Instead of weight-loss surgery

Before and after

Before and after

The other week I got an e-mail from Linda Börjes, who had started to google gastric bypass surgery, but instead got lucky and found LCHF through friends.

Here’s her story:


I’ve done all the diets… soups, Weight Watchers etc… When the scale displayed 265 lbs (120 kg) I had already given up… started to search and google gastric bypass surgery. Then friends of mine adopted an LCHF diet. One of my friends thought I should try and gave me advice and suggestions. Told me what groceries to get and what to eat.

In late February, 2012, I began to eat LCHF. I was very skeptical about the concept of eating fat and losing weight! By that time, my friend had been on an LCHF diet for almost two months and she became my coach.

In December that same year, I reached my goal; 176 lbs (80 kg)! I had, without exercise or any effort, lost 88 lbs (40 kg) in 10 months while eating good food!

Another year has gone by and my new goal is to get a tighter body and maintain my weight. I’m still 176 lbs (80 kg), work out 5 times a week and I love my new lifestyle with LCHF :)

Sincerely, Linda Börjes

Congratulations, Linda!


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  1. daniel b ferreira
    Love stories like this! Good job!

    People that find a solution to their own problems should be applauded.

    Low carb is great, but there are many other ways to lose weight as well.

    Low carb is just the best way in my honest opinion.

  2. Tuan Nguyen
    The conversation should be reframed as downsizing your body rather than losing weight. You can downsize your body without losing weight by burning fat and gaining muscle mass. Losing muscle mass is not good.
  3. FrankG
    Congratulations Linda! Good For You :-)

    I also agree Tuan Nguyen that: the focus is better placed on improving health, including (for many) reducing/normalising excess fat mass; rather than just the simplistic idea of "weight loss".

  4. Holly
    I wish I knew about LCHF before I had gastric bypass three years ago. I have to follow it anyway to maintain and not rapidly gain weight. Better late than never, I guess!!

    Good job, Linda!

    Reply: #8
  5. Galina L.
    Kudos to Linda's friend! Most of us just don't interfere into other's eating and weight problems out of fear being intrusive. Her friend managed to coach her into the loss of 40 kg (almost 90 lbs) and saved from a very questionable surgery.
  6. Kelly Peterson
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story Diet Doctor!

    Congrats to Linda! Glad the LCHF works for you. I'm sure you will reach your next goal soon.
    Keep it up!

  7. Robin Willcourt
    Well done Linda. The "leangains" eating pattern which mimics our ancestral pattern more closely than traditional dietary patterns adds a further tool for you to use. The hormone GHRELIN which does stimulate appetite (unfortunately for some people, but able to be coped with by most others) is also one of the best fat burners we have and it is produced only in a prolonged fasting state. It's also free!

    Continue the good work

  8. Bruce
    Holly - can you add some detail ? If you must follow a low carb regimen after gastric surgery "to not rapidly gain weight" - it seems that it could be the LC that is giving results as much as the surgery?
  9. E~
    Wonderful and congratulations~e
  10. Expelis
    Great!! Congratulation on your success. Thanks for sharing this useful information. Overweight people will get inspire from you if they want to lose their weight . Thanks for posting this blog.
  11. Adla
    Well done Linda. The start sounds like my story, now I just need to get started and hope for a successful end like yours. Thank you for the inspiration :)
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