Why won’t we tell diabetics the truth?


Current treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes is a complete disaster. Perhaps because it’s so influenced by financial interests and old dietary dogma.

Here’s a good article about just how badly we’re failing people with type 2 diabetes:

Robb Wolf: Why Won’t We Tell Diabetics the Truth?

Any successful treatment should include recommending real food without sugar and carbs to naturally lower blood sugar.

Putting sugar-rich desserts and cakes on the cover of “Diabetic Living” magazines (top image) is beyond bad, it should be as unthinkable as recommending smoking on the cover of a lung disease magazine.


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  1. Apicius
    Dr Fung and Dr Wortman signed a petition with 200 Canadian doctors in order to improve dietary guidelines in Canada, which is clearly responsible for the rise in obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

    You can read about this in the link below. This link also asks if you would like to sign a petition in support of the 200 doctor's petition to change the dietary guidelines. The mission is to get 1000 signatures. They need 327 more sign offs to get to 1000. You don't need to be Canadian to show support. Takes less than 1 minute to sign.


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