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Need a break from reading about coronavirus? Want to learn something new, hear positive health news, or be inspired on your low-carb journey?

Watch the recorded sessions from Low Carb Denver 2020. It’s free with Diet Doctor Plus.

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The conference, which took place March 13 to 15, is the biggest low-carb event of the season. Diet Doctor, a major sponsor, decided not to be there in person due to coronavirus concerns. But we’ve made the recorded presentations available through Diet Doctor Plus.

In all, it’s 28 hours of video content from 26 different speakers and includes Q&A sessions. Some of the presentations, like the one by Diet Doctor’s medical director Dr. Bret Scher on evaluating LDL and low carb, were pre-recorded.

We’ve replaced the live stream recordings with individual presentations that will remain available to members forever. You can search by speaker or scroll through all the presentations.

Diet Doctor’s video team is working to update the captions, and provide full transcripts as well a table of for each speaker and will post these as soon as they are ready.

Here are some highlights:

  • Learn the emerging evidence around sugar, metabolic disease and cancer from Dr. Robert Lustig.
  • Can wearing a continuous glucose monitor help refine your approach to the low-carb diet and achieve even better blood sugar management? Dr. Mark Cucuzzella gives helpful insights from his patients.
  • Trying to sort out the pros and cons of statins and heart disease? Hear the perspective of low-carb cardiologist Dr. Nadir Ali.
  • Men vs Women — why do the two sexes seem to have different levels of success with low-carb diet? Dr. Lucia Aronica, of Stanford University, presents fascinating, as yet unpublished results from the famous DIETFITS study. Hint: it has more to do with culture and socialization than it does physiology.
  • If you are a physician new to using low-carb with patients, Dr. Brian Lenzkes shares his clinical pearls from his busy family practice.
  • Pre-recorded presentations also include Dr. Arthur Agatston, of South Beach Diet fame; the ever-popular Gary Taubes and the always enlightening Dr. Georgia Ede.

Have you watched some or all of the sessions? What are your favorites from the conference? Let others know your top recommendations in the comment section.

While Diet Doctor did not physically attend Low Carb Denver 2020 due to coronavirus concerns, we encouraged everyone to watch the live stream recordings. Here’s the full statement of our decision to not travel so as to not contribute to spread of COVID-19.

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