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Content creation

Whether you want to lose weight, reverse type 2 diabetes, discover delicious keto and low-carb recipes, or improve your general wellness, we’re here to help.

You deserve comprehensive and unbiased information. That’s why Diet Doctor’s medical and editorial teams adhere to the highest journalistic standards.

We aim to give you life-changing health information in an accessible way. That’s why most of our content is free.

Team of experts

Our team includes over 20 medical doctors, as well as registered dietitians and award-winning journalists. Our content is fact-checked and reviewed by qualified health professionals and writers.

We practice what we preach, have relevant life experience, do comprehensive research, and are in frequent conversation with the larger health community.

The strength of our recommendations

We thoroughly research every article, and we cite the most recent, trustworthy, and objective studies.

Whenever possible we cite the primary sources, but we don’t just cite an article. We also rate the strength of evidence, because you deserve to know if the quality of the research matches the strength of our recommendation.

When good studies don’t exist for a certain question, we rely on our medical review board and panel of experienced low-carb doctors to reach a consensus.

Constant updates and evidence-basing

All of our content is reviewed by medical doctors and experts. We constantly update, continuously medically review, and evidence-base our information.

We currently have over 5,000 articles medically reviewed by doctors. Our key longer guides contain extensive inline references and adhere to our strict evidence-basing policy.

We monitor the latest science in health and nutrition, and we update our articles whenever new information becomes available. Changes in standards of care, major practice recommendations, new clinical guidelines, new compelling evidence, drug approvals or recalls, and reader feedback may also lead to updates.

We review and update all our core content on a regular schedule, ranging from yearly to quarterly.

Our voice

We use positive, empowering language. We mostly follow Associated Press style and our proprietary Diet Doctor style guide, which aims to be both thoughtful and thorough.

Our values

You are at the center of everything we do. That’s why we live and work by the values of simplicity, inspiration, goodness, and above all, trustworthiness. All our content adheres to these values.

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One last thing

We believe in inclusivity and compassion. Low-carb lovers come in all shapes, sizes, and dietary preferences (vegetarian, dairy-free, etc.). We’re here to empower each one.

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