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image_from_iosBritta Patterson has spent the last several years working with communities of different backgrounds including senior care, music education, and zero food waste initiatives. In her most recent position, she helped to build and create an online community as Community Manager for Karma, a zero food waste company based out of Sweden.

Her low-carb journey began due to her own personal struggles with bulimia nervosa. After going through treatment, she was introduced to LCHF as a potential nutritional therapy. Since then, it has been an illuminating journey full of ups and downs to where she is today. Now she focuses on keeping her eating habits consistent with a liberal low-carb lifestyle and couldn’t be happier. Although still learning, she has reshaped her relationship with food and has found the stability and balance of avoiding the sugar rollercoaster.

Britta holds a Master of Arts in Addiction Studies from Dublin Business School which she studied in Ireland and completed with First Class Honours in 2019. With a concentration on eating disorders, she focused her thesis on a comparative work between treatment for addiction and treatment for eating disorders. During this time, she attended several conferences on the subject of eating disorders and food addiction.

Britta is originally from Michigan in the United States but now lives in Stockholm, Sweden where she and her partner have settled down. She is a travel enthusiast, a runner, and a musician.

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Updated August 5, 2020.

Britta is a full-time employee at Diet Doctor and has the option to become a co-owner of the company, like other employees at Diet Doctor.

Britta eats a low-carb diet.


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