“It has been a life-changing experience for me”


Our new two-week low-carb challenge continues to bring massive success. So far this year more than 31,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:


Hello Diet Doc!

I began the 2-week challenge on May 3, 2016. My weight was 225 lbs. Today I weigh 216? I’m no longer living to eat. I’m eating to live a healthier, happier life!

It’s an amazing gift you have given us, LCHF, dedicating your time and knowledge, helping us to no longer live in “Obesity Bondage!

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you again.
Diet Doc, You Rock!

Hello Andreas,

Thank you for your email! I have taken the low-carb challenge for two weeks, and after the two weeks, I continued to eat in the same way. My thoughts on the diet is that I definitely enjoyed it and I feel much healthier!

Even though in the beginning it was a bit hard to restrain myself from eating chocolate and pasta or rice, I managed to get used to this diet, and now I am unable to eat anything that contains a lot of carbs. I must say that it becomes a way of living after you have tried it once.

I am still on low-carb diet, but I am more liberal or medium low carb, that’s because sometimes I eat some peanut butter, chocolate truffles (from your recipe) and I eat more often some yoghurt with berries selection.

In those two weeks, I lost 3 kilos (7 lbs.), so I had 58 kilos (128 lbs.) at the start, and after the two weeks I had 55 kilos (121 lbs.). My height is 1.60 metres, which is the equivalent of 5 foot 1. My colleagues and my manager always tell me that I am skinny already and don’t need to have this diet, but to be honest, I wasn’t feeling very happy with how I looked before! And I am definitely happier now as I have lost in cm as well, at least ¾ cm everywhere. I feel much better, and I no longer feel full after eating, or bad.

When I was a child, whenever I wanted to eat in the evening, or to eat some more food, my mum used to tell me ‘The bread is sleeping’, and I actually believed her then! But when I started this diet, I realised why it’s good for the bread to be sleeping!

I am now advising all my friends that want to lose some weight to get this diet! I only have positive feedback about this.

After having this diet for about 3 weeks, in my fourth week I started fasting, as advised from your website. Dr. Fung’s video, ‘How to maximize fat’ was more than helpful, as it actually explained me why in the past I haven’t managed to burn the calories! And since watching that, I am now on 16:8 programme, which means I eat at 8, no later than 9 every day, and I don’t eat until next day at 12, no later than 1 pm.

I am planning to lose more weight, so I will start going to some fitness classes, but won’t give up on diet, probably my entire life! Not just because I don’t put on weight anymore, but also because I feel much better, healthier and I can finally eat without feeling too full, or hungry again in an hour.

I will keep you up to date, and by July, when I am planning to go on holiday, I would really wish to have at least 2 more kilos (2 lbs.) in minus. It has been a life-changing experience for me, it did change my life and my habits! I must say eating healthy might be quite expensive, but being healthy is the most important thing in our lives!

Thank you very much for all the emails, recipes and tips of advice received so far!

Best wishes,

Diet Doctor

Thank you for sharing this life-changing miracle.

I am still on the LCHF diet because I find it forcing me to eat healthy home prepared meal unlike eating junk foods.

First week was so easy for me because I love cooking. On the third day I was always full so I faltered and neglected cooking as I was always full.

I AM on my second week but still struggling a bit to keep to the menu as I travel a lot. But I can notice some difference in my weight.


Dear Diet Doctor

Thank you for the chance to provide feedback about the 2 week challenge.

The food was delicious! I didn’t feel like I was on a diet at all. I have tried so many ‘diets’ and a majority feel like I am starving myself. With this one I didn’t.

I didn’t lose any weight which was a little disappointing. However my waist measurement dropped by about 1 cm. That’s something I suppose. I will try the challenge again for 2 weeks, and this time I will be strict with alcohol (none whatsoever) and halve the portions (but still eat until I feel full). I found the portions in the recipes were quite large and I was eating for the sake of eating and to not waste any food (one of the reasons why I eat so much).

With these little changes I hope I will see some change in my weight.

Kind regards,


Dear Dr. Andreas,

I sort of did the 2-week challenge, I lost 2.0 kg (5 lbs.) which made me very happy, have lost 6.8 kilos since 30th March. Found some of the recipes a bit too complicated and challenging so just made a substitute. My macros are Fat 100 g, Protein 80 g and Carbs less than 20 g per day and I have only deviated from this twice and it was not a major blowout, up by a couple of grammes, then some days were low. Tried 16/8 but find it too difficult as my husband likes to eat at regular times so it is easiest for me to just skip lunch and usually have breakfast at 08:00 and dinner at 18:00. Sorry about the macros but I just cannot stop weighing and measuring, if I do I start to eat too much, 5 grammes soon becomes 10 grammes, so my food scales are my best friend. My husband is not overweight at all and his winter/summer variance is 1 kg and he eats mainly carbs!!! (not fair) but he has enjoyed all of the LCHF meals I have served him.

About the only thing I would alter in the challenge is to have a few more alternative recipes in the meal plan. I have almost given up sugar completely, now only have a 1/2 metric teaspoon in my hot cocoa a couple of times a week. If I have cocoa I do not have chocolate, and cocoa or chocolate is a treat a couple of times a week, not every day.

Have made a most delicious coffee latte, I whip the cream till it is very thick, add ONE drop of Vanilla essence and then top with hot fresh percolated coffee. Allow myself one of these a day, a real treat to look forward to.

Personally, I think the hardest thing to wrap my head around in the quest for health and weight loss is to lose the concept that food is entertainment! It really is hard to stop living to eat instead of eating to live. Food of all kinds is so available to us in this 21st century that it is so easy to overeat, even good food.

Have really enjoyed my membership, so much information and so well presented, hope this venture continues to be successful for you as it would be a huge loss to humanity if it failed.

Thanks for all you do,



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