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Congratulations to Sylvia – she won the contest to become member #30,000, and we’re sending her the amazing prize package.

Here’s her story about how she ended up at Diet Doctor:

I have been trying to lose weight for a long time. I have stiff, sore joints, burning feet and cramps in my feet and calves at night. I have gone to my doctor numerous times in the last 3 years to no avail.

I have recently had blood work done and blood sugars have now just reached the diabetic level. I have a lot of inflammation, and have now tested positive for Celiac (haven’t had the scope done yet).

My new doctor recommended going on the LCHF diet for 3 months. She herself has been on it since August and has had great results. I am excited to see the results for myself. I hope that this helps with my other issues as well.


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