We’re wrong about type 2 diabetes treatment

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A better treatment?

Are we treating type 2 diabetes all wrong? Could achieving glucose control with a dietary change be way healthier than using medications? Here’s a good quick summary:

The standard treatment of [type 2 diabetes], endorsed by the drug industry, is to base every meal on carbohydrate, which may worsen the underlying insulin response and [insulin resistance], rapidly followed by multiple chronic drug prescriptions, which may be ineffective or harmful even while temporarily improving HbA1c.

A low carbohydrate, high healthy fat ‘real food’ diet can reverse the underlying dietary cause, offload the pressure on glucose and lipid metabolism, and allow the [insulin resistance and diabetes] to gradually recover.

British Journal of General Practice: The Wrong Paradigm May Be Driving Drug Glucose Control in the Face of the Evidence


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  1. Robert
    If this is true - it means, that business model of many pharmaceutical companies is completely wrong and unethical. And since it is true, sadly, they will not give away their massive incomes, they will fight back. What could be done about this?
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  2. John
    Teach more people about the low carb way of living. That is the only thing we can do. Just spread the word and eventually 'they' will get it.
    Thanks to the internet, change will happen sooner than you think.

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