Membership FAQ



1. What do I gain from my membership?

You gain instant access to all the meal plans, exclusive video courses, interviews, presentations, movies, and more. A complete list of what’s included.

In addition, you support the work of Read more about our mission.


2. How much does a membership cost?

The first 30 days are free when you sign up, then it costs 11.49 USD per month or 99 USD per year (38.88 USD of savings which is equivalent to three months for free). If you cancel your membership within the first 30 days you pay nothing.


3. How do I cancel my membership?

As a member, you’ll have easy access to your personal account page. Click “cancel membership” and complete all the steps to cancel your membership.

Can’t find this on your account page? Read more about how to cancel in our help center.

Please note that if you cancel during your free trial, you will forfeit access to Diet Doctor Plus for the remainder of the trial period.


4. Can I switch my membership billing from monthly to yearly or vice versa at any time?

If you have an active Diet Doctor Plus membership, please go to your account page. Click “switch plan” to change your plan accordingly. Can’t find this on your account page? Read more in our help center.

Temporary alert: Please note that if you switch your plan during your free trial, you will be charged immediately. Feel free to reach out to us through help center (click Submit Request).


5. Can I still log in after I have canceled my membership?

After you cancel your membership by clicking “cancel membership” on your account page, you can still log in and access our premium content for the remainder of your subscription period (next monthly or annual renewal date).

Please note that should you cancel during your free trial offer period, you will forfeit the remainder of your offer and immediately lose access to our premium content.


6. Can I sign up again if I cancel my membership?

Yes. Read more about how to restart your membership in our help center. Please reach out to if you need assistance.


7. How do I pay for the membership?

Payment is by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or via Paypal, and 11.49 USD is automatically charged to your account once a month or 99 USD once a year with yearly billing. The first payment is automatically charged after 30 days, if you haven’t canceled.

You may cancel your membership at any time. No further charges will be made.


8. Can’t I try it for free for one month without entering my credit card details or signing up with Paypal?

Don’t worry, you won’t be charged until your free trial ends.
We ask for your payment information to provide a seamless subscription experience. You can cancel anytime during your trial to avoid being charged.


9. Can I become a member from any country?

Yes. The cost of 11.49 USD monthly or 99 USD annually (after the free month) is then converted to your currency.

Find the exact monthly cost for any currency

The important thing is that, yes, you can become a member from any country, and it’s always free to try for 30 days when you sign up. Cancel online anytime.

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10. Is the content for beginners or for those with more experience?

Both. There is a lot of content for beginners but also a number of videos, presentations and interviews on more specialized topics. You also get access to our massive number of low-carb and keto meal plans, and the ability to personalize them or even make your own. This can make low carb simpler and more inspiring, whether you are a beginner or experienced.


11. I already know everything about low-carb, why should I join?

It’s great that you already know so much! The membership site contains knowledge from many of the world’s leading experts, packaged as professionally and simply as possible. Beyond the educational content, Diet Doctor offers custom meal plans, video courses, and more. Membership fees support the free Diet Doctor content so you can help other people learn what you already know.


12. Do I need a fast internet connection?

All new videos are recorded in 4K ultra-HD quality, so a fast internet connection will give you maximum quality. However, it’s also possible to watch videos in lower resolution if your internet connection is slower. It’s also possible to watch via a mobile connection as well. If you can watch videos on YouTube you’re fine.


13. I’m having trouble logging in, what should I do?

Log in via the button at the top of the site or via or via your account page.

If there is a problem check to see if “cookies” are turned off in your browser. You can’t log in without allowing storage of “cookies” from us. You can change this in the settings for your browser.

If it still does not work there is probably something misspelled in your e-mail or password. Try to type them in manually again as any auto-fill may be incorrect. If it still does not work there may be a spelling error from the sign-up. Get assistance for this issue by emailing


14. I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?

Request a new password to your email address.


15. Can I switch my payment method?

Yes. Go to your account page and look in the “History” tab under “My subscriptions”. Press “Change payment method” and follow the instructions.

Does your account page look different? Read more in our help center.


16. Can I get a receipt for the monthly fees?

Yes. You can print out receipts from your account page under the “History” tab. Press “View Receipt”.

Can’t find this on your account page? Click on Go to billing portal or Manage PayPal pre-approved payments to access your receipts for all payments.


17. Is it possible to get a refund?

Note: If you request a refund, we will examine the individual circumstances surrounding the charge and do our best to be fair. Subject to applicable consumer protection laws, we reserve the right to deduct an administrative fee from refunds. You can send a refund request by reaching out to 

While evaluating each situation, our maximum refund policy for monthly members is a total of three months.

If you have an annual membership and you would like to receive a refund after more than 1 month of usage, we will charge you the monthly membership fee for the months that you have used Diet Doctor (as permitted by your payment provider).

Please note that if you started your subscription through the Diet Doctor Eat app, there will be a different process for cancellation and refund. Please read more information below:

Appstore: Apple does not allow Diet Doctor to provide a refund. Please contact Apple and make sure that you have canceled your subscription, read more here.

Google Play: Please contact Google Play for a refund, read more here.
If you did not receive the requested refund from Google play, please contact us through the help center (click on “Help” at the bottom right corner).


18. What are the 11.49 USD a month for?

The fees are going to the Diet Doctor company and are used for overhead expenses to run Diet, purchase and maintain equipment, travel and fees for conferences, and fair compensation that allows the team behind and its Spanish and Swedish counterparts – over 50 full-time employees and on top of that 20 freelancers – to continue their work.

Please note that the Diet Doctor himself, Andreas Eenfeldt, is only earning salary to replace income from his job as a doctor. Since the start of the Swedish Diet Doctor blog in 2007 he hasn’t earned a penny more than partial compensation for his lost salary as a doctor. This is for credibility reasons.

The goal of the support from members is not to make money, but that Diet Doctor will grow into a bigger and more influential organization, which can ultimately help empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

The more members, the more we can accomplish to spread proven knowledge about lifestyle and health. And the more videos and other material you’ll get each month. All surplus money is being reinvested into better equipment and more material and (most important) hiring fantastic people to join our organization and accomplish more together.


19. Will I still have access to all of the free Diet Doctor resources and content with my paid membership?

Yes. Everything that has previously been free, for example almost all of the recipes, the blog, and the guides, will stay free.

More about the plans for Diet Doctor and membership.


20. How do you store and handle my payment details and personal information?

Please see our terms and conditions.


21. I’m having trouble playing videos.

See page for technical support.


22. I don’t have time to watch the videos. Do you offer audio-only options?

Yes, absolutely. Learn how to here.


23. Is there any way to see what’s new on membership pages?

Check out our news feed to keep up to date on all new Diet Doctor content.

Here’s a list of all new videos: New member videos (also available via the main main video page).


24. Do you have more questions or need to contact our support team?

Do you have other questions or concerns about the membership? Please visit the help center. You can also send an email to

Please note that we do not offer phone support. 


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