LCHF enters the New Zealand government system


Professor Schofield

The government of New Zealand has appointed Professor Grant Schofield, an avid promoter of the LCHF diet, as the Ministry of Education’s first Chief Education Health and Nutrition Advisor:

The New Zealand Government Webpage: New Appointment to Support Physical Activity and Nutrition in Schools

This is a big leap in the right direction for the low-carb movement – and for the health of all New Zealand school kids who are likely to at least get less added sugar in their food…


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  1. Lynette
    Hi i have been told i have high amount of candida in my body (no thrush) have had some stomach/bowel issues. There is many different ideas of what i can eat or not doctor only see thrush (medications).i have cut out sugar, fruit ,potatoes , (high carbs veg) .i got some information and i feel better. Does this fit .
  2. M.Pat
    Foods which contain yeast & sugar are the main offenders for candida. Carbs themselves are not necessarily the culprit in this case. Fruit & most veg would be ok but not if fermented.
  3. Carol
    Good job Grant. Saving NZ kids lives and saving them from a life of obesity is what it's all about. Hope the world will be watching and follow your lead sooner rather than later!!!
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  4. Sindy
    Agree 100%

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