Learn to love vegetables with this video

We have something special to announce: the premiere of our 10 best keto vegetables video.

You asked, and we delivered! You want to know the best keto vegetables for weight loss or to improve your health. And you want to know how to prepare them in a delicious way. We have many easy (and healthy) recipes, plus an animated explanation of why some vegetables are better than others. Hint: It’s all about whether it grows above or below ground.

It’s fun. It’s informative. It’s a different style for us (it’s got dancing green beans and spinning cauliflower). And of course, it’s got carb counts and handy tips for making your vegetables tastier than ever.

From the script to the animation techniques, we wanted to make keto vegetables simple. But also, we really wanted to make them fun. We hope you enjoy it.

Watch it and let us know what you think. If you find this video helpful, please like, share, comment, or let us know in another way so we can make more.

Want to know more about keto vegetables? See our visual guide. We’ll make more videos for more visual guides if you want us to!

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