Experts: Go low carb to increase fertility chances by five times


A diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates can boost fertility, experts say:

High levels of carbohydrates – especially refined ones – are already known to affect the body’s metabolic functions, and can fuel obesity, which in itself reduces fertility.

But experts said there is growing evidence that a typical western diet, with high reliance on convenience foods, high in carbohydrates, badly affects a woman’s reproductive system, reducing the quality of her eggs.

The Telegraph: Go ‘low carb’ to increase fertility chances by five times, experts say


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  2. Mayke Dubbink
    I started a ketogenic diet over half a year ago. I started out with a menstrual cycle of 22 days with a 6 to 7 day lutheal phase and a 9 to 10 day blood loss. Now my cycle is about 28days, lutheal phase aboutc13-14 days and max. 7 days blood loss. I can honestly say "I've got my life back". Also lost 23 kilo in the process as well. Love the ketogenic lifestyle and will go on with it, because it makes me feel better than ever!

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