Low Carb Denver 2020

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Low Carb Denver 2020
  • Arthur Agatston, MD, FACC – Integrating imaging and advanced blood testing for screening, monitoring and treating chronic dise
  • Sarah Huen, MD – What is a kidney healthy diet? Context matters (LCD 2020)
  • David Harper – Ketogenic Diets to Prevent and Treat Cancer (LCD 2020)
  • Bret Scher, MD – Assessing cardiovascular risk with LCHF (LCD 2020)
  • Robert Lustig, MD, MSL – Sugar, Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer (LCD 2020)
  • Georgia Ede, MD - Nutritional psychiatry in the real world (LCD 2020)
  • Sarah Hallberg, DO – What is new – diet and metabolic disease (LCD 2020)
  • Michael Eades, MD – Paleopathology and Origins of the Low-Carb Diet (LCD 2020)
  • Chris Webster, PhD Candidate – The role of judgement in the interpretation of nutrition research (LCD 2020)
  • Ivor Cummins BE(Chem) CEng MIEI – Inside-out or outside-in? The pathogenesis of atherosclerosis (LCD 2020)
  • Jeffry Gerber, MD – The Metabolic Syndrome and other Nutritional Disorders (LCD 2020)
  • Chris Knobbe, MD – Diseases of civilization: are vegetable oil excesses the unifying echanism? (LCD 2020)
  • Benjamin Bikman, PhD - Flipping the switch – from insulin resistance to diabetes (LCD 2020)
  • Lucia Aronica, PhD – The battle of the sexes: is anyone winning at losing weight on a low-carb or low-fat diet? (LCD 2020)
  • Eric Berg, DC – Keto and intermittent fasting – practical and clinical tips (LCD 2020)
  • Nadir Ali, MD – Do statins prevent or cause heart disease? (LCD 2020)
  • Brian Sanders – Despite what you’ve been told, cows can save the world (LCD 2020)
  • José Carlos Souto, MD – Low-carb myths that refuse to die (LCD 2020)
  • Gary Taubes - The limits of nutritional epidemiology (LCD 2020)
  • Brian Lenzkes, MD – Low-carb clinical pearls for primary care (LCD 2020)
  • Rod Tayler, MD – Introduction to Low Carb (LCD 2020)
  • Mark Cucuzzella, MD, FAAFP – Patients Heal Yourself – CGMs Made Simple (LCD 2020)
  • Peter Brukner, MD – Guidelines and position statements – an international perspective (LCD 2020)
  • William Yancy, MD, MHS - Carbohydrate restriction for diabetes clinical trials, clinical experience and clinical guidelines
  • Q&A with Mark Cucuzzella, Robert Lustig, Brian Sanders and James Smith (LCD 2020)
  • Sean McKelvey, BSc – Therapeutic nutrition: it’s a team sport (LCD 2020)
  • Q&A with Jeffry Gerber, Nadir Ali, Michael Eades and Rod Tayler (LCD 2020)
  • Q&A with Mark Cucuzzella, David Harper, Ivor Cummins and Eric Berg (LCD 2020)
  • James Smith, PhD Exercise Science – Are Low Carb Diets the 29ers of Mountain Bikes? (LCD 2020)
  • Q&A with Nadir Ali, Chris Knobbe and Chris Webster (LCD 2020)
  • Q&A With Lucia Aronica, Brian Lenzkes and José Carlos Souto (LCD 2020)

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