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As a gift for signing up, here’s an 11-minute video course on how to eat LCHF, that is a keto diet:

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Table of contents

0:21  How do you revolutionize your health with LCHF?
1:18  How much should you eat?
2:40  What foods are good and what should you avoid?
4:05  How many eggs can you eat?
5:53  How much fat can you eat?
6:12  Don’t choose any low-fat products
9:06  What should you drink?
10:11  What are the most common mistakes beginners make?

One more gift

And here’s another 16-minute bonus video, on how to lose weight:

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Table of contents

  0:15  Tip #5
  1:10  Tip #4
  5:12  Tip #3
  7:32  Tip #2
11:05  Tip #1

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