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Members June 2014 – May 2015

We’ve passed 10,000 members. This means we have incredible support to keep growing our organization (now six employees and several freelancers). We’ll be able to keep doing more and more to help people revolutionize their health. To do all we can to supply the knowledge, inspiration and truth needed to slow and then reverse the epidemics of obesity, diabetes and related diseases.

The winner of our contest – member number 10,000 – now has an e-mail waiting for her (yes, her).

No e-mail in your inbox? That’s ok, there is still a chance to win our biggest prize package ever, as we are giving out two of them.


The prize package

The second winner will be randomly selected from all members on Tuesday June 2. Sign up for a free trial month here if you want to participate. This also gives you immediate access to all our video courses, expert interviews, movies, the ability to have your question answered by experts etc.


  1. Charmaine
    Horray for your efforts and consideration in teaching LCHF and good health for us all. There are some pretty snarky people out there, however, in a recent survey at http://www.lowcarber.ca ( an Adkin's LC site) people were asked to vote if DietDoctor was worth $9 a month. You get "all kinds" of course, and yet one truly awful woman not only had to say she'd used but never pay for the info, then she HAD to add the parting slam of you charging a fee as smacking of the work of lowest scamming hucksters", firmly saying MORE abut herself than your good deeds!!! , AND you RIGHT to provide a service for a fee.

    We live in a country that allows the freedom to work hard, create a business venture and be productive and contributory….you've developed DD in your homeland of Sweden, then paid to have DietDoctor .com translated to English on your own dime, or Kroner, and made a success of it.

    I will NEVER understand the evil mentality of those of simply can't appreciate and use what is free..but MUST vilify YOU in the process. THANKFULLY there are far fewer of d those like her ( she is fortunate she does have her 'free speech" rights on that site.

    As an online business owner for 15 years, created from scratch, from my own pocket and no government handouts, I know how much work goes into it daily. Thousands of people appreciate all you've done and will do..keep up the great work!

  2. Samantha
    How does one get to freelance for Diet Doctor?
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  3. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Offer something that in some way is fantastically useful for our readers and our purpose. E-mail me at andreas@dietdoctor.com.

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