Dr. William Yancy, MD

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Dr. William Yancy, MD, is an internal medicine doctor, obesity medicine specialist and a researcher. He is a Fellow of The Obesity Society and a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

Dr. Yancy has spent most of his career researching obesity and treatments for obesity. He is an associate professor of medicine at Duke University and a staff physician and a researcher at the Durham VA Medical Center.

He is also the director at Duke Diet and Fitness Center, an immersive, residential-style, comprehensive weight management program that serves patients from around the world who come to Duke for a week or longer to change their eating and activity lifestyles, lose weight, improve their health and learn strategies for long-term success.

Dr. Yancy has conducted multiple clinical trials investigating how different dietary and medicinal approaches affect body weight, cardiovascular risk and diabetes, with particular expertise regarding low-carbohydrate eating.1 He has also performed a number of studies examining innovative approaches toward improving adherence to lifestyle recommendations and other treatments. He has received several awards for his research and published over 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles.2

He received his medical degree from East Carolina University and completed his residency at the University of Pittsburgh. He also has Masters in Health Sciences from Duke University.

Dr. Yancy is also on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Potential conflicts of interest

Dr. Yancy eats a whole foods diet emphasizing foods lower in carbohydrate and higher in protein, fat and fiber. He also believes that physical activity is important to health.

Dr. Yancy has a contract agreement with DietDoctor.com to review guides and news stories for clinical accuracy and appropriate interpretation of evidence. He receives payment for his reviews.

Dr. Yancy has had other an unpaid, voluntary roles for:

  • American Diabetes Association, as a nutrition recommendations writing committee member
  • American Board of Obesity Medicine, as an item writing committee member
  • The Obesity Society, American Diabetes Association and multiple scientific journals, as an abstract and article reviewer


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