Experiment: Higher ketone levels for weight loss and improved performance


Can measuring ketones help you lose weight and improve performance? Let’s try to find out.

Today my ketone experiment reached goal #1: achieving a higher level of ketosis*.

After getting my blood ketone meter I’ve eaten a stricter LCHF diet than I usually do. More fat, fewer carbs. No bread, no potatoes, pasta, rice, or fruit. Instead, I’ve eaten meat, fish, vegetables, egg, and extra-large amounts of high-fat sauces and butter. In the mornings coffee with plenty of butter/coconut fat in it. I’ve occasionally cheated with some nuts, root vegetables, berries, cream, and a little wine.

After just a few days I entered nutritional ketosis (over 0.5 mmol/L on the meter). But it took a full three weeks to achieve stable higher ketone levels (1.5 – 3 mmol/L) in the mornings. It was also interesting that it was much quicker to get high ketone readings during the daytime and in the evenings (data not shown in the chart above).

I’ve also tested keto sticks for measuring urine ketones (cheaper and simpler). In my case, the results so far track the blood ketones reasonably well, even if urine ketones is a more inexact and unreliable test.

So what do you think I’ve noticed? Does it feel different? What do you think happened to my weight & waist measurement (I started at a normal satisfactory weight) and training/mental performance? Answers are coming up, but feel free to guess in the comments!


*/ Ketosis is a natural state where the body is almost only burning fat.The secret of ketosis is to eat very low amounts of carbs and only moderate amounts of protein. Then add fat to satiety.

Some less informed people still confuse natural ketosis with the pathological state ketoacidosis. The latter has completely different causes, usually extreme insulin deficiency in type 1 diabetics. In this dangerous state, the ketone concentrations are around ten times higher than in normal ketosis, and the blood sugar is sky-high.

Natural ketosis due to low-carb eating is perfectly safe with stable well-controlled blood sugar and well-controlled blood ketones.

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  1. T. C. Wahl
    "I haven't "seen" any dramatic results yet but I feel better, more in control. I register "trace" to "small" amounts on urine sticks. When does the magic kick in? I'm notoriously impatient. My question is...Will it really take 4-5 WEEKS to see results?"

    If the strips you're using are reading any ketones then you are in ketosis, just not consistently throughout the day. To answer your primary question....yes, it is going to be at least four weeks for your body to be continually in ketosis... aka "fat adapted". Once you are fat adapted you will have a more consistent ketone level throughout the day and a point or two higher after a hard workout.

    If you really want to see results then I would stop the wine for the next few weeks, the martini isn't as much of a problem as wine is because wine is essentially sugar water, especially red wines. On the flip side of that spirits like Rum, Vodka and Tequila can produce a reduction in ketones, but they usually don't kick you out or cause stalls and the reduction in ketones is hours not days.

    Never fear, you are in ketosis and burning fat. You just need to fine tune your food to accentuate the losses. You could also be ready to have a big "woosh" of "place holder" water weight soon too. If you are only weighing yourself I would switch to body taping instead. It is a more accurate metric for fat loss than the scale since the volume of fat is 4.5 times that of lean muscle.

    I am 48, Peri-meno and an athlete as well. My ketones average around 2.0ppm (via the Ketonix). I noticed my initial fat loss in places like my hands, forearms and face first, then in my upper arms and thighs at around the 4 week mark. Then around 6-8 weeks I saw less "side" boob and a slimming of my waist and "love handle" area. Honestly, other people saw it more than I did.

    Keto on girl... it will happen.

  2. Nellie
    LOVE it! Thank you both for the honest feedback - much appreciated! I did see a 4.5 lbs weight drop just this morning - but was out last night to celebrate my 47th with friends and that could be as a result of dehydration. I had run hills earlier in the afternoon. Probably should've had more water at restaurant last night.

    I WILL invest in the blood meter just cause why not? lol. I WILL stick with it 'cause now I'm seeing some result. Will measure too. Not a fan of the scale for just those reasons :( I will check back in with y'all in a couple of weeks and add any additional pertinent info. I've also heard that keeping nuts intake to the size of a shot glass per day and omitting dairy (cow anything) can help. So perhaps sticking to small portions of goat cheese, pecorino romano, manchego but nothing else.

    Thank you all - keto onward! ;)

  3. Maria Edwards

    Thank you for your blog both in Swedish and English. I´m a big fan.

    I started on a ketogenic diet to stabilize my bipolar type 2 disorder.
    I eat less than 20g carbs a day so I went into ketosis quite quickly. I wanted to try fasting a couple of days to force my body to produce ketone transporters and to get the mental benefits of fasting.
    I have fastet for 3,5 days and today my blood sugar was 3,9mmol/L in the morning and my ketones 5,6mmol/L.
    Is this too much? I have seen several videos on the benefits of fasting and that a normal person can fast without any problems for days and weeks. I feel really good and have a lot of mental clarity. My illness has been stable since I went into ketosis.
    Having such a high concentration of ketones in the blood can't be negative right?
    People fasting for weeks must have a high level of ketones too.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and good informations!

  4. Greta

    I measured my urine ketone levels and they were 16 mmol/L. Am I at the risk of ketoacidosis?
    Why is it that high?


  5. thomas
    HI all.
    I wanted to comment on the last few posts especially but many that I've read over a longer period.
    1. This is not a diet. It's neither something that you start doing and expect results right away. Essentially your body has 2 metabolic pathways and it does not switch very quickly or easily in some people's cases to burn fat. So to answer Nellie, YES it could take some weeks. Everyone is different to some degree. Measuring blood ketones is unfortunately the best way to ensure you have your eating correct.
    Unfortunately because its expensive. Once you get the initial eating figured out and know what works or doesn't work for you, you can reduce or eliminate testing altogether. You can accomplish your goals with out measuring. Measuring just makes it more an exact science.

    2. I see many people, mentioning what carbs they eat or claiming to only measure carbs. This is not an Atkins diet. Moderate protein is almost as important as carbs. Moderate means "not so much!" That is because NOT fully embracing fat and not paying attention to amount of protein is definitely going to affect your result. They say that about 0.7 to 0.9 grams per pound of lean body weight is sufficient. Protein can and is converted to glucose and especially when over consumed.
    We could argue all day about people who claim you will lose muscle, blabla. But trust me, this will not happen overnight and if you feel or see that you are... you certainly can alter your course before you wither and die. I lift weights and have eaten the prescribed amount and have not lost muscle. On the contrary have gained some. Your body produces in any case the small amounts of glucose that are necessary. "There is no such thing as an essential carb".
    The best book really done in a truly scientific way is "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance" by Volek and Phinney. A bit scientific yes.. complicated? some... But still based on solid modern science and study.
    Another non medical professional who is great on the subject is Cristian Vlad. While not a doctor he has an immense appetite for reading everything about the body and is very good at weeding out BS, points the way to valid, contemporary science and his explanations are more in layman's terms.

    My guidance points
    1. 70/80% calories from fat.
    2. Control protein also.
    3. Restrict carbs almost 100% unless you are verifying blood ketones
    4. Look for weight trends just as an additional guide not the measuring stick. Measure same time and same conditions each day and don't pay attention to as much as 2-3 lbs variance per day.. Look for trends
    5. Initial weight loss will be 4-5 lbs consisting of water... don't get excited that the eating will continue at that pace.
    6. Speed of weight loss will vary.
    7. Alcohol is not your friend! and negatively affects results, variable by person, what you drink, etc. The more you reduce or eliminate, the faster and more consistent your results will be.
    8. When first eating keto style, measuring blood ketones helps you learn how different foods, time of day, what you drink, etc affect your levels and progress.
    9. How your clothes fit is a better guide to progress. Getting an additional belt hole is very pleasing.
    10. Learn more about contemporary beliefs on cholesterol and health markers.. Don't believe everything your old doctor tells you about saturated fats, etc.
    11. Get your blood work done at least every year and use your own knowledge to judge how you're progressing.
    12. I don't really know anyone who has followed the above guidelines (which I have learned by reading a lot and doing my own experiments) and failed.
    13. Sodium will need to be replenished. Lightheaded-ness is a sign.
    14. Potassium and Magnesium are also typical indicated supplements.

    I encourage to read books by reputable modern doctors, pointing to truly unbiased and proper studies. We now know that the whole food pyramid was more political and biased by food lobby than science.
    As for some studies: Doing a few week dietary experiment on subjects eating a low carb diet is completely useless considering the time it takes the body to adapt. Much about the theoretical BS out there is just that.
    If you are serious, learn as much as you can. Even though I write this... don't believe every hack out there. Learn your science :)

    In addition to the above, there are now emerging MANY doctors and studies claiming eating in this style has many other health benefits, preventative and even potential curing of medical conditions.
    It's very interesting to me that even in 2017, we are learning so much more accurate and or completely contradictory information about the human body. This is changing may peoples lives for the better.. that's very cool.

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  6. Donal L.
    Thank you very, very much for sharing your information. After reading page after page of peoples personal hangups, it was really like a breath of fresh air to come across your article. What a relief!

    Books on keto diets and cooking seem to have exploded. Along with all kinds of conflicting advise sometimes, in my opinion bordering on the bizarre, confusing things even further.

    Kind of wish you had included some of your favorite titles and what their strong points were.

    Personally I'm not interested in the weight loss aspect but how to get the energy for long walks and resuming an occasional jog. In motion and deep breathing in order to feel better physically and mentally.

    Thanks again for article; much appreciated,

    Donal L.

  7. Chris
    Try ucan superstarch
  8. Kelli
    Those of you who are eating low carbs bit wondering why you are not going into ketosis may be consuming to much protien which cause you to not get into the ketosis state. My macros is 75% fat 10% carbs and 15%protien. I use Myfitness macros app to track everything I eat.
  9. Denise
    I'm using one of the new Ketonix USBs, and all its readings are done in PPM (parts per million). Is it possible to convert between breath PPM to blood mmol/L? I keep wanting to compare my results with others', but haven't yet been able to locate a simple way to do this conversion. Thanks for any help.
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  10. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Denise!

    Breath and blood ketones are two different types of ketones ...so you can't really compare the results, they do not always co-vary.

  11. Cheryl
    April, I'm just getting started and I noticed this post that is several years old. Are you still following the diet? How much did you end up losing? I'm 56 and am getting desperate to find something that works. Thank you!
  12. Diane
    My ketones were 6.1 this morning and glucose 79. Are ketones too high?
  13. Marti
    Cheryl, I began back in April, am 53 and have lost 35 lbs so far. More important than the weight loss, I'm not out of breath, have more energy, feel more focused mentally, and can actually sit on the floor with my grandchildren and get back to a standing position with little effort. My joints used to ache, esp. my shoulders and knees. The pain has diminished greatly. It's only once in a great while that it creeps up now, and the severity when it does is easily manageable by working that particular joint. Glucose levels have gone from pre-diabetic mid 140's to mid 80's, sometimes 70's. Even after eating, my glucose level stays below 100 now. Blood pressure has gone from 140/86 to 120/68. I never imagined that a change in lifestyle would make so much of a difference. I didn't believe it was possible. When I began this, I was afraid my husband would come home one day and find me collapsed on the floor. Swollen ankles, chest discomfort, yes, I believe I was headed into heart attack country. No more swelling, no discomfort anymore.

    Take into consideration, it takes time and dedication to get into ketosis. I'm still fighting to keep my ketone levels above a 2.0, watching my protein levels, avoiding carbs at all costs. This isn't a "diet", as other posters have already stated. If you go back to higher carbs, all the hard work you put in getting to where you were goes right back out the window. It will take just as long, if not longer, to get back to were you were. This is based on my own experience, other's results might vary. The benefits I've gained from being where I am makes going back to my old style of eating not even worth considering for an instant.

    I'm a relative "newbie", but if I've seen these results in three short months, the next few years should be dynamite!

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  14. C-Country
    What an AWESOME inspiration! Thank you. I know results are individual but accomplishing just half of what you have in 3 months is super motivation. I'm overweight, so of course I would like to lose weight, but my blood pressure and glucose levels are on the rise. I'm just ordering on trouble. Ha. So, thank you, thank you. I am looking forward to better health.
  15. Monika
    Marti, that is great news! I heard about this, I don't want to call it a diet, ketosis a few days ago. I am 62 and weigh 250 lbs. I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. My MRI says I have 16 percent fat in my liver whereas it should be around 5 percent. My knees hurt so bad and my feet are swollen most of the time. So of course losing weight is one of my major concerns. I have been a yo yo dieter as they say so I am really hoping I can stick to this new life style of eating. Your comments are very encouraging. One day at a time. Tomorrow is day 2.
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  16. Rob
    I’m thinking of going onto a ketosis diet, however I’m also trying to build up my muscle, and take a protein shake after a gym workout. Should I still take my protein supplements?
  17. Allen
    The best and clearest book that I’ve found on the diet is “Keto Zone Diet” written by Don Colbert, MD.
  18. Frances
    Monika I was reading your post as of Aug 2017, how is your fatty liver doing since you have started the Ketosis diet, Thanks
  19. Janeel
    Excellent read :) Thank you!
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  21. Tezza
    An honest perspective Thomas, thanks for sharing your info. I’m inspired and will now drill into this further to get out of this what I want.
  22. Tatyana
    I am on 36 h fast 3rd time for this week. Right now my BG is 4.7 but blood ketones 0.9 only. This is measured before bedtime. I am LCHF for 12 months already. Can someone explain why can't I reach optimum levels, please?
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  23. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    I am on 36 h fast 3rd time for this week. Right now my BG is 4.7 but blood ketones 0.9 only. This is measured before bedtime. I am LCHF for 12 months already. Can someone explain why can't I reach optimum levels, please?

    Ketone levels can fluctuate at different times of the day based on a variety of factors. You may want to try testing at another time of day.

  24. Blake
    I've found that my "optimal ketosis range" is usually 1-2mmol as assessed by blood ketones. I'm not overweight by any means, actually quite lean and athletic, but my body functions really well in this area. I typically eat slightly higher carb (30-50 grams net per day) but also do decently intense strength workouts.

    Ketone readings don't matter as much as you might think they do, as you could register high ketones but still be eating too much food and gain weight. Not to mention that you may accumulate ketones when your body doesn't burn them optimally...so they could be floating around in your blood and your cells don't know how to use them yet.

    I think it's more worth it to experiment with ketone readings from various foods and at different times of day for maybe a month or two and only monitor glucose after that. If you can find a good relationship between your glucose and ketone levels, you may be able to know when you're in and out of ketosis more accurately. I find it more useful to measure glucose and make sure it's in a healthy range before and after meals and when fasting. Consistently being in the 80s 2 hours after a meal is a great sign that you can clear glucose from your blood stream so as to be in ketosis for longer periods of time as it's natural to come out of ketosis or have low ketone production immediately following even ketogenic meals. It also means you're more insulin sensitive, which for some people can be hard to maintain if coming from a bad diet and little exercise.

  25. Dr Laura A
    My keto stix/urine this morning read only 0,5 mmol/L - non-optimal - but i awakened totally NOT hungry, and went ~26 hrs before actually being 'hungry'. I had also experienced the heavier urination you mentioned DrE as one of the 'feelings' of ketosis. I get nice mini headaches when i need salt and water - saying 'nice' b/c it's thoughtful of my body to tell me! [perhaps i should stay a bit ahead]. I did have the keto-coffee and a 1/2 cup of homemade bone broth when clock awareness entered in, but still went quite some time; potentially could have gone longer. Oddly, this keto stix reading came after 2 days when my urine readings were consistently 4.0 mmol/L; i'd try to push myself by doing a 'fat fast'.

    Do not own a blood test device yet, but think that the 'non-hungry', calm, happy, clarity physical/mental properties are perhaps sufficient to indicate my being in a good state of ketosis. Next step is to learn to extend the fasts - have made it through ONE of 36 hrs so far.

    Gains so far: off the ranitidine, greatly decreased/almost absent stomach distress. Seeing cheekbones and other personal stat changes - including a lessening of a mild non-essential tremor. Also believe several 'age spots/liver spots/insulin spots' are shrinking and lightening. 'believe' The big one on my right hand 3rd finger knuckle is all but invisible now instead of dark brown loud visible. But haven't found any literature on disappearance of age spots; Dr.AdamNally mentions skin tags as insulin markers... and they may disappear. My blood pressure is beginning to drop, but not consistently enough yet to discuss dropping med or lowering dosage.

  26. Luise
    Is anyone else feeling a little sick in the stomach after eating large amounts of fat?

    Thank you.

    Luise G
    (LCHF for four months but currently in a plateau)

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  27. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Is anyone else feeling a little sick in the stomach after eating large amounts of fat?
    Thank you.
    Luise G
    (LCHF for four months but currently in a plateau)

    You can back off the fats if you aren't feeling well. Also try keeping a food/symptom log to see if there's something specific making it worse. Coconut oil is a frequent culprit.

  28. Mary
    How do i even begin? I don’t know how much or how little to put in my plates at meal times... I’m really overwhelmed and need a guide.
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  29. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    How do i even begin? I don’t know how much or how little to put in my plates at meal times... I’m really overwhelmed and need a guide.

    Start with our two week challenge! It's free!

  30. SONIA
    llevo en dieta ceto 3 meses obtuve muy buenos resultados de perdida de peso pero en cuanto a la energía no siento que me haya subido. por le contrario siento debilidad. amo este estilo de vida pero me gustaría mejorar la energía
    I am not dietetic, and I do not care much about losing weight..
    But I seeks the other health benefits for Keto diet.
    On Keto diet alone, I was having low to moderate mmol/L sometime neglect-able (due to the fact that I ate a lot many times and included a lot of berries ), now I started intermittent fasting (one meal ONLY in 24 hours) exercise 7 times a week sometimes multiple times a day and no fruit carbs of any kind.
    I am concerned now that I have 16 mmol/L in my urine , is that expected or really really bad?
    Note, I have high LDL /HDL and Low triglyceride.
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  32. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    I am not dietetic, and I do not care much about losing weight..
    But I seeks the other health benefits for Keto diet.
    On Keto diet alone, I was having low to moderate mmol/L sometime neglect-able (due to the fact that I ate a lot many times and included a lot of berries ), now I started intermittent fasting (one meal ONLY in 24 hours) exercise 7 times a week sometimes multiple times a day and no fruit carbs of any kind.
    I am concerned now that I have 16 mmol/L in my urine , is that expected or really really bad?
    Note, I have high LDL /HDL and Low triglyceride.

    The urine strips are not the most accurate way to measure. A high reading may indicate dehydration.

  33. Griffindor
    I have the Ketonix and finally gave up and bought the PrecisionXtra to test blood ketones. Much more accurate and consistent reading. About the same size for portability. Also don’t have to wait on the warm up period. I discovered that my toothpaste (among other things) was giving me false reading using the ketonix.
  34. DonW
    I am not trying to be negative or sarcastic and if it works for you I am happy for you but for me, it's just like everything else out there. A hundred different opinions, theories and results. A thousand different suggestions and explanations of the same thing. Bottom line remains the same as it has been since the dawn of time. There is no magic formula, no wonder diets or secret miracle new ideas. The less calories you take in combined with proper exercise, the more weight you will lose. If you are a food addict as I am, you have to face this out of necessity. People ask me how I could quit smoking and stop drinking successfully for years but cannot keep the weight off. It is simple. You do not have to smoke cigarettes or drink liquor to survive but you do need calories to survive. As a food addict, every single time I ingest nutrition in any form, on or off a diet, I risk triggering my addiction and it's off the wagon and off to binging again. Yes, ketosis will burn calories but if you are a food addict as opposed to someone with a weight problem, eventually you will hit a wall. For me, the key is to not get frustrated or desperate when this happens. Just gotta try to climb back on the wagon and start over no matter what what form that may be. It is a life long thing. I have lost over 100 pounds six times in my life. You want to hear about diets?
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  35. Mary
    My ketone level on breathalyzer is 9.5. Is that dangerous? I have not been able to find any information about levels that high. Please help!
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  36. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    My ketone level on breathalyzer is 9.5. Is that dangerous? I have not been able to find any information about levels that high. Please help!

    Please check the information that came with your specific breathalyzer for test result interpretation.

  37. karlssonyvette
    Jag försöker jämföra blodketoner med de ketoner som finns i utandningsluften. Jag fick en Ketonix mätare i julklapp. Jag äter en sträng Ketokost nu och ligger oftast mellan 10-20 PPM. Har haft som bäst 30. Jag äter oftast 2% kolhydrater och ca 70-80% fett. Dricker ingen alkohol. Min sambo äter ganska lika men inga kolhydrater alls. Han får ofta mellan 100-200ppm. Jag blir lite orolig över dessa galet höga värdena. Vad tänker ni om det? Det korrelerar ju med blodketoner. Blir det inte väldigt högt?
  38. Tia
    How did this end up going for you? I’ve been on Keto for a couple weeks and reach 160 every once and a while and am not sure it should be that high.
  39. Jannah Leon-Maurice
    Hi there
    If I may advise, I was in the same position as you and I took myself off for psychotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It’s been a long journey but I’m finally free and I’m doing great on the Keto diet having lost over 23kg. I promise you, sort your head out and the rest will be a breeze. By the way, I’m 67 years old. Better late than never!
  40. Terry
    The straps I have say I'm a 5 trace...is that good or bad...do I want 30...40...or is 5 ok...to lose weight?
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  41. Terry
    Strips sorry my phone thinks it knows what I'm thinking..grr
  42. Kerry Merritt Team Diet Doctor

    The straps I have say I'm a 5 trace...is that good or bad...do I want 30...40...or is 5 ok...to lose weight?

    Hi, Terry! The urine strips are fairly unreliable, but if you're showing any ketones (even trace), then you are in ketosis. Higher ketones do not necessarily correlate to better weight loss. Here's more info! https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/ketosis

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