World Diabetes Day – Diet key to reverse epidemic


Today is World Diabetes Day – a day to raise awareness of the disease which affects 422 million people across the globe.

But many people are unaware that type 2 diabetes, in contrast to type 1, can be reversed with a simple dietary change to a low-carb diet.

Diabetes educators tell their patients that the condition is “chronic and progressive” and requires lifelong management. But there is increasing evidence that this advice is misguided. Many experts now believe that type-2 diabetes can be reversed and that the current dietary advice to patients is actually making their condition worse.

Dr. Maryanne Demasi: Oped: diet the key to diabetes epidemic


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  1. Bettina
    My comment to: "Millions more Americans will have to lower blood pressure":
    That is a new way for the pharmacy-"mafia" to sell their drugs to the people. What a shame that is!! I would never take that blood-pressure-drug if my doctor would prescribe it to me when having a bp of 130/80. And I would never ever take statins or diabetes-drugs, even with diagnosed diabetes, because: there is a better way to help your body healing itself: Eat real food an eat low carb or LCHF and do some fasting a few times during the year. I feel so soooo blessed to have found this website and had followed the inspiration I found here! What a blessing it is to have all the engagement that is expressed here on Thank´s to all those who work so hard to inspire us. Big bow to you all!
    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

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