We just launched our first app: Diet Doctor Eat!

It’s been a long time coming and we know you’ve been patiently waiting… so finally it’s time to let the cat out of the bag! Diet Doctor’s first app for iPhone just landed in the App Store — and it’s for FREE! We could not be happier to share it with you.

Diet Doctor Eat - App Store

What is Diet Doctor Eat?
Our first app contains the full arsenal of our 600+ delicious low-carb and keto recipes and this part of it is free for everyone.

If you want to take your planning to the next level with a Diet Doctor membership, you get access to our customizable keto and low-carb meal plans with recipes, shopping lists and nutritional information you can trust. We do the planning so you can focus on cooking, eating and enjoying delicious and nutritious food.

Whether you’re looking for strict keto, moderate or liberal low-carb recipes, we got them all. Quick breakfasts, luxurious brunches, hearty dishes, simple snacks and gorgeous desserts – low in carbs! Search for an ingredient or dish type, browse vegetarian or dairy-free recipes or dig into our curated and seasonal collections to find new favorites. Make grocery shopping a breeze by simply adding all recipe ingredients to your shopping list.

Meal plans
With a Diet Doctor membership you have full access to our collection of 100+ keto and low-carb meal plans. You can easily remove one or more meals if you are doing intermittent fasting, or add another dish if you’re in the mood for something else. You can switch any meal to another of our 600+ recipes, or use them to build you own meal plan from scratch. Not a member yet? We offer a 1-month free trial, give it a try!

Diet Doctor Eat - Low-carb and keto recipes

What about iPad and Android?
The Diet Doctor Eat app is only available on iOS and it’s optimized for iPhone. iPad and Android phone owners, don’t worry — you’re next!

The app is free to download on the App Store. However, to use all the premium features, a Diet Doctor membership is necessary.

Download Diet Doctor Eat to start your health journey today with our delicious low-carb and keto recipes and meal plans — a must-have for all low carbers.

Update January 2020: After an extensive search we’ve now hired a great full-time Android developer. Expect an Android version of our app soon, and then rapid improvement of it.

Questions or suggestions?

Email us at app@dietdoctor.com, feedback is more than welcome!

Diet Doctor Eat - App Store


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  1. Nitza
    I want it for Androids!! ASAP
    Replies: #98, #179
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  2. Vicky
    I would like the android version as well.
    Reply: #163
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  1. Patricia Frock
    Android please
  2. 1 comment removed
  3. Byron
    Android please!!!
  4. Aiva
    Why do you promote an app as an advantage for the paid membership?! The app doesn't exist for Android?!
  5. Joe
    Android app is a must, not necessarily now, but just a target or plans. Your business will literally explode!
  6. Ursula
    No Android??? Why?? Most people use android!
  7. Jane Mark
    I've just signed up and super disappointed there isn't an android app either.. I travel a lot, so will be a huge help. Maybe the fix is to rebate your customers 2$/month until the android app is in place.... there are millions of us out here!,
  8. 1 comment removed
  9. Sue
    What is going on?? Just signed up and find there is no app for android. I'm with all the other people, why get us to sign up ad then not provide us with an Android app. Clearly you have a responsibility to provide this for us. We don't all have or like iPhones you know!!!!
  10. echandy
    Android!!!! And soon please. Thanks a bunch for the site
  11. Denise
    Ditto would like android app for kindle fire please.xxxx
  12. Janice
    Android Pleeeeeease.
  13. Christa
    When will there be an app for android?
  14. Mandy
    You have all these comments about android app and still no app come on please can we have one
  15. simplythebest031
    I'm a paid member and it's such an inconvenience to log into the account everytime I'm looking for a particular thing or a particular receipe. Why is preference given to apple users only, where are the android members supposed to go?? I'm regretting that I've signed up for a year! 😐😐😕 please expedite on this matter.
  16. BRENDA
    yes, i feel the same way
  17. klewis0213
    Are you kidding me no andriod app
  18. Christine
    Feeling so unloved now :(

    Please hurry up with the android version - we rule the world!!!

  19. Syrethia
    Please make the app available for Android.
  20. Maria
    When will it be available for android?
  21. 1 comment removed
  22. Susan
    I just updated my account from monthly to yearly. Thank you for that new feature. I was so excited to read about the app but so saddened when I saw that it isn't yet available for android devices. My hopes are that this will be added to the features very soon and I will have access to even more wonderful information. Thanks for the amazing site and looking forward to the android app. 🙂
  23. Sheri-Lyn
    I will buy a membership once this app is available for Android users :)
  24. laurie82214
    Android app please!!!@@
  25. amir.zahedi
    Thought there are more Android users even here in Australia with I've of the highest rates of iPhone users in the world!
  26. Cheryl
    seriously! Android please!
  27. Themis
    Android Please!!!!!
  28. Tmcs68
    I'm looking for another Keto site for Android users. I wouldn't have launched any apps until both was available.
  29. Ruth
    Such a share paying for the plan/web acccess, in over a year you have not addressed the androud app issue. There should be a reduction in fee if you are an android user, unless you are funded by apple
  30. Barbie
    Android please???
    Could you please let us know when you anticipate the a droid launch?
  31. Bini
    The one time Calories in = Calories Out is for money. This site is amazing and very affordable - its hard to add more features without costing more - so please charge me more or charge for the app so you can pay to hire more staff and get this released asap or buy up Carb Manager ;)
  32. Beth Gonzales
    Seriously need an ANDROID APP. I live on my phone. It goes every where with me, and this is a must have...not sure why it hasn't been done already. I prefer Android over iPhone any day!
  33. jmrbmd
    Please develop your ANDROID APP ASAP! Thanks!
  34. chiliprinsessen
    Extremely unprofessionally not to have developed the Android app yet...
    I'm glad I am still on the free trial - will leave again and maybe come back when this is in order!
    Reply: #255
  35. Doris C.
    Like everybody else, Android app please. It's really inconvenient to check the site every time I need to check my meal plan. I have an iPad but the IOS app is designed for iPhone, and doesn't show property on iPhone.
  36. s.jones7317
    I've signed up and am very disappointed that the app is not on Android yet. Surely it should have been released at the same time?
    I need the app for on the move as I am every day with work and life in general. The app was one of the main reasons I joined.
    Not a great start for a new customer is it?
  37. m.walker1792
    For people on Android:

    Access Diet Doctor on Chrome on your device, hit the three dots at the top right, then select 'add to home screen'.

    It's not ideal but this will add a shortcut to the mobile site while they take their sweet time developing an app for us.

  38. Samantha
    Im a member too and would love an Android version please :)
  39. Debra
    I am also anxiously waiting for the android version. But why so hateful. Should they have waited to introduce all versions at once?
    I am thankful that they are continually working to make the site work for everyone.
    I am hoping to see a tracker soon. The sites I've tried all fail to consider KETO when tracking.
    ___Thanks, DietDoctor.
  40. Sue
    Look folks, DD is on the verge of offering the Android app, but it's super easy peasy to go to https://www.dietdoctor.com/ and "Add to Home Screen". The site comes right up and only one initial login is required. Everything is just a tap away for members or non- members. With or without an app, the website offers SO MUCH. Absolutely packed with info and resources. No complaints here. Also, Carb Manager is tops when it comes to tracking. When I get the groceries home, I simply scan anything with a bar code and it's in. Quityerbitchin! :)
  41. rhondawheele
    good suggestion for a workaround Sue, but when I did the "Add to Home Screen" it didn't add it on my android? Any other suggestions? Thank you! :0)
    Reply: #242
  42. rhondawheele
    OOOps, never mind, got it!! Thanks :0)
  43. nmc34
    you need the android app.
  44. Alex Gibbon
    You promised the app for android over a year ago now, yet its still not available. Im sure you must realised that most android members must question if they are really getting their moneys worth in comparison to ios users.
  45. Francoise
    Why prioritize Apple when the majority use Android? Glad to know that the Android version is forthcoming now that you have an Android developer on board.
  46. emilygurney1
    Where is the android app this is terrible.
  47. Paul Germaine
    It's taking way too long to deliver an Android app. As of paying subscriber and user of Android I feel somewhat cheated by this. When it does arrive, I hope it's going to be more than just a repository for the existing recipes and videos. It needs to do something more, eg food/macros tracking like the Carbmanager app.
  48. Donna
    I am really pleased with the app. It would be nice to add a macro and IF tracker. It is cumbersome having to use multiple apps. Would be nice to have recipe/shopping list/IF/macro/ketone/glucose/body comp tracker all in one spot. Thank you for all of the hard work and information it’s life changing
  49. 1 comment removed
  50. sissyoverton1
    Android app??? Really! You have all these customers asking when it will be available and you have not replied back to any of them.
  51. bettymassey21
    Please get an Android version. I am a new member and am disappointed that no app for us😒
  52. Mohammed Khan
    Very disappointed to know there's no Android app.
  53. jennifer.kittl
    Any update on the android app?
    Reply: #254
  54. Kerry Merritt

    Any update on the android app?

    Soon! It's on the way! https://www.dietdoctor.com/a-bright-light-at-the-end-of-our-android-t...

  55. Jon
    Unprofessional? I'm sorry but your a bit ridiculous. It's not a secret that app development is far easier on iOS. I have Android as well, but I'm patiently waiting. Do you expect them to not release the iOS app when it's ready first? Think before accuse. Geez
  56. Cindy
    So excited for the release of the android app. In the meantime I have membership to DD.com and will use other tracking apps until it is ready. Here is hoping that will be sooner than later.
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