrisps, which I covered with lots of butter, cheese, ham and some veggies. Those aren't very carb-rich, only 6g in a 10g slice, which I considered - and still consider - fully manageable. During the spring, my weight got down to 68kg, meaning a BMI just below 22.

    Since then, I've been very liberal with my carb intake. I probably average between 50 and 100g carbs a day on general basis. I consider the carbs you find in vegetables (excluding fruits) not bad at all, and propose an unlimited intake of veggies. Carrots are quite fine too, as well as an occasional potatoe. I also don't support an unlimited intake of fats, as I noticed that it made it harder for me to drop weight. I eat only as much of it as needed to make the food tasty. On my average lunch plate, 70% is vegetables, 20% meat or fish, and 10% sauce.

    I start now virtually every morning with two slices of 100% full-grain rye bread, which I know isn't the best food available, but I like it, topped with cheese, salami, and some vegetables like peppers, cucumber of tomatoes. My weight has over the last year stayed at around 70kg and I'm fine with it. I sometimes eat "bad food" like hamburgers and pizzas, and virtually never exercise, and drink a couple of "boutique" beers a week for the taste, and I still manage to maintain my weight. I never starve myself, but listen to my body and avoid eating too much too frequently.

    Maybe Alex, that you're too keen on the fat and eat too little veggies? If 8 months of strict LCHF don't lead to any progress, you need to change something. My guess is that you'd be fine with a slightly boosted carb intake and lowered fat intake, and, unless you eat a lot of veggies already, start doing that and make it easier to eat with some good-quality vegetable oil. After all you need some of that too, not only saturated fat.

    Remember that there's a difference in needing to lose perhaps 10 kg and 50 kg. The one that needs to lose just a little need to fine tune their diet far more than the one with more weight to lose. The last few kilos are the hardest to lose.

  43. Anders Jonsson
    Intermittent fasting. 16h no food and 8h food window per day. Works for me and worth a shot!
  44. Tgirl
    Alex, you are not the only one. I'm female, 48, and have been on less than 20g carb per day for 15 months. All I've lost is water weight. I don't weigh myself, but do know I've lost 2" off my waist. I need to lose, I"m guessing, about 30 pounds or more.

    Like you I've tried all the things that might break a stall, nothing works. My thyroid is ok, but I do suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so that might be the problem.

    The reason I'm sticking with the diet is that I believe it to be healthy (I don't want get diabetes, it runs in the family) plus the other side effects it gives me. I used to have bad insomnia, which is now gone, plus the steady energy (low as it is for me) during the day and lack of hunger.

    I remember reading in an old Atkins book that he had a patient who only lost 5lbs no matter what they tried. I try not to concentrate on the lack of weight loss as it is discouraging.


  45. FrankG
  46. Tasmania
    I had my Mirena removed a week and two days ago. I've been on the high protein/high fat diet since then (with some carbs, but not much) and a bit more exercise and I've lost 800gms already! I put on 13kgs with the Mirena (progesterone IUD), so I'm keen to get back into reasonable shape. I'm 56 years old, nearly 57. I also have trouble with anemia and Vit B12 deficiency, though I eat meat and goat dairy products, so maybe this diet might help, as it could be linked to celiac disease.
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  47. Zepp
    Its not high protein.. its normal protein.. and high fat!

    But ofcourse.. it could be high protein if you did eat very litle befor?

    B12 defiency and anemia is mostly about Intrinsic factor defiency.. did they check that?


    Could be linked to Folic acid too.. eat a lot of green leavy veggies!

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