What is the essential problem of type 2 diabetes?

The essential problem with type 2 diabetes
What exactly is the essential problem of type 2 diabetes? And why is the current treatment of the disease simply hiding the symptoms – without solving the problem?

Dr. Jason Fung is an expert at explaining things in layman’s terms, so let him answer these questions for you. This is the second part of our video course on how to reverse diabetes, and so far people have given it a 4.9 out of 5 rating.

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The Essential Problem with Type 2 Diabetes – Dr. Jason Fung

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  1. Valerie Jalava
    Hi there been on keto and IF for 9 months and off my insulin and I did go off my Metformin as well,and got my A1C down to 6.6 then my sugar levels were going over 7-8 so then started back on Metformin and then had another A1C done and now it’s up to 7.3 anyways I have been testing my sugar levels and find coffee and lemon water raise my sugar levels so started to drink just water and after 30 mins of taking 2 Metformin and 1 avapro my sugar levels go up 6.3 to 7.6 so should I go off Metformin as I take 6 a day and want to do authogy
    Thanks need your help

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