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Carb loading apparently just hit the wall.

What if everything you knew about sports nutrition was wrong? What if there was no need for carbs or sports drinks when you exercise? What if you could – in fact – break records rowing across the Pacific Ocean without it?

Those are the questions behind the low carb movie Run on Fat. It’s the follow-up to the popular movie Cereal Killers, and it can change how you fuel your exercise sessions forever.

I really enjoyed Run on Fat. You can watch the trailer above and the entire movie is instantly available on our membership site:

Cereal Killers 2: Run on Fat

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  1. Jeanne
    Most of the information you give about LCHF athletes and performance come from men. I would love to see an interview or movie/video with a female LCHF athlete. Ever since I went LCHF (3 years ago) to manage my Type 2 Diabetes I've had amenorrhea. Having a a cycle where I ovulate and menstruate regularly is very important to me. I have been to 7 doctors in the last three years and they all tell me the same thing. My amenorrhea is caused by a low carb diet. I need to eat at least 100 - 150 g of carbs a day (I am more around 50g), I need to gain more weight (my current BMI is 20 after gaining 20lbs in the last three years), and exercise less (my body fat is 24% and I have totally quit HIIT training and jogging after the video from Dr. Fox).

    I have asked a few LCHF doctors (including Dr. Fung here at diet doctor) and have been told a low carb diet does not cause amenorrhea. However, all LCHF doctors have been men. I would really love to see a women not on artificial birth control be an athlete with a low carb diet and still ovulate and menstruate on a regularly. If you know of any, please include an interview or video about how she does this. A lot of your athletic posts about athletes are very men centered.

  2. Ami
    Hi, I am a HFLC dieter, female, 41 yrs old, 14.8% body fat, strength athlete. I'm on 20 net carbs a day. I have regular periods with no adverse effects from my diet. Could by the amenorrhea has another cause. Keep investigating. Best of luck to you in future.
  3. DST
    Considering your history of diabetes, I would be suspicious that your amenorrhea is actually caused by PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome). Have you been evaluated by a reproductive endocrinologist?
  4. Pamela
    The movie links are not giving the discount...?
  5. Trish Epati
    I follow with interest Dr Joel Wallach, a renowned naturopathic physician, pathologist, veternary doctor, soil scientist who maintains our bodies need 90 essential nutrients on a daily basis to thrive. He says sweat contains minerals which need to be replaced when exercising. Running on water? I am questioning that. Trish
  6. Lee Marshall
    It would be great to see more information specific to women, hormones, menstruation and menopause.
  7. Dannette MacDonald
    Can you help me? Was 133 last Nov
    Now 117 .
    I am only 4’11” and am 85 years old.
    Watching calories watching Carbs
    I feel so much better a very simple
    Have lost the craving and the appetite which is a blessing
    My problem : I have this very unattractive belly fat but I’ve never had before.
    I want to do a low carb Lifestyle the flash out my tummy. Can you help me what can you do for me and what were they cost.
    I also want to learn how to a keto Baker
    Make a few bread products that I could except as a close enough substitution
    I have circulation problems in my legs
    other than that fairly healthy.
    I plan was to get down to 100lbs thinking my belly will be gone
    At my 117 weigh in my new goal was 115 in a month
    The problem with the online everybody want to help you. You don’t know who these people are
    Reply: #8
  8. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Have lost the craving and the appetite which is a blessing
    My problem : I have this very unattractive belly fat but I’ve never had before.

    Unfortunately you can't spot target weight loss. If you would like help with meal plans, you can sign up for our free two week program at this link.

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