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Why must low carb be made simple? And what does love have to do with it?

Low carb must be made simple

As you probably know, Diet Doctor exists to empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health. Our first mission on this long, exciting, journey is to make low carb simple.

Today, low carb is hard due to three main forces. First, there’s an immense amount of misinformation about food and health. Second, the food environment is full of processed junk. Third, changing habits and beliefs is challenging.

The result? More than a billion people are obese, over 400 million have diabetes, and no one knows how many suffer in other ways. This totally sucks.

But, we don’t have to accept this situation – we can do something about it. What would happen if we made low carb simple for everyone, everywhere? 

Hundreds of millions could embrace the low-carb lifestyle. People could revolutionize their health and all that potential that’s been locked-up for too long would be freed up. Now, finally, all these people would have the resources required to pursue their dreams and make the world a better place. Awesome.

Together we’re going to make low carb simple. How? By making products people love.

The importance of love

When people fall in love with something they get excited and can’t stop talking about it. They tell their friends, they tell their families and they tell everyone else too!

To make low carb simple, a movement of such passionate people must be created. Our job is to make products people love – so that they revolutionize their health and become low-carb ambassadors.

Our six main products

The below are the key products we provide today:


Guides aimed to make low carb simple for people and to help people with weight loss, diabetes etc. Free.


Low-carb recipes designed to be the most simple, inspiring and delicious in the world. Free.


A step-by-step 2-week program designed to make it simple to get started on low carb. It’s quite popular – over 40,000 people have signed up so far this year. Free.


High-quality video courses, interviews and presentations with the world’s greatest low-carb experts. Low-carb movies and interviews with low-carb success stories. This is a membership product (free to try for 30 days, $9 a month after).

Ask the experts

Four low-carb experts answer your questions. Membership product.

Articles and news

Low-carb news, success stories, and science.

These products are far from perfect – we know – they are what we have been able to do so far. But now with close to 17,000 members, we can do more than ever.

What would make you love these products more? Let us know – it helps us prioritize.

Five product ideas

To make low carb simple, we have to do much more. Below are some of the new product ideas we’re considering. Which of these would you love?

Meal and shop planner
Make it easy and fun to for you to plan meals, create personalized meal plans, and get the shopping list automatically, in the format you want it.

On-demand support
Ask any low-carb related question and get an answer immediately from one of our many experts.

Crave-killer app
App which helps you not give in to cravings by providing tailored advice and connecting you to your supporters.

Track your progress
Track your low-carb progress in essential areas such as desires, beliefs, feelings, environment, skills, habits, weight, waist circumference, blood profile etc. Get “promoted” to higher levels when you have achieved certain things.

Diet Doctor app for core existing products
App that simplifies the experience in a way that make you want to use it many times every day, a little like you use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (scroll and enjoy).

You make low carb simple

So, today, low carb is hard and that sucks, but we don’t have to accept the status quo – we can do something about it. By making low carb simple for everyone, everywhere, lots of people could revolutionize their health, fall in love with low carb, and become low-carb ambassadors. Our job is to create the products that will make that happen.

Team Diet Doctor consists of six full-time employees, one part-time employee and a number of awesome freelancers. It is you, our members, who make this possible. You fund this company. You provide our salaries. You enable us to wake up in the morning and work hard to make low carb simple, every day.

For this reason, it’s fair to say that you are making low carb simple. There’s no way we could do this without you and we deeply appreciate your support.

Thank you – and let’s do this!


  1. Abdallah
    All of them :) but on demand support is a top priority in my opinion
  2. Marijke
    The personalized mealplanner would be the bomb. I would use that every day.
    The other ideas are all excellent. They would all be valuable tools.
  3. Hannah
    Meal & shopping planner please ?
  4. Mary
    Like them all! Meal and shopping planner and progress tracker are my favourite though. ?
  5. Marilyn Inch
    I would love to have an app on my iPad and iPhone, something I can use to keep me on track with my macros and do my LCHF research all in the same place. It would be amazing if dietdoctor could do something like myfitnesspal but have our 5/20/75 macros built right in.
  6. 1 comment removed
  7. Sue K
    Would love to see some ideas of what a successful low carber eats in a day. I follow a number of Paleo instagrammers who post what they eat in a day. I think it would be a fairly easy addition to do in photos. Thanks for all the other info
    Reply: #13
  8. Ingrid
    About the importance of love: I would like to be able to offer a membership to Diet Doctor to friends. Diet Doctor provides very valuable health information, and I can get pretty excited to talk about it with my friends. But I am not articulate enough to explain or convince; I can only create enough interest to motivate my friends to learn for themselves about LCHF and fasting. I cannot read and learn for them, but it would be nice if I could offer them access to the best learning source I have found so far.
  9. Kimberly
    Meal and shop planner
  10. Nate
    Thanks for the pictures of those helping us. It is nice to see a face to help personalize the learning experience.
  11. carol
    Weekly meal planner please
  12. Vilma
    Crave-killer-app is what I really need!
  13. Cynthia
    Second this suggestion!!!! On demand support would be my next favorite addition. I found this site a year ago and absolutely love it. Thanks so much for not selling out to big food and big pharma.
  14. Lynn
    A Member Forum so that we can share experiences, help each other, post recipes and post daily menus. A lively forum would encourage new members too.
  15. Nan
    A non-meal planner, for what to do when we can't get to a meal. More on the process, less on the list. How to stay keto when there' s no meal ahead, or we're too tired to prepare food that requires anything more than cutting and plating.
  16. Janet
    the health care team needs the info. Patients need to be able to explain the orinciples( with your handy dandy "guide".especially about lipids. Diabetes.etc!! Patients who need this so much!!!
    Please make a simple "guide to the care,love and support" for patients who want to do LCHF but want to inform/prepare their trusted health care team FIRST!!! Thanks! Awesome work you all have done!! Cheerio! Janet the NP in Boston
  17. Diana
    All of those ideas are great! I would love to have an app on my iPad. And I like to plan my meals for the week, so a grocery and menu list would be great. It would also be nice to track fasting days. I also think a way to index videos (as well as mark what you've seen), list recipes instead of just search (like a cookbook), and yes, live help! I love your product and use it everyday!
  18. Sharon
    I would like to have a nice t-shirt (or jacket for cold weather) that I could wear so that strangers could see it and be able to quickly understand what dietdoctor is about, why they should want to explore it, and be catchy enough that they'll remember so that they can look it all up later, on their phone or back at home. This message is SO IMPORTANT and I pass so many people in stores, on the street, that need to know about this but whom I will probably never get a chance to speak to. Business cards would be nice too, something small to hand someone if they ask.

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