Dr. Alberto Mendez, MD


Dr. Alberto Mendez is a family doctor from Mexico who has also studied human acupuncture, nutritional coaching, and functional and systemic medicine.

In his medical practice, he focuses on combining the best of modern science and medicine with principles of ancestral health, evolutionary biology and biohacking in order to help his patients achieve the level of quality of live that they want and deserve.

Dr. Mendez believes that when we create the right conditions in the body and its environment, and treat the root of a problem rather than the symptoms, the body knows how to heal itself.

In his clinic, Dr. Mendez is committed not just to treating illness but also helping his patients recover and maintain their health, both physical and mental, in an approach that focuses on an individual’s longevity. He believes that diet is one of the most important pillars of human health, and one of the most powerful tools available to transform lives. For patients with metabolic conditions, a low-carb or ketogenic diet is his first choice of treatment.


Dr. Mendez’s blog (in Spanish)