“Fantastic…. I love it.”


So far this year more than 32,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:


Dear Dr. Andreas,

These first two weeks have been an experience. First, I have learned so much and if I had only known 40 years ago what I am learning now, I could have prevented so many problems. THANK YOU so much.

I am a 70 year old female, I had been hypoglycemic in my younger days, I developed hypothyroid , gained over 100 lbs. (45 kg). I was placed on thyroid medication, but it didn’t seem to have much effect.

So now I find my self 150 lbs. (68 kg) over weight, on blood pressure med., diabetes med. metformin, congestive heart failure , and a pacemaker that I am totally dependent on. I also have osteoporosis as well as arthritis . I am 5’3″ weigh 270 lbs. (122 kg).

Then my dear friend told me about your website! Words can not express my gratitude, as I read and researched I was so impressed, and knew there that this was different.

All my life I had been dieting cutting off all fat, lowering calories, etc., and when I was put on metformin I started gaining weight and was hungry all the time.

I took the 2 week challenge: WONDERFUL – I have lost 14 lbs. (6 kg), am now at 256 lbs. (116 kg). I have lost over 2 inches (6 cm) from my waist. I haven’t been hungry at all. Yes I had days that I felt blah and days I felt good, some days I felt very energetic, but my body just wouldn’t hold up with the new energy I had.

I have stopped metformin, and my blood pressure meds. My old blood pressure was anywhere from 160 /85 to 200/95 and now it is running from 126/60 to 130/65. My morning sugar is still a little high but went from 150 fasting doen to 135 fasting but 2 hours after I eat it is 112 to 99.

Sorry to write a book, but I want you to know this is not a diet for me ….. it is a NEW way of life. Thank You again to You and your staff, keep up the wonderful work you are doing.



Dear Diet Doctor,

I really enjoyed the challenge and the support it offered right down to how to deal with side effects. I cooked some of the meals but found the left over idea challenging as I like variety but stayed within framework of sub 30 g in carbs.

I lost approximately 9 pounds (4 kg) in the first two weeks but this is consistent with pretty much every diet I ever tried. However, in terms of overall health I feel really good; all the wheat and sugar excess symptoms have dissipated and I genuinely feel I have more energy.

I’m in week 3 and my weight loss has stalled, I have tried some intermittent fasting and hope it’s just fat adaption that’s taking a while to kick in.

Kind regards,



I’ve struggled with my weight most of my life. More so since giving birth to my two children. The first was almost 17 years ago.

I’ve tried MANY different plans over the last 17 years but the plan on your site makes THE MOST sense than any ever have. I started on May 1,2016 and lost 7 lbs. (3 kg) of the 60 lbs. (27 kg) I need to lose. However, I have not lost any more since that first week.

I read the post about the 15 tips and it’s likely that I’ve been eating way too much protein. I read that eating too much protein will turn to glucose in your body. I should have been eating more fats than protein to feel fuller. So this week I’ve changed things up. I hope to lose next week.

Regardless I feel better. I used to have heartburn every day. Since I started I haven’t had it once!! So great! I’m also not puffy or bloated. This is DEFINITELY the lifestyle change I’ve needed to make. I’m following the strict low carb and feeling like its a great fit!!

Thanks so very much!!

Keep up the great work!!


Dr. Andreas,

The two week challenge was a life changing event in my life as well as my wife. It has lowered my blood sugar levels dramatically,
stress over what is to come has gone down or almost gone, I no longer feel the need to eat CRAP, and I find I enjoy cooking way more than I thought I would.

In 2004, I literally woke up one day a diabetic, after going on a 6 month diet to loose 35 lbs. (16 kg).

I was 235 lbs. (107 kg), 40 years old, and needed to get under 200 lbs. (91 kg). So I cut out all the junk food, sodas, and began exercising regularly. In 6 months I lost the target weight and was 195 lbs. (88 kg), life was all good again, until…..I woke up a diabetic. Blood sugar at 275 mg and peeing 6 times a night.

Since then it has been a constant struggle to keep blood sugar in check, A1C always at 7 to 9 using all sorts of meds. (All pills.)

After 12 years of fighting, I felt defeated and was about to go on insulin since that was the next course of treatment.

I really did not want to do this, and my wife being a nurse at a convalescent home and treating out of control diabetics, I knew what was to come. I am only 52 and I just did not want that to happen, I was extremely depressed, lost my job, and had absolutely no hope.

So I began to search and get informed.

I found your website and read and watched everything to do with diabetes. I did not need to loose weight, since I have maintained the 190 lbs. (86 kg) since 2004, but needed to change something….

Everything I read on diabetes pertained to me, It was as if this site was made just for me. Blood sugar controls, sugar addictions, ketones, all pertained to me and the way I was. I was amazed and dug even deeper. Your content layout is perfect, step by step, video by video, expert by expert I read and watched…… And then was convinced to try, what could it hurt… right???

So I began the 2 week challenge on Mothers Day. Day 1 my morning reading was at 187 mg with an A1C of 9.2. Within a week my readings dropped, actually within days.

I now have a daily average of about 107 and am currently on week three. (Lost only 5 lbs. (2 kg).)

Two weeks prior, I did change from eating processed foods to all home made, whole wheat, raw sugar, and all non GMO.

It dropped my levels about 75 mg on average, but it was not enough. (Still had huge spikes upwards to 350 mg after meals.)

Going low carb did the trick. I enjoyed all the meals, and because I was going “home cooking” anyways, it was an easy transition.

I have since got my three older kids to join in as well as my wife, they needed to loose weight, so all 5 of us are on the diet.

The big issue for them is it costs more at the grocery store and more time in the kitchen. My oldest needs to loose 150 or so pounds, and after a week of debates against old school thought that I myself taught her, she is to now on her way. Lost 12 lbs. (5 kg).

The only change I would make is to have the 2 week menu more easily reachable, as in on the home page or on the main member page. It seemed I had to hunt around a lot to look up the weeks menu.

But other than that, I think it is a great site, a fabulous source of information, and AD FREE… (I like that the most.)

I want to thank you from the bottom of my now healthier HEART for caring, and for changing my life.

I don’t really miss the carbs, I am rarely hungry, and my blood sugar is now in check. (My goal is A1C of 6 or lower in 90 days.)

Hope this helps


PS. Both my older daughters have PCOS and are extremely overweight. I am going to assist them and coach them on this diet, but they are getting contradictory information from their doctors, so it’s a bit of a battle. But I am pretty stubborn and my hope is my success of reversing my diabetes will help me convince them to stick to it. God Bless and thank you.

I absolutely love it! I am on week 4!

I think it’s fantastic, I found loads of great recipes.

I’ve been doing LCHF for 8 weeks and have seen no end of benefits, the 12 lbs. weight loss is only the beginning, it’s the improved skin, the reduced tiredness, the feeling calmer that I hadn’t anticipated.

Thank you for making it so simple and for keeping me motivated when my old ways are calling me back!


I thought the low carb challenge was helpful. There was one problem in that I did not receive the last three day menus, etc. until today. I was, however, able to access the info on the website.

I thought the approach in preparing enough dinner for the next day’s lunch was excellent and I am trying to incorporate this is my life style. Some items I purchased and did not use. While this may have been an error, it could also have been that I used certain meals more than once and therefore eliminated others.

I think menus should be based on 1 serving. For some reason, it is easier to add 1 or more than to subtract 2-3.

Overall, I found the challenge helpful in getting started.

I tried wheat belly for almost a year with no success. Of course, there was a lot going on in my life then. In addition, I have numerous medical challenges. Plus, I take cardivelol and that could explain the failure to lose weight, I suppose.

With Diet Doctor, I better understand the science and I better understand some of the errors I made before in trying a LCHF lifestyle.

I do appreciate the videos and the opportunity to ask the experts. I also appreciate that you do not sell products nor advertising. While I understand why, but I hate that you can’t give medical advise as I do feel you could be most helpful in my situation.

Overall, I was pleased with the challenge and I look forward to continuing this approach as a lifestyle.

Fantastic…. I love it.

Having recently discovered I probably have celiac disease – adding to my growing list of auto immune diseases – I decided the easiest way forward is to cut out all grains for the time being.

I’ve tried countless low calorie diets, done the whole low fat everything diet etc. etc….. all with very limited weight loss results.

On this plan I am not hungry, I feel like the food I am eating is actually nourishing my body rather than just filling me up for a little while. And I have lost weight.

Your 2 week challenge information is a great way to get started. I tried all the dinner recipes, just making some minor changes to accommodate personal taste. E.g. I used cabbage instead of brussels sprouts, and put avocado on my pizza instead of olives.

I will continue to follow this because it makes me feel well.

Thank you for providing this for free. I’m one happy eater!


Thanks for all the info. I actually loved it!

I like to think that we ate reasonably healthily anyway but we were in a rut and I was looking for a change. We are of the generation who were brought up to believe that fat is bad, ‘you are what you eat’.

But a long time ago I started looking at ways of avoiding sugar, and recently had only been eating ‘traditional’ carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes – no bread) three or four days a week, and never in the evenings.

So we were in a low sugar but low fat trough. We were probably eating too much but often woke up feeling really hungry. I decided to try your LCHF meals because logically it made sense, but also because you made it so easy.

I printed out the details, the shopping list and the recipes, and followed it to the letter for the first week. (I have to admit that I nearly lost the will to live over a cauliflower pizza base… grating, microwaving, draining, squeezing, mixing, shaping… life is too short!).

Then I felt brave enough to branch out. The best part of LCHF is that all the things we previously thought of as ‘guilty pleasures’ are now considered absolutely fine.

I didn’t really want to lose weight but in the first week I lost the small round belly that had been sitting in front of me for a few years!! And once I managed to get over filling my shopping trolley with full fat items I was away.

We are now ending week 4 and I am using some of your menus, but also a lot of my old favourites, substituting previous carbs with zoodles, cauliflower rice, or cabbage steaks. I have a homemade mayonnaise to die for, and I have lost 2 kg (4 lbs.) whilst my husband has lost 4 kg (9 lbs.).

I feel great!
Thank you.


I thought it was great.

I lost 4 lbs. (2 kg). I was hoping for more. But I’m still going to eat this way.


Hi Doctor Eenfeldt,

Thanks to the low-carb challenge I’ve lost 11 lbs. (5 kg) in just 2 weeks. I’ve never had any success with previous diets so I’m thrilled. Thank you for your helpful resources.

I’m planning to continue with this new lifestyle as I feel so much better.

Thanks again!


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