What’s wrong with the diet of today?


Professor Loren Cordain

Why do so many people get obesity, diabetes and heart disease today? Perhaps the answer lies in evolution. But amazingly “modern” nutrition science pretty much ignores human evolution.

It’s been 153 years since Charles Darwin published his revolutionary book On the Origin of Species – but nutrition science hasn’t yet noticed. That’s why they’re stuck at a medieval level. That’s why dietitians usually are no help for people suffering from obesity or diabetes.

Professor Loren Cordain is perhaps the worlds number one expert on the evolution of the human diet. Here are a a few of his slides from the recent ASBP obesity conference. They tell us a lot:

From 0 to 18.6


Just a few hundred years ago most humans hardly ate any refined sugars. Now it’s a significant part of the American diet. That’s a huge problem, as dr Robert Lustig would tell you.

Loren Cordain knows it too:

The saccharine disease


These are the diseases linked to sugar and too much insulin. In fact there are even more examples, like:

Metabolic syndrome in all it’s glory.

Bottom line

Nutrition science needs to drop its medieval beliefs in the evil of saturated fat and in the virtue of counting calories. Otherwise it will stay stuck in the past.

If these researchers would just read the most famous book in the history of science, a hundred years late or so, nutrition science and medicine could start moving into the future. And a new age of health could begin.


More about Paleo diets.


I have a 40 minutes long video interview with professor Cordain coming up. It’s quite interesting.


  1. Dr. J
  2. Looking forward to the interview with Cordain. Funny, when you put pictures of the diet in it looks obvious that it's a stupid way to eat (SAD I mean of course).
  3. "Nutrition science needs to drop its medieval beliefs in the evil of saturated fat and in the virtue of counting calories. Otherwise it will stay stuck in the past."

    But that would be admitting they have been giving the wrong advice for decades...the anger people will unleash will be scary!

  4. Will
    I'm glad I stumbled in to LCHF. I was trying to eat really low calorie and was just eating chicken and spinach and after 4 days I transitioned in to ketosis. For the first time in my life I had energy through out the day with no hunger. That shattered the myth that you absolutely need carbs to function. Now I've added fats as well. I was depressed that I wouldnt be able to lose the weight unless I exercised like I used to: 4 hours a day before I had an injury and started to gain weight on a low fat, high carb diet. On LCHF I lost weight without any cardio exercise and I just went to the gym twice a week for some weight training.
    I dont know why I bought in to the USDA food pyramid nonsense. We absolutely have to think about nutrition from an evolutionary perspective. Humans in the past would have gone straight for the saturated fats of animals. Why would our bodies punish us for the best source of energy giving calories. Our bodies have not evolved to be able to handle the monstrous quantity of fructose in almost all packaged products. Neither were they designed to handle the highly processed omega 6 rich vegetable oils.
  5. Will
    OT: Is it safe to take Psyllium Husk on LCHF?
    I'm taking about the pure stuff with nothing added to it.
    The nutrition label on the back says that all the carbs in it are from dietary fiber.
  6. Jay Wortman MD
    Will - the health benefits of fibre is another myth. If you have issues with regularity on a LCHF diet, it is most likely due to a deficiency of salt not fibre.
  7. Bearhands
    After successfully following LCHF for 6 months, I recently started exploring Paleo. So I have been reading a lot of material by Professor Loren Cordain and i'm wondering how to follow LCHF without dairy and still get enough fat for energy levels etc? There is only so much olive oil, avocado & nuts one can eat!! I have bought coconut oil, but this isn't going to satisfy me in the way that cheese and clotted cream have been doing so far! Has anyone else transitioned from one to the other? Any advice? .....also he doesn't advocate restricting fruit the way LCHF recommends.... so is it ok to just start eating whatever I want fruit wise again?
  8. Ray
    "And a new age of health could begin."

    It's too bad Adam Yauch won't be part of it...
    Sometimes I could get really angry, and not at "cancer", but at people telling others to fight cancer with veganism.

  9. Will, I would add to Jay's advice. I find that increasing fat helps with regularity too. I'm interested in the salt suggestion. Think I'll look into the further.
  10. Low carb is not no carb. I don't see why a couple of pieces of fruit a day would do any harm. Dr Lustig seems ok with eating fruit because the effects of the fructose are moderated by the fibre it contains. I don't know if he is correct, but I'm happy to allow it for myself in moderate doses.
  11. Zepp

    Physyllium husk is safe if you do need it, if you do have problems with constipaton there is other home cures altso, like magesium salt, whole flax seeds!


    Paleo can be lowcarb, but lowcarb should be paleo!

  12. Brandon
    What about the effects of wheat on insulin and blood sugar? Modern wheat is just as bad if not worse than sugar products when it comes to raising blood sugars.
  13. Lynne
    Hi, I need some help to argue against articles like this one that have been picked up by the press today. I cannot see the original research, but you guys are Swedish, so maybe you can!


  14. Zepp
    I find it.. but I didnt read it yeat.


    There is a provisional PDF with the full articel below the abstract.

    You should know that Västerbotten project is the low fat lobby holy graal!

    Its newer been impresive to day, those lower CVD thats say got the result happend in the whole country, without those milions spend in Västerbotten.. probably more to less smoking and better screeníng for CVD!

  15. vkool
    I prefer traditional food to fast food, so I do not eat much fast food those it is becoming popular today. I rarely eat fast food or drink coca cola. I normally cook fresh food and vegetable and eat them with rice. I think that is a good way to prevent my family from heart disease.

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