We just launched our first app: Diet Doctor Eat!

It’s been a long time coming and we know you’ve been patiently waiting… so finally it’s time to let the cat out of the bag! Diet Doctor’s first app for iPhone just landed in the App Store — and it’s for FREE! We could not be happier to share it with you.

Diet Doctor Eat - App Store

What is Diet Doctor Eat?
Our first app contains the full arsenal of our 600+ delicious low-carb and keto recipes and this part of it is free for everyone.

If you want to take your planning to the next level with a Diet Doctor membership, you get access to our customizable keto and low-carb meal plans with recipes, shopping lists and nutritional information you can trust. We do the planning so you can focus on cooking, eating and enjoying delicious and nutritious food.

Whether you’re looking for strict keto, moderate or liberal low-carb recipes, we got them all. Quick breakfasts, luxurious brunches, hearty dishes, simple snacks and gorgeous desserts – low in carbs! Search for an ingredient or dish type, browse vegetarian or dairy-free recipes or dig into our curated and seasonal collections to find new favorites. Make grocery shopping a breeze by simply adding all recipe ingredients to your shopping list.

Meal plans
With a Diet Doctor membership you have full access to our collection of 100+ keto and low-carb meal plans. You can easily remove one or more meals if you are doing intermittent fasting, or add another dish if you’re in the mood for something else. You can switch any meal to another of our 600+ recipes, or use them to build you own meal plan from scratch. Not a member yet? We offer a 1-month free trial, give it a try!

Diet Doctor Eat - Low-carb and keto recipes

What about iPad and Android?
The Diet Doctor Eat app is only available on iOS and it’s optimized for iPhone. iPad and Android phone owners, don’t worry — you’re next!

The app is free to download on the App Store. However, to use all the premium features, a Diet Doctor membership is necessary.

Download Diet Doctor Eat to start your health journey today with our delicious low-carb and keto recipes and meal plans — a must-have for all low carbers.

Questions or suggestions?
Email us at app@dietdoctor.com, feedback is more than welcome!

Diet Doctor Eat - App Store


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  1. Nitza
    I want it for Androids!! ASAP
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  2. Vicky
    I would like the android version as well.
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  1. Elena Halme
    Same here, wondering how could it have passed months and still no app for android users :( with all the membership incomes you should afford it by now.
  2. Claudine
    Very longstanding member here. Getting to a point where I am going to cancel my membership (again) if this is going to take much longer. I really hope that someone from the Diet Doctor team actually reads this and I hope an app will be released very, very soon.
  3. Jake Varghese
    It's July 2019 and in over 6 months no Android app! I do not live in the US and I have no intention of ever getting an iPhone since the top end Androids are so much more superior. I have just signed up and am on my 1 month free trial and, much as I admire this site and all the good things on it, I will not renew unless there is a clear commitment to delivering an Android app in a defined time period. If this was an American company I could understand this situation but even American companies offer Android apps since they know that most of the rest of the world uses that platform.
    So either be honest and say you have no intention to look after the millions of Android users or say exactly when this promised Android app will be delivered.
  4. Mark Beaumont
    Why you would do the apple version before the android version.


  5. Lori c
    I just signed up and can't believe you don't have android version. That's a real downer, especially as your competitors have for android. No understanding why you would create a app and not ensure its launched for Apple and android.
  6. Sue
    It looks like they have ignored and stopped responding to android concerns.
  7. Richard
    I'll sign up somewhere else that has an android app, what a dinosaur company lol.
  8. Kandace Khoury
    Considering they said in April they were looking for an Android developer, I don't think anyone should expect this app to be ready before 2020. I agree this is pretty bad development but since I subscribed before any app was out, I'm still happy to stay on. I really hope DD fast tracks Android app tho as it is quite unfair to non-IOS subscribers.
  9. Jessica Engel
    Why no response regarding an Android App? Happy to take our money, but not provide service?
  10. Erica
    Android please guys!!!! Love your work :)
  11. Jane Travers
    Just signed up to free trial and use an android phone but no app???

    There must be other companies out there that offer an app, must get searching.

  12. Tracy Adams
    Android appt please
  13. Medo
    Switched from iPhone to android and found out there no android app, well be canceling and going with lifesum.
  14. Ann
    Why are you ignoring your customer base that pays your wages???? I'm astonished!!!! Looks like I'll be cancelling my subscription. Disgustingly poor customer service.
  15. Eva
    I am surprised by amount of angry requests... i have an iphone and the app, but I can’t say i use the app.. The webpage is quite easy to use and works well to use in a phone. Geez, people, have some butter and relax.
  16. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Hi everyone.

    Yes, it does suck that we don't have an Android app out yet. The only thing that sucks more is that we haven't even started building one.

    When we launched the iOS app we thought it wouldn't take long until we'd find great Android developers. That was wrong. We've been looking for Android developers for a long time, but we have not recruited anyone yet. It's been hard - the Stockholm market is super hot for Android developers and we only want the best, which makes our recruitment progress slower than at many other companies.

    So, I don't only respect and understand your frustration, I share it.

    It's not all bad though. We have some interesting candidates in the pipeline - one flying in next week - but we've set the bar for hiring very high (a maybe is a no), so we'll see what happens.

    If you want to help, please share our updated Android job ad: https://careers.dietdoctor.com/jobs/173055-lead-android-engineer

    All the best,
    Bjarte Bakke/
    COO, Diet Doctor.

  17. Kati Harris
    Love it! Android app please xxx
  18. Marie Josée Fortin
    I am definitely stopping my membership bevousr the application Is not available for Android. This is ridiculous.
  19. Jules
    Hi guys speak to Roger Hamton at the Entrepreneurs Institute, his team have a global reach and know hundreds of large and small specialist Android developers! They have created their own brilliant iOs and Android apps for Geniusu. If it comes off...please can I have free membership??? I will ask them to get in touch. Xxx
  20. Wendy Walecka
    Looking forward to Diet Doctor Eat for Android! I am loving the content on your website. So much to learn!
  21. Jason
    I don't have an iPhone but I hope one of the Android features you add is offline play for long trips etc.
  22. Phoebe Cronan
    having the app for android will be a bonus but honestly prefer using my desktop. I can read things easier, print recipes for later use especially if the family loves the meal. I'm staying even if it's another year before you get it done. this is working and the weight is coming off. I don't feel cheated and the sugar cravings are going away. No app in the world can change my sub. I'm here and that's all there is to it.
  23. Robert Vasquez
    Isn't it weird that they develop apps for iOS that only has 20% of the market and leave the 80% Android users hanging out to dry?
  24. Nick Ellenden
    Lots of Android development contract houses here in the Nordics, absolutely no excuse
  25. 1 comment removed
  26. Jane Sewell
    Please. please. please hurry with the Android app. Love what you guys do, have used the site for years, finally doing my free month and looking forward to all the great resources. Thanks
  27. Kenda Wilcox
    Just joined and was excited that there was an app.... excitement was short lived when I discovered it was not for Android users :-( I will continue to use, and enjoy, Carb Manager, and look forward to the new DD android version of their app..... very soon, I hope. Love the DD site and all the great information they share.
  28. Laraine McEnhill
    Will come back when android app is available. Laraine
  29. carolina aguilar
    Necesito la aplicacion para Android
  30. Doris C.
    You app on IOS is not working! It says the version has expired and visit App Store to upgrade. But I don't see any new version there. Does anyone else have the same problem?
  31. Becky Maxwell
    Android please!!
  32. 1 comment removed
  33. TerriLH
    Android, please. Not a member of the Cult of the Apple.
  34. Madhav Pappu
    Just became a member, only to realize that there is no app for Android phones. Will try out th 1 month free trial - if by then there is no app, then I shall have to discontinue my membership.
  35. Debbie
    A bi-monthly update on the Android app from someone at Diet Doctor would go a LONG way in member happiness. It would also be nice to know a bit about where the several million dollars a year from membership fees get spent? I love your content and refer you to tons of people but I really do wonder where all of that money goes. More communication please. And thank you for helping so many people get healthy - it is so heartwarming to read the stories from members on Facebook! I won't cancel because of no app...but it does bother me.
    Reply: #186
  36. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    A bi-monthly update on the Android app from someone at Diet Doctor would go a LONG way in member happiness. It would also be nice to know a bit about where the several million dollars a year from membership fees get spent? I love your content and refer you to tons of people but I really do wonder where all of that money goes. More communication please. And thank you for helping so many people get healthy - it is so heartwarming to read the stories from members on Facebook! I won't cancel because of no app...but it does bother me.

    Thank you Debbie! We are working hard to make the Android app as awesome as possible and we will be celebrating as much as you when it's released! You can read more about our ongoing work and what we are doing at this link, I hope it's helpful.

  37. Lisa
    Android app, PLEASE!!
  38. Claudia
    Would love to see this made available for Android users, please!
  39. Samuel Boorse
    Need the android version. ASAP!!!
  40. Patricia
    Android, please!!
  41. Sue
    It's so annoying no app for android when there are loads off links to other keto groups on Facebook maybe ask your rivals for help ketodiet has an android app !!!
  42. Nick
    Android. sort yourselves out!
  43. Debbie Adams
    Can't believe when I changed my phone yesterday from an iPhone to an Android that there is no Android app. REALLY
  44. 1 comment removed
  45. Lisa Riddle
    Just signed up for the free trial because after a year on KETO, my husband and I need food inspiration. I had hoped the the obe-stop shop from such a reliable source as Diet Doctor would be worth the $9. Not if I can't get an Android app. Seriously?
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