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What The Health

Is eating meat killing you? A lot of people have been asking questions about a new vegan documentary called What the Health, which claims that eating animal products is about as deadly as “plutonium”.

It all seems just a little bit biased, and apparently every single expert in the movie is a vegan. Not that there’s anything wrong with being vegan, and it’s possible to eat great vegetarian or vegan foods (there are even amazing vegetarian low carb alternatives). The problem is in the way the movie presents its facts, you might say it borders on “alternative facts”.

Added: Here’s our own full review of the movie, by investigative journalist Nina Teicholz:

‘What the Health‘ Review: Health Claims Backed by No Solid Evidence

Here’s a critical review by Robb Wolf, author, former research biochemist and one of the world’s leading experts in Paleolithic nutrition:

Robb Wolf: What The Health: A Wolf’s Eye Review

For some more perspective on the main question – will red meat kill you? – have a look at this interview with author Nina Teicholz:


Can Red Meat Kill You? – Nina Teicholz


  1. Peggy Holloway
    I have been eating red meat almost every day as part of a LCHF, whole foods based lifestyle for 17+ years. I'm not dead yet.
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  2. Jeff Kershner
    Wow! I couldn't even get through this documentary. It is not that I am against vegans, but the other side was not represented at all. One of the doctors in this video states that sugar / carbs has nothing to do with insulin resistance and that fat causes IR. This really annoyed me.

    I actually reached out to Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. Mark Hyman to get there opinions of this documentary but haven't heard back from them.

    I would be interested in know how you feel Andres...

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  3. Shannon Dennis
    I watched this documentary last night and I almost couldn't finish it. Can not believe they think sugar has nothing to do with IR. I was on a so called Diabetic Diet for 8 years and on 5 shots of insulin a day and 1 pill. Not even 2 weeks on LCHF and my Diabetes was in remission. No shots, no pills, no pains, no RLS(Restless Leg Syndrome), Lost weight, got rid of brain fog, sleep better and STILL eating meats!!!! And my blood tests I just had done show my body is in better health now then it ever has been in years, YEARS people!!!!! I just hate when I see vegans do documentaries because many seem to try and trick you to get into the movie and then part way through they slowly start introducing what it is really about - vegan. And they try to gross you out with the puss crap and the animals eat toxic feed and grass to which in turn you eat. I am sorry but if the cows fields are toxic then aren't the vegetable fields? mass produced anything comes with chemicals, toxins, pesticides, fertilizers. Even organic ones if they are by any of the above. This is one of the reasons I love the diet doctor website and stories. You aren't tricked into anything, you are given facts whether vegan, keto, paleo, whatever. LCHF does not try to bash other diets and when I educated myself I then made my own decision for what I think is best for my own body. I am a T2 Diabetic in remission for over 1.5 years and through taking control of my own health and learning about my body I have learned and have proven that my body has an intolerance to carbs of any kind. Discovering the Diet Doctor web site was the first step in getting my life back and I wasn't charged a damn dime like most diet programs or shown gross puss filled pics. I think the vegan world just shot themselves in the foot with this one. Was not impressed by their tactics at all.
  4. Trish
    I couldn't watch more than 15 mins of this "documentary" - vegans on a mission!! I can only go off my personal life experience of eating a plant-based diet before 2013 and since 2015 eating LCHF. In 2013 I suffered an auto immune reaction later diagnosed as Transverse Myelitis which I attribute to drinking 2 large green smoothies a day - I was greatly energised but my body reacted to the large volume of antioxidants. The fact that I was not paralysed for life but only suffered altered sensation in my lower limbs does not escape me almost daily. My journey on LCHF from day 3 in 2015 has brought me nothing but positive results - I am pain free in my joints, my heart beats regularly - 75 beats at the last check-up, my mood is even despite stresses with a house move, jobs changes and I lost over 30kg. I was a prime candidate for diabetes 2 and high blood pressure - not any longer. Before 2013, my preference was for vegetarian food and grains - which did nothing for my body and only created more insulin resistance. I am a post menopausal woman 59 yrs and LCHF is the only way of eating that has improved my health and kept weight off for the 2.5 yrs I have been on it. I will continue to eat this way - my sister who has always eaten a liberal LCHF for most of her life and tried (and failed) to get me onto her way of eating for 20+ years is slim (US size 4) and healthy - she is 1 year younger than me.
  5. Chérie
    There is no anthropological evidence of vegan tribes ever!
  6. Theresa
    So disappointed. This reeked of vegan subterfuge. I, too, was unable to finish watching as the information was incorrect and clearly there is an agenda. I really do not need this type of manipulation from a flick, no less.
  7. Larry
    Don't just dismiss the premise because "they don't show both sides". There is tons of information everywhere talking about meat eating. Look at the studies, investigate the credentials of the doctors and researchers. Most of what is presented is not controversial in scientific circles. Make your own decisions.
  8. Matt
    I could only watch 9 minutes before I pulled the plug and came to Diet Doctor to see if there was any comment about this film. It's no wonder people are confused about what to do with tripe like is available (not that there is anything wrong with tripe)!
  9. MayFlowers2
    I'm not a vegan but the documentary is the truth. It's sucks I love chicken , turkey etc , we're living in a world that everything is about money , it sucks to see people dying from so call diseases that are man made. I'm sorry what we eat makes us. Anyways there are going to be a lot ignorant people who will still continue to eat unhealthy!! Then wonder why they sick! Ha the hospital is another joke taking pills till you die? Like are you serious ????? Pills makes us more sick that's the sad part :( . It's funny people rather search for gossip, the latest clothing then to search and buy healthy FOOD! One love people.
  10. Joe
    Healthy people eat healthy plants and animals. Sick people eat unhealthy plants, animals and processed foods. Pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and chemicals should be avoided at all costs. Which means healthy food costs more, but less than medical costs, disability and death. If you want the real truth you must read "The Perfect Health Diet".
  11. Jen
    Agreed! I couldn't even finish it. I tried, but the science was so incomplete and painful! I'm less averse to their concerns about processed meats, but their science on sugar was pure propaganda.
  12. Lori
    Oh please...humans have been eating meat since the beginning of time. We are still here.
  13. Danny
    Why can't somebody just do an unbiased scientific study using a large sample of Type 2 Diabetics and put half on a Vegan diet and the other half on a LCHF diet and see which group is healthier after the trial ends? Now that's a documentary I would love to watch!
  14. Sharon
    Admittedly I was very distressed by the information in this documentary...it worked! And then I was like, what am I to eat? LCHF is the best I have ever felt, and I am so healthy. Not sluggish. I'm glad to read these posts - it helps me to sort the facts. Truth is the chips and sugars and processed foods are the problem with how people feel. Watch Fed Up - I got a lot out of that documentary and very thought provoking as to how our children will navigate the unhealthy minefields!
  15. Ali S
    Vegans are like Gluten free fanatics, they have to tell everyone. Very biased documentary.
  16. Mika Joel
    You will be.

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