“I didn’t think the results would come this soon”

Before and after

Before and after

I just received an email from Annie, 26, who had been always been overweight. Here’s what happened in just three months on LCHF:


I was ordered to send you my story, so I will give it a try.

My name is Annie and I’m 26. Almost all of my life I’ve been overweight, despite eating normally and not overeating, but I’ve been on diets my whole life, using different methods. Two years ago I got the answer to why – I have PCOS.

Close friends have nagged me for years, telling me I should try low-carb, and this January I gave in. At the time, I didn’t believe the results would come this fast. I haven’t done anything but diet my whole life.

When I started out I was obese, and now I’m just 5 lbs (2 kg) from being in the normal-weight range, according to BMI. This journey has been made in just three months, and the only thing I’ve done is to minimize the carbohydrates and increase my fat intake.

My body feels fantastic and I’m so happy that I finally gave in. In the beginning it was all about how much I could lose, but now something has happened inside of me, as now everything is about how sugar destroys the body and how to live a healthy life.

I’m attaching some pictures.

Sincerely, Annie

More pictures

Jan 2014 - April 2014

Jan 2014 – April 2014

Jan 2014 - Apr 2014

Jan 2014 – Apr 2014

Congratulations Annie!


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  1. Kat
    Congratulations and thanks sharing!
  2. sue
    LCHF bread available from #LCHF on Facebook great eating plan!
  3. Victoria
    Congrats and you look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing ;0)
  4. Nancy
    I have been on the LCHF for about 3 months. Although my blood work has improved and I a now off of Metaformin, I have yet to lose any weight. The 230 lbs is still there. I have not given up but sure would like to find out what I am not doing right.
    My son has lost over 50 lbs and is still doing well. He has helped me with the day to day stuff but, I do need to lose the weight.
    Reply: #5
  5. Molly
    Check out the FAQ at R/Keto: http://www.reddit.com/r/keto/wiki/faq

    If you can't get an answer here, try asking with a food plan or rough daily macro breakdown - they're a friendly crowd and they'll try to help:

    PS; I have a low thyroid and NOTHING I do would make a difference unless I was on medication.

  6. craig castanet
    Congrats. thanks for sharing. please all you young lemmings, stop the graffiti called tattoos. god knows they're ugly, no matter how popular they are today with generation lemming. keep up the great eating habits.
    Reply: #16
  7. Kate
    You look wonderful - even the tattoos look nicer! Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration!
  8. Jon Xavier
    You look terrific! Keep it up.
  9. UdoJ
    Did you just do LCHF or added some sports?
  10. Cya
    Try cutting out all dairy except maybe grass fed butter or ghee. The milk protein can stall you like nothing else and make it near impossible for hard losers. Also cut out the nuts. These two things made the difference for me. I assume you are already aware of how many macros you are consuming within a certain calorie ratio. For us hard losers calories as well as our ratio of macros do matter. The advantages of lchf is, I believe, we can consume more
    calories on lchf, not feel hungry and still lose. You do need to figure out you're ratios though. Don't compare yourself to your son, who is younger and probably able to lose easier. If you haven't already done so, put your numbers through a keto calculator. You can find them online :)...this is a rely for Nancy
  11. sharon
    Can some one put up a eating plan for a week, that would really help me
  12. Alisha
    That's awesome. I'm 26 and have the same body you had. I'm trying to lose weight to be more active with my 14 month son. I'm on day 3 of watching what I eat I need to start exercising too. What all helped you to lose wieght
  13. kari
    I have PCOS and I'm trying this diet. I am excited to see what happens.
  14. Judy
    I've been on the lchf program just 3 days and have lost 2 pounds and that's good for me. That' almost a pound per day so far. I'm excited and ready to get this weight off my 53 year old body. Keep up the good work everyone!
  15. Brittani
    I have borderline PCOS. While I haven't had any difficulties getting pregnant ( 2 healthy children), I display all the classic symptoms. I have been doing a keto diet for 7 days, and I have lost 9 lbs! I do know that much of this is water weight but it's a start in the right direction. I'm feeling much more energetic. I'm able to keep up with the demands of my 4 month old baby and my 3 year old and exercise or 45 min everyday. I'm able to keep up with my housework. I wouldn't say it's easy, but it's very doable, and there is so much information to help and offer tips. There's a long road ahead. I need to lose another 20 lbs to be considered in the normal healthy BMI range. I am 5'3, starting weight was 169. I finally have a doctor who took interest in helping me get back to my healthy self! If you have PCOS do something about it. I always felt out of control but LCHF works for my body. I know that this isn't just a temporary eating plan but a lifestyle change. I'm hoping to keep up the good work.
  16. elaine
    don't like tattoos? don't get them.
  17. Andrea
    Congratulations on your loss! I am sure you feel amazing! I would love to know what a normal day of eating looks like for you if you don't mind sharing!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story

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