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  1. Walt
    I find this site today, lots of people review this site as the best thing ever for diets and health, but for somebody like me, that find this place today, $9 a month is a lot, seems this STOP to be a helpfull community site to be a commercial site like cereal killer brands or sweetener brands, all about money. I think to keep this site as a service community will be $1 a month, with 98k followers and may be more, with $1 ha month you could make over a millon dolars a year with real help to the community, if not you will be another site in a millon sites. And is oviusly the free area will not be the same as before, you have to market your site and let the advertisers pay for that not the users. Im in for LCHF, but I think this site will not be my source, sorry.
  2. Stas'
    I can't understand why people are complaining about the $9.00 pcm. That's that price of two cups of coffee here in Australia "Two" cups of coffee!!!!!! Come on people, get a grip!!!! Do you expect manna from heaven. One piece of fast food costs more than that .....
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  3. jenb
    I will be supportive - it's a sponsor free site, information based on science and research. Much rather pay than have a site with sponsors messages flashing and muddying the waters. This has come at a time personally where I am ready to make a commitment to a new lifestyle and knowing that I can get some support is great. I find the tone of the site valuable - honest and simple Andreas has kept the focus on health rather than himself. Good luck with your new venture and I hope one day I will be a success story on your site. Jen
  4. Laurene
    Just membered up, really looking forward to all the info on this site.
  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor

    First off I wish you all the luck in the world in this new venture. You have put so much effort into your site and created a wonderful resource for many people.... Of course nothing has changed with you, but now that there is an associated financial motive, you have opened yourself up to comparison and criticism with other commercial weight loss companies. Now I’m sure you will shape up well, but can’t help but feel that something is lost in creating this membership section, which will be difficult to gain back.

    Certainly there are dangers to this path. However to truly make a massive positive difference in the world – which is hugely needed as soon as possible – we need to take that risk.

    We'll do everything we can to become something much more impactful than just another company in this area. For example people working for our company – including me – are paid fair wages and any surplus is invested in growing the company (we're growing very rapidly) and accomplishing more towards our ultimate goal: to revolutionize the health of humankind.

    There are no investors, nobody who wants their money back, nobody to push shoddy edible products (we'll never, ever do that). We're in this for the long run. I'm the sole owner and I plan to do this until I die (or start to get senile, whatever comes first). When I die the full ownership may transfer to a foundation or something like that. Personally I'm only taking the same salary I used to have as a doctor, before I quit. I have not made a single dollar extra by starting this company (easy to check via public tax records) nor do I need to. The mission is quite enough to drive me.

    Being a member means supporting this long-term mission – revolutionizing the health of humankind – and getting great benefits today as a bonus. Me and my team will do everything we can to make every dollar from our members bring us closer to the ultimate goal.

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  6. Anthony
    Stay strong Andreas !
  7. Anita
    This is great. At the moment I go through phases of eating LCHF, but not all the time - my aim is to follow a LCHF diet long-term so I welcome the opportunity to become a member, and to support this site financially in a small way!
  8. Rasmus
    Good for you!
    I think 9$ a month is a small price to pay for premium content - esp. to keep the dietdoctor unbiased by commercial interests (though, as mentioned elsewhere, it suddenly means everything dietdoctor publishes, might be to further it's own commercial interest).

    The real test for dietdoctor's survival, will be the quality of the "freemium" content, since "everything that was free, stays free" doesn't say much about future content.

  9. Eric o.
    Fyi I would do $1/mon if I was actively dieting (but that phase is done). There are too many posts of your conference meals. Good luck.
  10. Darren
    Hi Andreas,

    I'll sign up for a few months to try it out. I think that your no ads/no sponsors argument is by far the best way of convincing people (I mean the Guardian and Unilever …come on).

    You've been doing is really fantastic job. I believe that diet and how it impacts health is one of the biggest issues we face on spaceship earth. I will continue to support you 100% as long as there is some free content for people who need help but who cannot afford $9/month.

    Best, D.

  11. Terry
    I will be happy to pay. This site has helped me for years, and it is a small price to pay for access to such up-to-date and pertinent information. I pay for over the top cable bills and crazy cell phone bills --- none as valuable to me personally as your website,

    You have shared your time and talents with us for so long ... it is a pleasure to give something back.

  12. Gabriele Nesta
    I'm a regular reader of this site. This is a bit off topic, but it's about statins. Several of you are on statins and complaining about the bad side effects. I want to share this because it worked for me. I have NO connection with Benecol whatsoever. I'm a 61 year old woman whose cholesterol was 275. (i have to go dig up my numbers now....). My endocrinologist (for my thyroid) and my GP were aghast especially at my LDL which was 198. My GP practically ordered me to get a script for statin drugs. I am adamantly opposed to them. Like many of you here, i read a lot and have used those Benecol chews before, with good results. So i bought some more, eating them after every meal. (I eat bacon, full fat yogurt, eggs, cheese, butter, etc.). After FIVE months i got my blood work done again. My LDL has gone from 198 to 117. My total cholesterol went from 275 to 202. In just 5 months!! My chol/HDL ratio went from 5.1 risk to 3.7. I consider these remarkable results. I'm hoping some of you will look into this if you are hesitant to use statin drugs. The benecol chews have plant stanols (?) and this results in the lowered numbers. I don't even think statin drugs reduce cholesterol numbers this dramatically, this quickly.
  13. Nicholas
    My hiking partner and I were discussing our thoughts and how much credence we put into health practitioners that have a bill of goods for sale vs. those that do not. We have both read several books on fats, sugar, metabolism, etc. and the authors fall into two camps, those that have products like supplements, vitamins, programs, and diets for sale and those that do not.

    We both agreed wholeheartedly, that those with something for sale makes all the written material available from them suspect. Some may be true, but much seems to be used for setting up the reader to purchase his products. We also agreed that a medical professional should either make his living from his practice or decide to become a retailer, not both.

    If you cultivate a large audience that is willing to pay for information you have accessible on your website, will the supplements, vitamins and other products follow? If so, your reputation with many may plummet to that of a lowly "snake oil salesman".

    I subscribe to many different nutrition related sites currently. I have picked and chosen information from them as well as many books I read. I have decided what works for me, what is true, what not and what highly suspect. The proof is in the pudding, that being overall health, feeling of well being, energy levels and finally comprehensive blood tests. I have achieved this from diet, eating normal supermarket foods without any vitamins or supplementation and normal exercise.

    Finally, wishing you the best. If you are able to do what you propose, this will be a bargain for most that subscribe. Your plan looks spot on and your subscribers can benefit greatly if they follow your advice.

  14. Lisa
    I live in Canada. have been subscribing to the newsletters for a while now and I'm always impressed with the info. IT's about time they came up with a membership program, a lot of experts in the field are now doing this. I don't find the cost unreasonable at all - actually it's the same cost as my netflix, and you get valuable info...
    good job with the price structure.
  15. Lisa
    I really like this site, it has helped me tremendously. I have two issues with the fee. The first is that I've recommended this page to a number of people and the one thing they noticed was that no one was trying to sell them anything or make money- which is the norm with diet sites- and to them, it was a clear sign that it wasn't some kind of scheme and they were more open to the truth of the information. Secondly, I don't live in the U.S. or Canada, or Europe. I live in South Africa and $9 is a lot here... Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to pay that. But, thank you so much for all you have shared so far for free! Best of luck with the future of Dietdoctor!
  16. Lori Miller
    To all those for whom free=honest, do you also believe what you read on free vegan sites? Or free books about homeopathy, chemtrails, and vaccination causing autism? Would you disbelieve in, say, a university chemistry course you had to pay for?
  17. Thea
    Why is it that health care professionals or anyone who is involved in the care of people i.e fireman ,ambulance workers etc expected to give their service for the very minimum we are prepared to pay them. The site gives some very valuable information. A lot of it will still free. The Doctor has given up his practice but is expected to continue the site adding new information ,interviews etc perhaps by going out everyday in saffron robes and a begging bowl.
    Opt in or out but don't complain about the price of 2 cups of coffee or a chocolate bar
  18. Mrs Edify
    We wish you every success with your membership program, Andreas. You have helped so many people over the years for FREE with your message, including my family.
    $9 a month is such great value too.
    LCHF will revolutionize the health of this planet. Enough with these ridiculous and PREVENTABLE lifestyle diseases already!! Wake up world!!
  19. Dina
    Thanks, Andreas & team, for all you are doing.
    Of course I subscribed. It's a small contribution to a lot of good useful information.
    I'm also sharing this announcement wherever I can as it's such a help to people.
    All the best.
  20. Pat
    Hi Will eating high protein affect my kidneys as I already have stones and I have gout occasionally,I have been following your diet and my blood pressure has gone to normal and my sugar levels have gone to between 6and8 my practice nurse is pleased but I dont want to damage my kidneys further can you advise please
    I will look forward to joing your program
  21. Leisureguy
    I still cannot see the video, only the message "SORRY - Because of privacy settings, this message cannot be played here." I have checked my privacy settings and cannot see anything that would prevent the video. I went to the Diet Doctor channel on YouTube and I cannot find the video.

    Any idea why I cannot see the video? I am definitely interested.

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  22. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Have you checked if you are blocking cookies in any way? Could possibly be because the Firefox add-on "Privacy Badger" is blocking the Vimeo tracking cookie.

    Also, try another web-browser like Internet Explorer or Chrome to see if that helps.

    Here's a link: https://vimeo.com/forums/help/topic:121217

  23. Louis
    Thanks Doc for your considered and detailed response. Keep up the good fight, you're helping so many. I wish you well.
  24. Richard
    Hi Andreas,

    I love the site saved my life in more than one way.
    I would like to support the site however i do not own a creditcard and i don't really want to have one just for this. Will there be other payment options available in the future ? (like paypal? don't really care for the free month....nice gesture however imho not needed.)


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  25. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    We'll add PayPal as soon as possible.
  26. JR New Zealand
    I really love what Diet Doctor offers. I am opposed to an automatic dipping into my credit card month after month I cannot join this membership. I have had really bad experience with this in the past so cannot do it. I wish there was an alternative way. Like a set time subscription like I have with my Antivirus company. It is non refundable. Payable in advance.
    NZ Emergency Ambulance Service has a Donation system which includes membership.
  27. alta
    Recently paid dearly for leaving credit card details on Amazon.uk I would much prefer paying an annual amount or paying in advance and not having to leave my credit card details.
  28. Marijke
    Please remember that for hearing impaired people it is hard to understand spoken interviews, especially of English is not their mother tongue. Personally I much prefer written texts or transcriptions.
  29. Dorian
    Hi Andreas,, another post from Australia... this is a fantastic site and very much worth the $9 p/m. I am type 2 diabetic, and also have had a Quad heart bypass, then later on about 5 stents placed, not so long ago my cholesterol was bad,,,, really BAD at 18.2 mmol and Triglycerides were 42.8 mmol,,, I kid you not,,,,, i have paperwork to prove these figures. My BSL used to hover in at around 17-20 mmol at any given time. I used to weigh in at around 118kg. Nothing was helping. So i started to do some research on the internet and found a lot of info and came across dietdoctor.com. To cut a long story short,,, over the last 6 months i've made major changes and have been doing LCHF and have also included some green smoothies as well. The improvements so far have been amazing my cholesterol is now 4.8 mmol and triglycerides are 3.2 mmol,,, still a bit high but much better than it was. BSL is generally around 7.0 mmol,,, a big improvement. Angina pains i used to get at anytime and for no real reason have gone. My weight is now 97 kg.

    Would just like to thank you and everyone involved with your site,, its a great site and it has made me realize the kind of foods we should all be eating.

    To all that have got an issue with $9 p/m you really need to sit down and think. Go with out your McDonalds combo meal,,,, just 1 meal in a whole month and that should fund this site access,,, and as a bonus its also 1 less meal containing garbage that you would otherwise eat.

    Cheers to all,


  30. Alex
    I'm new to this site, and the concept of LCHF is new to me also, but I'm already seeing and feeling the benefits of it, as is my wife, and the children will follow shortly so that we don't bring them up on a carb rich diet that takes them years to shift. This website is a truly fantastic resource, I have learnt a huge amount in a short period of time. I find it mind boggling that a person can find this information invaluable one minute, but the moment they can attach a price to it, the information is somehow tainted... and worthless.

    Andreas has a goal, and he has quit his job as a Dr in pursuit of this. That takes a lot of courage and I'm happy to support him because I see direct value in what him and his team are doing. Besides, if you really value this information, why wouldn't you want to support the spreading of it by supporting the site?

  31. Michelle A
    I just started & love all the info ! $9.00 is just fine ! All the interview do people think it free for the speakers to fly or gas is free ? Some people are never happy ! I thank you all for your hard work & for caring about strangers . We all need to pass on the word ?
  32. Gwen
    Although $9 a month it's nothing compared to my health, just don't tell me it's free if it's not. I have a problem with that. You insult my intelligence if you think the only way I will agree to pay for valuable information that it's, as you say better that any other out there..shoo them I but the$9 membership, hoping to get just what I was looking for somebody to tell me exactly what to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner for the first 2 weeks. You say you're going to do that, but I can't find it because I've got to look at a million videos!!! Not cool. For that reason, I'm not keepingthis membership.
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  33. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Gwen, If you only are interested in the meal plan for the first two weeks, then it's completely free, just sign up here:

    Although $9 a month it's nothing compared to my health, just don't tell me it's free if it's not. I have a problem with that. You insult my intelligence if you think the only way I will agree to pay for valuable information that it's, as you say better that any other out there..shoo them I but the$9 membership, hoping to get just what I was looking for somebody to tell me exactly what to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner for the first 2 weeks. You say you're going to do that, but I can't find it because I've got to look at a million videos!!! Not cool. For that reason, I'm not keepingthis membership.

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