World Heart Federation President: Fat is protective, carbs are harmful!

Note: This video has been taken down; It was never meant to be public because it contains unpublished results.

Get ready for action, with this new attention-grabbing talk by the president of the World Heart Federation, Professor Salim Yusuf. Here are just a few of the controversial, but likely correct, quotes:

  • “Above 40% carb we see a steep increase in CHD risk. Fats are protective.”
  • “Contrary to common belief the current recommendation to reduce saturated fat has no scientific basis.” (at 20:20)
  • “You must have heard of the book Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz. She shook up the nutrition world. But she got it right.” (at 20:33)

Yusuf also gets into the mistaken war on salt, where a moderate amount of sodium (3-5 grams per day) may be optimal.

It’s an excellent talk, if you can stand the slight over-reliance on observational data at some points (it normally does not prove cause and effect). Still, highly recommended!

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  1. Jan
    Does anybody know what responses Dr. Yusuf is getting from his fellow cardiologists? A few years back I saw videos of cardiac surgeons laughing at "stupid people who would believe what they see on the internet about cholesterol not being the number one risk factor for cardiovascular disease and thinking that statins are not beneficial." These doctors were so arrogant and sure of themselves, and I'm wondering if they are still adamantly insisting on the diet heart hypothesis and the value of statins.
  2. Sharron arnold
    Great question Jan...would be very interested to read the reply. Afraid I am losing faith in GP's who INSIST patients take statins for "heart health"!
  3. gbl
  4. 1 comment removed
  5. Olivkah
    The video seems to be no longer available.
  6. Colleen
    Started to watch this about 3 days ago and stopped, now a private video. Looked on You tube but nothing recent by this speaker.
    Any idea why it was removed?
  7. Jeroen
    "However she is a journalist and he is a world famous physician" Do a Google search. I got: "No results found for "However she is a journalist and he is a world famous physician"."

    But by using duckduckgo I got this:

    They are not happy. "However she is a journalist and he is a world famous physician and, while she can and should be ignored, his actions cannot."

    I keep hearing this question in my mind all the time I hear one of these researchers saying such a thing. The question is always: What have you to show for? What is your record? I know, we ourselves are to be blamed. We eat to much, move to little. I've been told by my doctor. Well, he has a gut and I've lost mine. That's my record.

  8. Dr Tahsin Neduvanchery
    I'm a Cardiologist. Shall make some statements

    1. The highest level of evidence in medical practice is the results of randomised control Trials

    2. No such good quality evidence is available to support or refute the role of dietary cholesterol as a Cardiac risk factor.

    3. It is because of the difficulty of conducting dietary trials involving thousands of subjects for a period of few years

    4. But "the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence "

    5. Statins are one of the most studied medicines in the history

    6. Statins when used in the correct indication can prevent heart attacks and strokes and it can reduce deaths.

    7. I'm using statins

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