Dr. Janine Kyrillos, MD

Kyrillos HeadshotDr. Janine Kyrillos, MD, is part of the Diet Doctor low-carb expert panel.

Janine V. Kyrillos, MD, FACP, is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA and the Director of the Jefferson Comprehensive Weight Management Program at Bala. She is Board certified in both Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine and has been practicing clinical medicine for 20 years with a focus specifically on obesity and metabolic health for the past 6 years.

Dr. Kyrillos is passionate about bringing healing and evidence based treatment to a population that is often met with shame and judgement instead of answers and dignity. Over the years, she has seen many patients in pain who were not able to lose weight or sustain weight loss, even when they were following the standard advice. She has found the low carb diet to be life changing for so many people, and she has found this approach to be the most effective treatment both personally and professionally to control weight and improve health. Until she discovered the low carb lifestyle, the only effective tools she had to offer patients for weight loss were medications or a referral to a surgeon. Now, she spends more time taking people off of medications and celebrating improvements or remission of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, fatty liver disease, musculoskeletal pain, sleep apnea, energy, etc.


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Dr. Kyrillos is part of the Novo Nordisk Speakers Bureau.

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