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  1. Jesse
    I actually made this comment on a different thread before ralizing it was from last year and probably wouldn't be looked at. So here it is again.

    My wife and I did LCHF for 10 months last year. I dropped 70 lbs and she dropped 8. Just 8 lbs in 10 months. And 6 of it was in the first week. So you can imagine how frustrated she was. We were eating almost the exact same things. The only difference was our indulgences. (And before you tell me it's bad to indulge on LCHF we were always meticulous in counting carbs so as to never be above 30g in a day, that was the goal we were told to start with from the book Protein Power, a book I highly recommend). Every once in a while a would have a Reese's Peanut butter cup and she would have a bite (yes literally a bite) of Pasta at her mothers house.
    We both eventually gave up (around Thanksgiving of last year) and I had since gained 63 lbs back. We finally figured out a few weeks ago that my wife is gluten intolerant. So, she went off gluten and I went back on LCHF. In two weeks I have lost 17 lbs and she has lost 5. Once she has fully detoxed off gluten she is going to join me on LCHF.

    I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue. Gluten intolerance making it next to impossible to lose weight, Even on LCHF? We think we found the issue and are hopeful it will work this time (I've made a commitment to myself that this isn't a diet but a lifestyle change this time). Like I said, she hasn't switched to LCHF yet (she LOVES potatoes and uses them as a comfort food as her moods have been shifting wildly while getting of gluten) so 5 lbs in two weeks is from dropping gluten only. Anyway, let me know and thanks for reading.

    tl;dr Has anyone seen someone not lose weight on LCHF because of gluten intolerance and getting trace amounts even in the LCHF diet?

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  2. Belle
    Jesse, if your wife switches to LCHF she will not be taking gluten! No grains remember?
    So what's the problem?
    No gluten, no intolerance.....losing weight yes!
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  3. Nettie
    I recommend you read the sections on this site about ketosis. Your wife may need to reduce her protein in order to kickstart her weight loss - women generally need less protein than men. Also, if you're significantly taller/larger than her, make sure she's not mindlessly matching your portions, and only eats to satiety. Good luck!
  4. Jesse
    Belle, when we were on LCHF before the amount of gluten she would eat was very very low, a single bite of pasta or sometimes we'd use flour to thicken a gravy. These things are very low in carbohydrates because they just aren't that much. But it seemed like any trace amount made it so she didn't lose. I was just wondering if anyone else had that issue?

    Nettie, yes, we were very careful to make sure she wasn't eating as much protein as I was.

    I'm just looking for someone who has had this issue. She is reluctant to try LCHF again because it didn't work for her and I just wanted to know if anyone else had that problem. Obviously we have already cut all gluten from her diet so if we go on LCHF again it will be without the trace amounts from before. I was just hoping for a success story I could share with her from someone who had the same issue. Thanks.

  5. Belle
    Maybe your wife has to stick more to very low carb and "cheat" a little less. Try 20 grams a day.Nomore potatoes, pasta or peanutbutter cups...?
    Her body will use the carbs instead of the fat, so the fat will not "melt".
    She has to try to stay in ketosis, it's worthwhile.....Good luck!
  6. Kendrick Fischetti
    Still hungry -- or just want more food ideas? Get many more recipes in our Food figuratively speaking, of course. Cutting out meat and carbohydrates may seem virtually impossible, but fortunately you're not the first person to attempt the feat.

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