1. I bet that car gets superior gas mileage and does better on all its tune ups.
  2. Tia
    I can't identify it.... is it a diesel? Running on what? Rapeseed or olive oil? ;)
  3. nonegiven
    I had to enlarge the picture to see it, but the license plate says LCHF
  4. Kim
    They must be English Speaking, like you! I don't know Swedish but it would surprise me if the acronym were the same in both languages!
  5. Zepp
    They are Swedish speaking.. living in a negborhood quit near me!

    LCHF do have an origin in sweden.. there everybody is quite good to read and understand english!

    It says that the origin have coming from LC, and some person that have to explain the concept said.. Im eating Low Carb High Fat.. to pronounce that fat should be used insted of carbs.. and then its just been LCHF!

    And we do pronounce it in swedish.. "ellsehåef"!

  6. Yo
    #5 ell-see-haw-eff ?
  7. Brigitta
    That must be the cleanest running vehicle in all of Sweden!
  8. Donna
    I think we need to get some T-shirts made that say "LCHF" on the front and "www.dietdoctor.com" on the back!
    What do you say, Doc?
  9. Zepp

    Rather its pronunced ell-se-haa-eff in swedish.. its quite smouth in a swedish mouth.. but sounds teribly in english!

    Try it on Google translate!

    Klick on the loudspeaker!

    Stick to LC/Paleo.. its sound better in english!

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