What are the most important things in life?

Bjarte Bakke

I had a great time on the Low-Carb Cruise last week. One of the main reasons was getting to spend some time with my Norwegian friend Bjarte Bakke (pictured above with Ruben, our excellent cab driver and guide in Honduras).

Bjarte Bakke is a management consultant, philosopher and an impressive guy. Apart from travelling to 50 countries before me (I’m stuck at 49) he’s interested in finding the most important things in life and helping others to achieve them.

Do you know what the most important things in life are? If not, check out Bakke’s blog Rethinking Truth:

If you want get updates on how to improve your life you can also like Bakke’s brand new Facebook page.


  1. It's a great topic for discussion, and thanks for sharing the link to rethinking truth. For me, the most important things in life for me are happiness, health, wealth and relationships :)
  2. Cathy
    The most important thing in life is a relationship with God and his son Jesus. All other things fall into place nicely after that! :) I would never have been successful at my weight loss journey without Him.
  3. totally agree,Cathy.Once you have Jesus in your life everything else falls into place...be it a weight issue,relationships,illness..you name it.
  4. FrankG
    In my opinion we need to keep these comments free from religion... you might not like my responses if that topic is opened for discussion :-)
  5. I have left out religion on purpose from the discussion. I realise that will not be right for many people, but I felt it was appropriate to do so.

    Over at the Swedish version of this site, kostdoktorn.se, people argue that money is one of the most important things in life. I see things differently :)

  6. Important to me are health, a fantastic family and loyal friends.

    All the best Jan

  7. Michelle
    Oh boy, don't get me started on religion and I agree with Frank.

    I love your site Bjarte and feel a huge affinity with what you have to say. I studied philosophy and found that after 2 intense courses concerning the likes of Descartes and Hume, my mind has been opened to a more intriguing way of thinking; one that allows me to be myself without fear and guilt.

    Michelle x

  8. Jay Lino
    I like this quote by Nigel Marsh

    “There are thousands and thousands of people out there living lives of quiet, screaming desperation who work long, hard hours at jobs they hate to enable them to buy things they don't need to impress people they don't like.”

  9. Sophie
    The most important things to me is to find a way of being and feeling as free as possible within the limitations we have no power over.

    It's important to be giving and generous. To me that is the best way of being happy and one of the most important things.

    Being generous, free, and loving!

  10. Jay, that's a slightly depressing quote from Mr. Mars. Unfortunately, I think he's right!
    Sophie, I agree. "Being free" is one of my values and the same goes for "Being a good person". I'll be writing about how to identify your values & dreams at http://www.rethinkingtruth.com going forward if you're interested :-)
  11. Intellectual honesty.

    However, extending it just a bit:

    "The good life" is about achieving happiness and helping others do likewise to the degree possible while still maintaining one's integrity.

  12. Well said Christoph!

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