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Our new two-week low-carb challenge continues to bring massive success. So far this year 25,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc.

What could happen if you were to take the challenge? Here’s feedback from this week:


Dear Andreas,

First of all thank you very much for this wonderful program and support. With me you now have a raving fan of LCHF.

I think your website and all info you provide is excellent. The first time I understood what happens in my body and how to use it to achieve my goals.

I actually started your program two weeks before I registered and after 5 weeks I lost 8 kg and 8 cm around my abdomen (and counting). Constipation is an ongoing battle, but considering results it is a small downside.

Once again thank you and keep up with good work.

Kind regards,

Hi there,

I was shocked how satisfied and full I felt. I lost 6 pounds in 4 weeks.

After plateauing on HPLC diet, I did fast for 24 hrs each week and the first 2 weeks. The first 2 weeks I had a HPLC diet and switched to LCHF.

My family loved all the food which makes it easier. I work in a doctors office and the doctors I work with do not think it is a good diet for me as I have a high cardiac and diabetes in family medical.

I would like to continue. How long do you recommend follow it for?


Thank you so much!

The challenge was really interesting and flexible for me.

Though my weight didn’t drop so much, I feel a lot of changes on my dresses; some inches obviously dropped. I dropped only 0.6 kg after the 2 weeks, and am grateful for it.

The butter I was using for my eggs was a margarine, I didn’t realise until in the second week. Too bad.

Due to my no fruit intake during the period, I experienced minor constipation; then I continued to take plenty of water which really helped.

Thank you so much for all your daily updates.



I love the recipes and so does my picky family.

I’ve really only done a week on this due to a holiday but in a week I have lost 4 lbs.

I am going to keep up this challenge, it’s easier than I thought it would be to give up the many carbs I was eating daily. After lunch I have been having a low-carb shake from the protein works company to help keep me till dinner time. Low-carb smoothies are great too as a snack on a night when others are eating popcorn, crisps and chocolate.

Thank you so much,

I lost 11 lbs. literally in a week, but then 4 lbs. went back on and didn’t shift any more at all in another ten days, but then lost 1 lb. I was sticking to a strict low carb regime so I’m not sure what that was about, but it’s still a good overall loss.

I thought I would lose weight more quickly (the only comparison I have really was doing the Cambridge diet some years ago where I lost a stone a month for four months. That was v low carb, v low fat, and surprisingly easy to stick to once I got going!).

My measurements haven’t changed since the 4 lbs. went back on, but I did lose a few inches in the first week.

This way of eating definitely seems to be reducing my sugar cravings. I’m still quite low though in energy and brain clarity – I was hoping these would improve a lot.

I still feel ‘scared’ sometimes at how much fat I’m eating. It’s hard to shake old thinking! Especially as I have a forthcoming appointment with the Lipids Clinic about my high cholesterol level, which is a family trait. I’m ploughing my way through ‘The Big Fat Surprise’ by Nina Teicholz and am stunned at the inaccuracies promoted by entire governments and countries!

I found it simple and quite easy to stick to, and can imagine it will make a big difference in the long term.

Thanks for all your efforts!

I was doing a version of your diet before taking up your two week challenge. Last year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes even though I am tall, 175 cm, and only weighing 72 kilos so certainly not overweight. Of course I got onto the internet and found your web site. I cut down on the carbs but my morning blood sugar was always high.

So your two week challenge is now over but my husband and I are carrying on as we have already seen the benefits of it. My blood sugar is hovering around the 100 mg/dl each morning and sometimes it’s less. I have lost around 4 kilos and my man almost 4 kilos…. but as I said we are continuing, me to keep the BS down and controlled and maybe the doc will take me off the Metformin and my husband to lose a further 10 kilos.

I have enjoyed cooking the recipes provided and we have both enjoyed eating them…. I have never felt hungry but my husband has felt hungry in the morning. However he hasn’t snacked his way through a pack of Pringles while watching his Rugby or drunk a Beer in three weeks!

Both my daughters are now taking up the challenge, one is gluten intolerant and the other could lose a few ounces….. I will support them of course during the next couple of weeks.

So thank you for your work and I have no hesitation in recommending this diet to anyone. The ‘low-fat” regime of the past has a lot to answer for and I hope more people will turn to your diet for a healthier life.


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your help with your daily emails I’ve lost 8 lbs so far which I’m really pleased with.

I’ve found it quite easy really, the only thing I’ve struggled with is maybe wanting a more refreshing drink other than water tea and coffee. As everything you eat is savoury I’ve just found myself wanting a drink of squash or something.

But I aim to stick to it, I get married in July so I’m hoping to lose some more weight before then.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,

Julie xx

I found these last 2 weeks very enlightening, and managed to stick to it surprisingly easily.

The main thing I missed was bread, I did make some low-carb breads that were OK and that did help fight the cravings.

I was a little disappointed that I only managed to lose 7.4 lbs, but I will be carrying on with it for the foreseeable future.

Thanks, Rob

Hi Andreas,

I did lose 8 pounds and I love the Diet Doctor’s low-carb challenge.

Trying to keep a positive outlook, it is hard when I can’t get my family and friends onboard. So, that is a downer for me.

I know there are others through your web sight who is doing quite well, I just wanted my family to work with me on this as well.

I am going to keep pressing on toward my goal. Not quite as excited when I first got started but, I will continue to move forward.

Be Blessed by the Best and let Jesus take care of the rest.


It was great!

An active diabetic (2 yrs, no meds) HBP (controlled) grandma but having cravings for sweets.

After starting LCHF the cravings were gone! Blood glucose down nicely. Little shaky first 3 days.

Bouillon good. Possible to do low sodium beef broth instead? Here in U.S. bouillon has a lot of additives.

Weight went down 9 1/2 lbs. & waist down 3 inches. Very exciting!

Recipes I made were truly delicious.

A big improvement for me would be having something to replace the fermented dairy products… cheese, yoghurt, sour cream, as I am sensitive to yeast, fermentation, mold etc. Can have fresh cream.

Really thankful you made this available to us.

Believe I saw somewhere that it was possible to do another week. Going to go for it. Would like to go down 10 lbs more.

I have appreciated all the encouragement, positivity & information you have offered.

A big Thank You!
Sun City, AZ

I thought the low-carb challenge was great!

I lost 14 lbs. and still continues. I follow strict method, which was very easy for me because I was not hungry at all and as a result I do not eat between meals.

I saved money and ate a satisfying lunch each day by using my dinner leftovers.

I do not crave or desire sweets or breads/pastas.

I’m 57 years old and have struggled with food my entire life… until now.

I will keep you posted on my journey.

Gratefully yours,


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