Science and low carb

This page summarizes some of the science behind low carb / paleo diets:

The science of low carb

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  1. Eddie
    Ken - my 'yes' is to agree with you that 'no-one has ever proven...'
    My point is that we need to regain the body's ability to provide us feedback as to how much we have eaten. Regular consumption of concentrated fructose (ie usually any cane sugar, honey, HFCS, etc) robs us of our appetite control. Hence, most people can't help but over-consume calories.
  2. Guido Vogel
    Hi Andreas,

    What do you think of this article that states that there is almost no difference in different diets?

  3. Kim
    Just saw some tips about reducing the chances of getting Alzheimer's, and one was to reduce saturated fat:

    What are your thoughts about this?

  4. Eddie
    Kim - the Yahoo article provides a glib answer - a bit like a 'sound-bite'.
    I searched on 'beta-amyloid plaques' in association with oxidised cholesterol, and while the wealth of academic papers are way above my head, I did see the dangers of oxidation of cholesterol in the brain mentioned a number of times, and yet not really any differentiation of why the cholesterol was oxidating in the first place, although it did explain how it accelerates and gains association with Alzheimer's. I'd like to see the same research done comparing to diets where all polyunsaturated fat is removed.
    One paper mentioned the terrible efects of increasing cholesterol in rabbits - I did read a comment on this earlier, that rabbits don't take in huge amounts of cholesterol (think lettuce etc) and that any clinically introduced amounts are dispropotionately toxic.... if so, thats just bad science.
  5. Kim
    Thanks for your comments; interesting. I'm just as confused now as I was before I started LCHF earlier this summer. I was just reading about PUFAs, MUFAs, and oleic acid in Wikipedia, and found it a bit scary that it mentioned, "oleic and monounsaturated fatty acid levels in the membranes of red blood cells have been associated with increased risk of breast cancer. "
    I am obese and my doctor is on my case all the time to lose 20 kg to reduce my cancer risks, and it's very confusing to me to know which sort of eating plan to follow now that I thought I had found something that made sense (LCHF). The arguments for LCHF are extremely convincing, yet it does give me pause when I consider how much more sat fat and MUFAs I've been consuming since starting on LCHF. Dementia and cancer are things we all want to avoid.
  6. sonali
    plese give me the diet plan to losse waitwe
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  7. Eddie
    Hi Kim and sonali. Search for either/both 'David Gillespie', 'Robert Lustig'. Both authors speak of the great advantages of eliminating 'processed fructose' from our diet. There is quite a bit involved in eliminating ALL forms of processed fructose - it is everywhere in almost any processed food, in the form of CANE SUGAR (ie plain 'ol table sugar, or just 'sugar'). The tragedy is that we have lost our appetite control due to this form of fructose being in most modern diets
    I am most familiar with David Gillespie's 'Sweet Poison' and 'Big Fat Lies' regarding dangers of processed fructose (cane sugar or HFCS, etc) and seed oils (canola, sunflower, generic 'vegetable oil'). Search on either of these book titles for more information. All the best!
  8. ES

    plese give me the diet plan to losse waitwe


  9. ES

    no one has ever been able to prove you can eat any food in calories above your body's maintenance and lose weight.. I challenge anyone to prove it...

    How about this guy?

    But, you're not using very precise terms here. When you say "your body's maintenance" what exactly does that mean? By my definition (Basal Metabolic Rate) it has been proven. But I have a feeling you mean something else.

  10. Gabrielle Bauer
    It's entirely possible to lose weight on a high-carb diet. Two years ago I lost 50 pounds in 10 months eating 1,500 cals per day, of which about 60% was carbs. Today I continue to maintain my lower weight on 2,000-cal, 60% carb diet. I exercise regularly and my lab values are all fine. Works for me.
  11. Pekka Huttunen
    A year ago I was 30+ pounds heavier, had joint issues, heartburn, skin inflammation, poor cholesterol readings, etc. Now I am feeling energetic, good cholesterol is way up, size of bad cholesterol particles is big (study about this when you have a moment) which is good news. I also suffered from gout. I haven't had an episode for over six months. Believe me, low carb and no wheat works.

    I eat lots of eggs, grass fed beef, salmon, other seafood, vegetables and salads. For desert I eat a piece of chocolate.

  12. Samantha
    Women Vs. Men and LCHF Vs. Mediterranean

    I just want to highlight this information from the NEJM study sited in Item 1 above.
    Women did much better on the Mediterranean Diet over 2 years.

    Among the 277 male participants, the mean 24-month weight changes were

    −3.4 kg for the low-fat group,
    −4.0 kg Mediterranean-diet group
    −4.9 kg low-carbohydrate group.

    Among the 45 women, the mean 24-month weight changes were
    −0.1 kg for the low-fat group,
    −6.2 kg for the Mediterranean-diet group
    −2.4 kg for the low-carbohydrate group

    The similar caloric deficit achieved in all diet groups suggests that a low-carbohydrate, non–restricted-calorie diet may be optimal for those who will not follow a restricted-calorie dietary regimen.

    The present study has several limitations. We enrolled few women; however, we observed a significant interaction between the effects of diet group and sex on weight loss (women tended to lose more weight on the Mediterranean diet), and this difference between men and women was also reflected in the changes in leptin levels. This possible sex-specific difference should be explored in further studies.

  13. Katharina
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about how to lose weight fast.
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  15. Simon
    What about 'free' or 'cheat' days while on a LCHF diet? Can I have them, as I find it difficult to maintain a strict nutritional eating plan without them. If I do have a 'cheat' day, will my body switch back from being ketogenic, and will I have to do the transition period all over again?
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  16. Zepp
    I can tell that almoste everyone that get on a ketogenic diet do falls of the wagon now and then.. thats natural!

    Even diabetics fall of the wagon.. and they do get more damage by that!

    And ofcourse one falls out of ketosis.. but if one is healty its not that important!

    But if you are able to eat ketogenic for some months, then you are able to switch back without having transitation problems again!

  17. barbara timperley
    The butter lie is just that,a lie,so is the animal fat lie.Just a little look at history will result in the observation that before all this nonsense came out,everyone ate butter and meat fat.There was nary any obesity in the early 1900 to 1950,enter margarine, soda pop,trans fat etc.and the big lie of animal fat.I continue to eat a high animal and dairy fat diet. as i always have,I am thin and healthy.
  18. Sue Kiernan
    I'm considering going on a ketogenic, low carb/high fat diet to combat cancer. My question/concern is: I cannot afford to lose any weight. How is this diet recommended for cancer patients, when said patients have to maintain or gain weight?
  19. Martin Levac
    @Sue Kiernan

    Are you talking about cachexia? That's lean tissue wasting, associated with some pathology, including cancer. Here's an idea. If you go LCHF to combat cancer, and since we're talking about _cancer_ cachexia, won't you have a better chance of combating cachexia with LCHF too? Think of it as fuel distribution. LCHF returns fuel distribution back to normal, by giving less fuel to fat tissue, and more fuel to lean tissue. Not just fuel, also protein and all the other good stuff. The point is if LCHF gives more to lean tissue, right there you combat cachexia, whether you got cancer or not.

    It's not just about cachexia either. It's overall health. LCHF will return you to a better overall health. If you return to better overall health, then won't cancer get weaker by comparison? Also, if you don't eat carbs, you'll give less fuel to cancer directly, since most cancers can only use glucose. And then, with better overall health, you'll be able to handle the cancer treatments better. Keep reading the blog and you'll find out just how much LCHF can do for you.

    I'm not an expert so don't take my word for it.

  20. Marie therese
    Where can I find a lchf menu to give me an idea of proportions?
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  21. Pekka Huttunen
    The reason I like the LCHF diet is that I don't need to worry about proportions. During the first months just keep on eliminating the high carb foods and eat everything else as much as you feel is necessary to feel satisfied. You will notice that if you don't have some fats in your diet, you will not feel right. So, then make sure you have good oils, fats, almonds, etc.
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  23. Pasta malzemeleri
    you need to have peer reviewed articel to know how to eat..
  24. Lisa
    My father was a Doctor who specialized in Bariactrics. He advocated the low carb high fat diet in his practice. He lived to be 85 and lived a full and healthy life.

    At my highest weight I was 300 pounds and considering a lap band proceedure. I have Hypothyroidism, Fibromyalgia, Sleep Apnea and I am sure I have metabolic disorder. I lost 60 pounds in 6 months on the low carb high fat diet. I stoped it and gained it almost all back. I was craving sugar, was tired even on thyroid medication it was awful. I got up to 178 pounds again and decided this had to stop. So last week I started the low carb high fat diet again. I have lost 7 pounds in 7 days. It is not all water weight. My shape is even a little changed. Even in just one week. I lost all cravings for sugar and carbs! I have eaten more healthy in this past week than in the last 4 years. I am not hungry. My mind is sharp as can be. I am active again I find it gives me energy. I eat eggs and bacon and ham and canadian bacon and cheeses and tons of vegetables. I found a popcorn with 9 grams of carbs per individual servings and pour lots of butter over it. I made a pizza tonight on a portobello mushroom instead of on crust. It was so filling it felt like I ate an entire pizza myself. I do not feel deprived in any way. I do miss fruit though. I love blood oranges and passed by them in the supermarket. I mean when you crave an orange that can make you fat over buttered popcorn what is that saying? This diet works!

  25. erdoke
    I don't think that a small fruit treat will do any harm. Add an apple or some berries or the mentioned blood oranges once-twice per day, preferably in between meals. Fruits full of fibers satiate and there is a chance that you find yourself eating less during the regular meals. What I found best to fight cravings is high quality dark chocolate (90-99 %) and mentioned fruits in moderation.
    Another advice which comes from my personal experience: Make sure to include enough fat and don't overeat protein. For most of us first it sounds ridiculous to eat more fat and to stop looking for lean meat, but avoiding 'protein burning' is important. I had been roller coastering between fat and protein based energy sourcing until very recently and it can also cause some non-desirable side effects such as bad breath and imbalanced digestion.
    This calculator might help you find a good estimate of nutrient balance:
    Good luck with continuing your health improving journey!
  26. Els
    I have asked the Dutch Heart Foundation on twitter why they don't do research on real prevention of CVD. They spend an awful lot of money on discovering early signs of heart disease and on treatment... but keep advising a high-carb low-fat diet as the way to stay healthy. It makes me angry, because they are hurting people with this advise, family and loved ones among them. People should be able to trust the information they get from their cardiologist and organizations like the Heart Foundation.
  27. Chuck Dickerson
    My presence here started two weeks ago. I'm watching TV and a food book author named Nina Teicholz promoting her tome called "The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet" This is the most comprehensively researched, engaging, and startling destruction of the concept of the low fat diet and the effects of saturated fat on health ever written. It is researched beyond belief. It chronicles from the very beginnings of recorded health studies how the low fat and cholesterol myths originated and grew into an ubiquitous mantra bordering on a medically religious orthodoxy leading the population of America down a nationwide path of obesity and high carb ill-health where we currently reside! It reads like a murder mystery and I could not put it down.

    It lead me here to LCHF as I looked for a real life pattern of implementation and a new way of eating. It lead my fruit, low fat tortilla chips, low fat dips and snacks, morning cereals, rice, bread, low fat soups and low fat frozen dinners, Smart Balance cooking oil and margarine etc etc. directly to the trash dumpster.

    At 6'3" 325 lbs, eating as much bacon and sausage and eggs as I want for breakfast, beef (ground or otherwise) and roasted chickens with skin, cheese, butter on as many vegetables or meats as I like, suddenly I am never hungry and losing weight at the rate of 3-5 pounds a week on average. Holy Moly! I'm losing weight on a lifestyle eating change rather than a diet. The best part is it's free. The 94 pounds I lost through the Lindora weight loss clinic in CA 2.5 years ago cost me $1300 and I gained it all back in two years! ...Oh yeah it was a low carb regimen including many of their own low carb foods and snacks for sale, of course. What was missing of course was the high fat component. The long term maintenance foods they try to inculcate remained so foreign to my enjoyment of food that I could not follow that regimen. Trying to wing it on every low fat and "sugarless" concoction marketed to us by every food manufacturer in America led me right back down the fat road to ruin. EATING FAT DOES NOT CAUSE FAT, IT DOES THE OPPOSITE! Who knew?

  28. Linds

    I've only very occasionally suffered from heartburn throughout my life. The times I happened to get it was after continuous eating of take-outs, rich sugary foods and excessive drinking (duh) but even then one dose of ant-acid sorted it out in no time.

    When I started a low carb. diet 3 weeks ago I started getting heartburn pain after 3 or 4 days and it continued on and off, mostly on, for the following two weeks. Clearly something was not right with my diet. Turns out what was wrong was I was eating low carb. and low fat. Quite literally the day I introduced high fat into my diet the heartburn stopped.

    I am finding it a hard mental adjustment that eating so much fat is a good thing but I do love it!

  29. Michael
    I had a question for the Diet Doctor. I have been doing the LCHF program for a few months now, shifting from 5:2 fasting and traditional low carb. Using BPC with LCHF now. All and all I am down about 75lbs, and figure I have another 30 to go for goal weight. Losing about 2 lbs a week.

    Recently I had lab tests done for a life insurance policy, and all my numbers looked really good except for my Total Cholesterol (289) and my LDL(200). My HDL looks great(75) as well my LDL/HDL ratio (2.68). All my other numbers are great and I feel good. I should clarify that I have always had higher numbers for these 2 readings, but never this high, even though I have lost alot of weight since my last test.

    I am concerned that all the fat I am consuming is causing these elevated cholesterol numbers and increasing my risk of heart disease, but also thought I read somewhere that LDL might be increased when on LCHF and is a false positive. I also understand that there are other tests that may need to be conducted to get a more accurate picture (LDL Particle size?). Also even read somewhere that is may also just be a biproduct of my rapid fat loss since the fat is mobilizing in my blood stream, and LDL can stablize once you go to maintenance mode and have lost the weight

    I have asked my doctor his opinion but afraid he may not understand LCHF or benefits of ketogenic diets. I am afraid he's going to want to put me on statins, which I don't want to do.

    Can you provide any insight to understanding these cholesterol numbers.

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  30. Zepp
    You got it right.. its more complicated then a simple lipid panel!

    First, 289/75= 3,8

    Its the best risk evaluation on a standard lipid panel.. it should be 6 or less, better if its 5 or less. very good if its 4 or less..

    You got very high HDL!

    APOb/APOa1, or NMR is the new golden standard for accessing risk of future CVD!

  31. Zepp
    And Im not Dr Eenfeldt but answer anyway.

    Here you can read and learn more.. frome a cardiologist!

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  33. Paul
    hey guys
    it all sounds so perfect and also makes sense scientifically.

    I'm worried though.. someone pointed out to me the 'Cholesterol' issue that one might get when on this diet, and that it could be very unhealthy. My father also follows me in this diet, and i'm worried i'm making him sick!
    could this LCHF be to good to be true after all ?!

    response is much appreciated!

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  34. estockly
    What do you mean by "the Cholesterol Issue"?

    On a LCHF diet HDL generally goes up; ldl generally drops or stays the same; ldl particle size improves and TG drop. Blood pressure usually gets better too.

    Nearly all risk factors for heart disease improve on LCHF diets.

  35. erdoke
    In all well designed and executed randomized clinical trials (RCTs) there is a much more significant improvement for low carbers' lipoprotein profiles than for low fat low calorie eaters'. That's exactly because the main disruptors are refined carbs increasing triglycerides and decreasing both HDL level and all kinds of particle size in general.
    I strongly believe you are doing no harm to your father. Just make sure to exclude all vegetable oils high in omega-6 fatty acids and include omega-3 supplementation if necessary. The only other supplementation I recommend is vitamin D whenever sun exposure is inadequate. And it is clearly insufficient in the northern hemisphere above 35 degrees latitude between October and March. Recommendation for adults is 4000-5000 IU/day.
  36. Annie
    I have been lchf for the best part of 16 years. I've never lost weight readily and so was put on thyroid medication a year ago. I still find that I gain weight very quickly if I side-step even for a weekend (2kg just this past weekend away and my only 'sin' was a couple more glasses of dry white wine with friends. My norm is 1 glass with supper). I go to gym regularly where I do resistance training. Why does this happen? I so seldom fall off the wagon, but BOY, when I do, do I know it the next 7 days on the scale .......
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  37. Zepp
    Its moste probably becuse of your hypothyroide problems, becuse that means that your metabolic rate dont regulates by it self.

    If you have looked at those young guys at Internet that overeats and hardly dont gain any weight, there metabolic rate goes up and they burn calories by futile cycles!

  38. Marty
    I don't know who "Zepp" is. He sounds scientifically literate, but what happened to your grammar and spelling? Seems like a contradiction and more importantly lessens your credibility.
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  39. Tucson
    Maybe Zepp is a non-English speaker. Cut him some slack.
  40. Joe
    What utter BULLSHIT this whole page is. Picking only parts of research that often has come to the totally opposite results in reality!

    Santos FL, et al.:
    No critical appraising of the included RCTs. Research synthesis reaped a major flaw: the studies were meta-analysed in forest plots by changes from baseline – not against the controls. This explains the greater effect sizes than expected, and probably represents a fatal flaw: in effect, only the intervention arms of the RCTs were included in a before-after comparison. An excellent example of a bad research.

    Hooper, 2011:
    RESULT IN REALITY: Reducing saturated fat in diets did not reduce mortality, despite reducing the risk of having a cardiovascular event by 14 percent.

    Mente, 2009:
    RESULT IN REALITY: Single-nutrient RCTs have yet to evaluate whether reducing saturated fatty acid intake lowers the risk of CHD events. For polyunsaturated fatty acid intake, most of the RCTs have not been adequately powered and did not find a significant reduction in CHD outcomes.

    Siri-Tarino, 2010:
    RESULT IN REALITY: 5–23 years of follow-up of 347,747 subjects, 11,006 developed CHD or stroke. A meta-analysis of prospective epidemiologic studies showed that there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD. However, the research is epidemiologic and does not offer any other reason for CHD or strokes, it merely states that evidence is lacking and more should be gathered.

    Kratz M, 2012:
    RESULTS IN REALITY: "Although not conclusive, these findings may provide a rationale for future research into the bioactive properties of dairy fat and the impact of bovine feeding practices on the health effects of dairy fat." Research was also sponsored by dairy industry.

    UTTER NONSENSE THIS WHOLE PAGE! Not a hint of science here.

  41. Hclf
    Please do not listen to this bullshit. I've been on a high carb low fat diet for about 4 months and I've lost 5kg with NO calorie restriction. Not to mention the elevated energy levels, and improved health (no headaches and improved immunity to colds) - when I wasn't even overweight to start with. I think these low carb diets are ridiculous; our cells run on glucose! This page shows no reasoning on HOW the hell these low carb diets work in the body - and from what I gather they only work due to restricted portion sizes and calories. The only reason high carb diets don't work for people is because they eat the WRONG carbs and a diet rich in animal products. Also - carbohydrates include fruit? Vegetables? Are these health professionals seriously claiming we should limit the foods with the highest density of nutrients?? Bullshit
    Replies: #195, #202
  42. /egan
    Keep in mind that the rate of mortality has become higher ever since we stopped consuming high fat animal products. Why? The stress hormones released into the animal's body as they are killed are released into the muscles in which we later consume. Before humans easily had access to animal flesh, they had to hunt. Hunting does not have the same effect on the animal's body because it doesn't know it's going to be killed. Steroids and growth hormones are also plenty when you're consuming animal products.
  43. /egan
    Keep in mind that the rate of mortality has become higher ever since we stopped consuming high fat animal products. Why? The stress hormones released into the animal's body as they are killed are released into the muscles in which we later consume. Before humans easily had access to animal flesh, they had to hunt. Hunting does not have the same effect on the animal's body because it doesn't know it's going to be killed. Steroids and growth hormones are also plenty when you're consuming animal products.
  44. Wiggers

    This page shows no reasoning on HOW the hell these low carb diets work in the body - and from what I gather they only work due to restricted portion sizes and calories.

    I suspect 'Hclf' is trolling, but they obviously haven't bothered to read the LCHF for beginners page.

  45. Marie
    I have just been reading some of the info hear and people sure are getting worked up. Try the diet see if it works if it doesn't simply move onto the next one. Isn't that what over weight people have been doing most of their adult lives!
  46. Peter John
    Great post indeed :) Today everyone is looking for the tricks to loose their weight but they didn’t get any success. Thank to god, I am fit and fine. But on the behalf of my friend, can you please share your 'free' or 'cheat' days while on a LCHF diet? Waiting for your response.


  47. Max
    A whole foods, plant-based diet deriving only 10% of calories from fat has shown to arrest and reverse coronary artery disease [1].

    Is there ANY evidence of LCHF diets achieving the same results?

    [1] Esselstyn, Caldwell B. "Resolving the Coronary Artery Disease Epidemic Through Plant‐Based Nutrition." Preventive cardiology 4.4 (2001): 171-177.

  48. David Drezner
    I have used lchf high protein diets twice so far. Both involve restricted calories. The first involved a much higher level of moderate exercise. Results and notes follow:

    Lchfhp diets do not work as well on non reduced caloric intake. Duh! You need to reduce energy intake to induce fat burning. Immediate movement to lchfhp diets with caloric reduction was very painful and diets stopped fast. But...if use lc hf hp diets with no caloric reduction first the change in food types was more comfortable. Then i moved to reduction and it worked well.

    Very easy and high fat reduced hunget pangs. So did high protein. Lost 2 pounds a week easily on average though weekly amounts diferred.

    Exercise: if i didnt have night snacks and walked 3 miles after waking at a good clip it reduced my hunger needs and increased metabolism for much of the rest of the day. Working out on this diet through a weightlifting class resulted in increased muscle and reduced weight. This in my opinion is the best way to go. Much of that class was just walking on a treadmill with typical low level weigjt work, not bulk packing. Im pretty sure you need increased calories of low carb high protein to get serious bulk. But even on calorie restriction of 1200 calores a day i developed stremgth and lost weight with few cravings.

    Yes there must be vacation days. Why? Because if you down that piece of cake at your friends birthday party and get guilts- you areore likely to drop the entire diet out of petfectionism. So yeah there will be mistakes. Its the AVERAGE calorie and carb reduction youre looking for within reason. Ie: 3000 cals followrd by 300 over and over probably is a bad idea! I also found it easier to maintain with nut fats and meat fats, though i never skimp on butter. Fruit carbs seem to be much better than wheat and sugar carbs if they have fiber. Well thats all folks

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  50. Linc
    It is ridiculous to say we run on glucose. There are essential fatty acids and essential amino acid . There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. End of story. That's all the argument anyone needs to hear.
  51. Debbie
    Please visit this link on the various metabolic patterns of the brain, muscle, adipose tissue, kidney, and liver. It is from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine and it is very helpful in understanding how the different parts of the body use energy from food...
    I started the LCHF nutrition 2,5 weeks ago mostly with moderate carb levels of up to 35-40gr (which do not cause me constipation - strictly low levels of 20g don't work for me), and I can say that for the first time in my life I AM NOT HUNGRY and I can easily pull a 16-hour intermittent fasting on a daily basis. Also, I am not using a scale since from my experience it is not credible, but I measure myself and I have already lost 3cm from my waist (from 113cm to 110cm) and 4cm from my lower belly (from 130cm to 126cm). I make sure that I walk at least 5km per day at a moderate speed (which is actually a low intensity exercise) and by the end of August I am planning to start weight training again. I am a 46 year old, prediabetic woman with (controlled) hypothyroidism since 1988 and when I started LCHF my weight was 100kg which I have held since 2008 (I gradually gained it from 64kg in 2004). My height is 170cm and with a 100kg body weight I am considered class II obese . At 64kg 12 years ago I used to lift heavily weights (at intermediary bodybuilding level) and measure the nutrients of my diet daily, emphasizing protein and complex carb intake (brown rice, oats, etc), very very low fat and eating every 3 hours. However, I was constantly hungry and had frequent relapses, craving mostly carbs and fat (pizza, cookies, etc). When I first read about LCHF and ketogenic diets in 2016 I was very skeptical. However, I decided to try it as I recall that in the past I was satiated only when I ate meals with meat and high fat content. So, since the first week at LCHF, I was shocked that I could actually feel satiated although my calorie deficit was high (from 3000-2500 to around 2000-1800kcal). I could never implement such a decrease in calories before without feeling very very hungry and without crashing after a couple of days. Now I eat mainly eggs (fried or scrambled), bacon, chicken legs with skin, beef, butter, cream and cheddar cheese, raw almonds and some vegetables (mainly broccoli, asparagus and mushrooms at the moment and taking care not to exceed my carb limit) and take a multivitamin (I am planning to include olive oil and experiment with some more veggies). I can tell you that I feel great. NO CRAVINGS. It works for me. Maybe not for everybody, but I am definitely doing this for a while. I plan after I lose all my weight to increase the carbs from veggies up to 100gr-130gr and see how my body reacts in terms of hunger and cravings. So, despite all the criticism on the LCHF that I keep reading and since I have followed in the past a low-fat, high carb (even if it were only complex carbs) diet without long-term success, I am definitely staying with LCHF.
  52. Daniel Champagne
    With any diet to lose weight it is all about decreasing calorie intake while increasing calories burned. Portion sizing meals,find a good app to log your meals, counting calories, and increase the amount you work out. Needs to be consistent and a life style and something you can complete for the long term.
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  53. chad cruz
    Creative suggestions , I loved the analysis , Does someone know if my business might grab a blank IRS W-2 copy to fill out ?
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  55. Billy Bob
    I'm sorry but I lost >30 pounds and have kept it off for the last 5 or 6 years without any of those 'essentials' that you list. And I was only about 85% compliant with my carb-restricted diet. And I was never hungry.
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