How much weight do people gain over the holidays?

Weight gain during holidays

People often experience weight gain over the holidays – but how much weight gain is normal? And what is the time of the year when people on average weigh the most?

A new study examines three wealthy nations: the US, Germany and Japan. On average, people gained one or two pounds (0.5–0.8 kg) during the holidays. In the US and Europe the peak is around New Year’s Eve. See graph above for more details.

The New England Journal of Medicine: Weight Gain over the Holidays in Three Countries

Note that the data are based on people using wireless scales (the Withings WS50). It’s very possible that these people are much more aware of their weight than the general population, and more motivated to control it. Thus the average holiday-related weight gain in the entire population may be larger.

The holidays are coming up soon. Being aware of the common outcome could make you gain less weight – or even not gain at all. We’ll do what we can to make it simpler here at Diet Doctor, by providing awesome low-carb holiday recipes, tips and inspiration.

What is your best advice for avoiding weight gain during the holidays? Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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