The future of Diet Doctor and announcing Hava

We have an important announcement today. It’s history in the making, and you can be part of it.

Diet Doctor has always been about helping people eat better to improve their health and lives. 

We’ve focused on low carb and keto, as they have been proven to help many. Personally, I’ve been eating lower carb for over 20 years and keep doing so. I’ve seen the enormous benefits this can have, working as a family doctor. It can transform people’s health and lives.

When we started our website many years ago, back in 2007, there were very few options online for low carb. 

We helped fill this niche. Thanks to the support of people like you, Diet Doctor has become the most popular low-carb-focused website and company in the world, guiding millions of people every month. It’s been an exciting journey together; we’ve learned much.

While low carb works well for many, new science over the past few years has opened the door to a new approach that is more flexible and may become even more effective.

We’ve started exploring this together over the past two years here, with higher-protein and our innovative higher-satiety options.

However, having multiple approaches on the same website and app becomes confusing. We’ve heard this from many people, including some of our most supportive fans. Some have worried about Diet Doctor and our commitment to low carb.

There is a lot of overlap and similarities between low carb and high satiety. Low-carb diets tend to be high in satiety and vice versa. But there are also some differences that may be confusing.
Diet Doctor is the world’s best resource for low carb, and low carb is a very helpful, evidence-based option that helps many people. This resource is important for millions.

Therefore, we’ve decided to keep Diet Doctor the place for making low carb simple. Diet Doctor will stay low-carb-focused and remain the world’s premier place for low carb. We’ll keep improving and making it better for our visitors and users.

Our new and innovative satiety approach will move. It will move to a new website, a new app, and a new brand.

Today we announce the launch of Hava. This is our new brand for our satiety approach.

Check our first brand video here:

The word Hava means life or life giver. There’s also a connection to our Swedish origin. Hávamál is a famous collection of Viking-age poems focusing on how to live (and eat for) a good life.

This innovative approach and our product are still being developed; it’s still a work in progress. However, the potential is massive.

Low carb remains a great option, perhaps the best available today. However, satiety may become an important part of the future of eating for metabolic health and body composition. And since poor metabolic health underlies all our top chronic diseases, satiety may be part of the future of eating for health and quality of life.

Over the coming months, we aim to remove our satiety content from Diet Doctor, removing confusion and adding clarity. Diet Doctor stays the #1 low-carb place, period. This is a great option that lots of people enjoy and something that has been proven to work.

If you prefer to stick to low carb for the foreseeable future, go for it! We’ll keep improving Diet Doctor to make it as simple as possible to start and maintain a low-carb lifestyle. For example, we’ve recently made key improvements and fixes to our personalized meal plans, making them easier to use for more people.

Hava will be the world’s #1 place for higher-satiety eating. This more flexible and innovative approach may become more effective than anything else..

We’re building a revolutionary product for this new approach, developing it with some of the world’s top experts.

I’m very excited about the potential of this to reach more people. It can fit any food preferences. I believe it’s something that the world needs and that can be truly impactful. It can help improve the health and lives of millions.

Importantly, it’s not sure if we’ll ever recover our investments of time and effort in this. It’s risky. Nobody else is pushing us to do it. We simply believe it’s the right thing to do and that satiety can be the future. Since nobody else is building a product for it, we will.

If you’re interested in contributing and helping to change the world with us using this approach, you can. We welcome your feedback and any support. Nobody can change the world alone, but together anything is possible.

To follow us and be among the first to try our new satiety product, join us at

You may also follow and comment on Hava via your favorite social channels: Hava on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Diet Doctor is #1 for low carb. Hava will be #1 for higher satiety eating.

Thank you for your support and patience. It is deeply appreciated.

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