Fire destroys low-carb clinic in Tennessee

low carb clinic burns

The Berry Clinic, in western Tennessee, was badly damaged by fire early Monday morning. Although the loss was extensive, we are relieved to report that Dr. Ken Berry and his staff were not harmed.

WENK/WTPR: Berry Clinic “close to total loss” from fire, investigation ongoing

Many of you may recognize Dr. Berry’s name. He has built quite a following in the low-carb community, with about half a million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He is known for his straight talk and homespun wit. Dr. Berry’s book, Lies My Doctor Told Me, makes a compelling case for ignoring low-fat dietary advice from well-meaning doctors and instead considering whether a low-carb regimen might work for you.

Some of us who have appreciated Dr. Berry’s contributions may wonder how we might help him rebuild. There is a list of suggestions (from a friend) posted on Dr. Berry’s Facebook page.

Our thoughts are with Dr. Berry and his team as he rebuilds after this terrible loss.


  1. Jonda
    So sorry to hear this. I do hope all is up and running soon. Good Luck Dr. Berry! You are certainly an inspiration to my husband and myself. We listen intently to your youtube videos and implement your suggestions in our daily life. Take care!!!
  2. Joesep
    The low carb clinic was just too good at burning fat and the place caught on fire.
  3. LisaM
    So sorry to hear this! Thank God no-one was hurt - my prayers are with Doc Berry and the team and we hope for speedy recovery
  4. Becky
    Prayers for Dr. Berry and his staff!
    My thoughts are with Dr. Ken Berry and his staff!
  6. Linda a Fan Randolph
    Oh, my. I'm so sorry to hear of this terrible loss. I pray that you will be able to rebuild as soon as possible. God bless you give you peace, Dr. Berry. 💔
  7. Dana Miller
    So very sorry to hear about this. I follow Dr Berry on Youtube.
    Im glad no one was harmed. I hope you can reopen soon.
  8. Robert
    So sorry to hear. Glad no one was hurt, courage, and rebuild. We need people like you to promote healthier lifestyles as you do. I love your videos, courage!
  9. Dawnmarie brennan
    All the way from Australia across the seas
    Glad to hear everyone ok but sad to see all his work go up in smoke but you can’t keep a great man down
    So he will raise above that smoke to carry on the great work he does
    We are behind you and I am sure you will be up and running again
    We love 💖 you even over here!!!
  10. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth from Tasmania, Australia.
    Shocked to hear this awful news! You are my go to reference for the most up to date medical info re health and food. And I tell others about your YouTube info. Yes we love you down under! Take strength from all those who value you and your honest work and rise above this 'glitch'. Truth will always survive and you will get through this Dr Ken Berry. Every best wish and strength to you, your wife and your staff.
  11. Jackie
    Every good thought and wish to Dr Berry and Neisha at this terrible time.
    I have pre ordered his new book and I'm thinking if we all did that worldwide, we could make him a bestseller! Now wouldn't that cheer him up!
  12. Kathleen
    I'm so sorry. I'm a big fan of Dr. Berry. Glad everyone is okay and hope the clinic is rebuilt as quickly as possible.
  13. Shari
    I am truly sorry about the clinic fire. So thankful that everyone is ok. Dr. Berry has and will continue to be an inspiration on my journey to better health with my low carb way of life. His You Tube information has been a great inspiration and source of knowledge. My prayers go to Dr. Berry and Neisha during their rebuilding of the clinic.
  14. Jane
    Jane from UK. Love your podcasts. They have helped me a lot. Have just ordered the second edition of your book. Wishing you all the best in your good work.
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  16. Debbie
    So sorry to hear this, you are fundamental in my understanding of keto, glad all are okay.
  17. Christopher Treacy
    Do we know what caused it? I can’t help but suspect foul play.
  18. Martha
    So glad you got out Ok Sad to hear your clinic got burnt down. You speak truth. Many people don’t like that. Love your work Doc stay strong.
  19. Jason
    Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Ken Berry, his family and friends. We are really glad to no one was hurt according to the article. Hope the rebuilding is soon without too much hassle. Dr. Berry you are a good soul and have really been an inspiration to us all. You have taught my family and myself plus others a whole lot. You haved gave great advice please don't stop folks need you more than you know. God bless you and your folks in Tn. Good luck.
  20. Barbara Ann Goldstein
    Dr. and Mrs. Berry,

    So very unhappy to hear this dreadful news.
    We have your book, we go online to your blog and we love hearing
    the truth about health, nutrition and good living the best way for human beings.
    We practice what you preach and do better all the time. Feel better too.
    I have an interesting Doctor story of my own Dr. I asked him if I could go on
    the Atkins program some years ago and he said yes, if I come in for periodic
    check ups for blood work etc. I did and by my weight loss, he hopped on the
    program and lost 100 lbs. That meant he could go up in the altitudes to fish
    in a very special place where his girth forbade his enjoyment of this particular

  21. Lee
    Sad to read Dr.Berry’s clinic was burned. Glad nobody was physically harmed. Can only hope it was natural causes. I frequently watch him, when I Exercycle here in northern Canada. Delightful, caring man with lots to teach us. My scientist husband & I have been KETO for 3 years, it reversed my T2. Keep up the good work, just pre-ordered your latest book. Cheers!
  22. Anna Connell
    So sorry to hear this devastating news! I hope he and his wife will recover from this psychologically. I’ve admired and still admire Dr Berry for his strength for telling the truth - this requires courage and hope this event will not deter him from continuing h with this mission. I will be purchasing his new edition very soon.
  23. Michelle G
    Those of us who follow Dr Ken and Nurse Neisha know that this clinic was their dream come true. They purchased this historic building, gutted it and created a whole new building whose atmosphere would be welcoming to patients. (There are some photos of the inside on the clinic website; I could only wish my GP's office looks so comfortable!) The clinic is now a total loss but we are all hoping and praying that rather than being the end of things, it is only the end of one phase and that the next phase of their journey will be even bigger and better. Please support them in this time of rebuilding!
  24. Kathy
    My thoughts and prayers go to the whole Berry family in this moment of distress and challenge!
  25. David Grubbs OD
    Godspeed for a speedy clinic recovery.
  26. Nola
    Greetings and commiserations from a devoted follower in South Africa Maybe I'm being melodramatic but the first thought that popped into my head when I heard the dreadful news, was "ARSON!". I most sincerely hope that the fire was not the result of some nefarious act committed by someone who didn't like Dr Berry's brave and outspoken manner.
  27. Donna
    I'm so sorry to hear of this tremendous loss, but thankful everyone is safe. You are doing amazing work for the health of the planet. Thank you for all you are doing, and I pray for God's strength and guidance during this time.
  28. Dan
    Yes it’s strange Dr. Ken Berry’s house and his clinic happened to burn down!! As soon as someone speaks the truth there is always someone in this evil society to try silencing them. Big Pharmaceutical maybe??? They will do anything for a buck. Professional evil can make it look like an accidental fire. But some will blow it off as accidental. yeah right!! Yes I’m cenacle😡

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