Dr. Tony Hampton’s low-carb corner

Meet Dr. Tony Hampton, who is empowering thousands of patients on Chicago’s South Side to improve their health and wellness. Dr. Hampton is on Diet Doctor’s expert medical panel.

Since discovering low-carb he has been a passionate promoter of low-carb eating. He wrote a popular book, Fix Your Diet, Fix Your Diabetes. He’s very active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and makes informative Youtube videos and easy-to-follow cooking demonstrations. He also has his own website.


Dr. Hampton’s columns


Dr. Hampton column #1 - Helping you succeed with tips and stories

ColumnI’m Dr. Tony Hampton and this is my special Diet Doctor page with stories, my monthly column, cooking videos and more. While this page is tailored to the needs and experiences of African Americans — because that’s 95% of my patient population — the tips and stories are relatable to one and all.

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Dr. Hampton’s cooking videos

Dr.Hampton’s videos

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Low-carb profile - Dr. Tony Hampton brings low-carb eating to Chicago's South Side

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