Why vegetable oils may cause obesity

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Here’s an interesting and complicated new post from Dr. Michael Eades. He argues that – apart from bad carbs – one of the main drivers of the obesity epidemic may be vegetable oils:

Dr. Eades: Will the new Dietary Guidelines make us even fatter?

I’m not sure what to make of this complex idea. If vegetable oils reduce insulin resistance, via the “FADH2 to NADH ratio”, why would that necessarily increase obesity? Couldn’t it just as well have the opposite effect?

However, vegetable oil consumption has risen to unprecedented – and evolutionarily abnormal – levels, coinciding with the obesity epidemic. There are certainly plenty of reasons to treat them with caution. And you may not want to heat them.


  1. jane
    I read Dr. Eades article and, yes, it is very confusing. Perhaps you could interview him for some clarification.
  2. Paul
    Yes, Dr. Eades' article seems to stand the LCHF premise (that too much bad carbs cause insulin resistance) on it's head. I'm confused.
  3. Ernani
    He is not talking about pathological insulin resistance, but physiological, natural one that occurs only within the cell he is talking about, wich allows it to control it's intake of glucose.

    This "resistance" makes sense, since when the cell has a lot of energy coming from fat, it does not want to take glucose in.

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