Inger L. Swanberg


Inger Swanberg keeps things running as lead publisher and coordinator at Diet Doctor, responsible for blog planning, quality control, publishing on our English and Swedish sites Dietdoctor SE, membership support, and more.


I stumbled upon low carb on February 4, 2009, and have never looked back. It became a passion and in February 2013, I started to work with Diet Doctor. A great match where I get to combine my passion for the impact of diet on health with editorial work and quality control.

Most people never experience optimal, natural health. Instead, we hobble through life with various health issues. We have in a very short time come to accept aches and pains as a normal, inevitable part of life. However, what has become common is not normal – humans did not evolve to be this sickly. We’re the only species clever enough to make fake food, but not clever enough to realize that this has been a horrible mistake with disastrous consequences and worldwide suffering.

Being a part of Diet Doctor and our mission Empowering people everywhere to improve their health is inspiring. I’d like for others to have the resources to improve their health, and not just find out by coincidence as I did.


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