Want to help us make the Diet Doctor recipe app great?


By January 2019, we aim to release our first ever Diet Doctor app. It focuses on making it delightful to use our recipes on an iPhone. Do you want to help us make the app truly great?

Apply now to become one of our ten recipe-app testers
Right now we are looking for ten Diet Doctor users with an iPhone to test the very first, unfinished, version of the Diet Doctor recipe app. The idea is to get early feedback from you so that we can fix all kinds of issues before releasing the app to people all over the world.

Please only apply if you can commit to doing the following:
1. Spend at least two hours a week in September using the app.
2. Shop for, and cook, at least two meals a week in September using the app.
3. Use the app meal-planner to plan at least one day of meals a week in September.
4. Document the bugs, problems, and suggestions you identify in a simple, thorough, and structured, way.

If you want to help us and can commit to the above, apply before the end of Sunday September 2nd by emailing us the following:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Age
  • Member email address
  • Where you live (country and city)
  • Occupation
  • Experience with apps: A. Beginner, B. Experienced, or C. Expert.
  • The main reason you want to help us test the recipe app
  • Whether you can commit to doing the four tasks listed above

The first ten people who apply in this way will be selected.

Thanks so much – your help would be most appreciated!


  1. Julie
    Please say I will be able to get the app on Android 🙏🤞
    Reply: #3
  2. Lex
    Android app too please :)
  3. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    We'll have an Android recipe app too, but it will come a bit later.
    Reply: #22
  4. Julie McIver
    Omg that's amazing! I'm so excited for this ❤️ would love to be one of the recipe/app feedback people
  5. John
    You don't have to wait for an Android app or one on a PC or iPhone!

    I've been using RECIPE KEEPER availabe in cross platform modality for over a year to file, categorize and track all my DietDoctor recipes in addition to others I find on Pinterest and verious keto and "foody" websites. I found it on Google Play and then went to their website. Works WONDERFULLY and I have no regrets as I now have 100s of keto recipes from which to plan meals and shopping lists.

    Don't get me wrong, I love DietDoctor.com and wouldn't be without it and have referred everyone I know to it. But in this instance it appears to be pursuing a solution to a problem that's already been solved. When and if their Android app is released, it will have to "walk on water" for me to switch from RECIPE KEEPER!

    Dr. John D. Terrell, PsyD

  6. Alicia
    Thank you Dr. Terrell, I missed the fact they are going iPhone first, so this option might help, I'm enjoying Diet Doctors plans and recipes though.
  7. Barbara Begany
    I would like the app on my Android phone also thank you Barbara Begany
  8. Mario Tristan
    I will be very pleased to join Diet Doctor to test the recipes
  9. Greg
    Will this app be free?
  10. Katheryn
    So excited! Will we be able to organize our favorite recipes?
  11. Sandra
    I sent in my application for IPad and iPhone. This is a great step for Diet Doctor to take!
  12. Jonda
    I would love to be included on the test app for the android. I have followed Dietdoctor.com since January 2017, lost over 40 lbs., dropped 3 dress sizes, enjoy exercising now, have so much more energy. Just had my FP bi-annual check-up and wellness appt. ALL MY LABS ARE GREAT!!!! Not that they were bad to begin with, but after an initial question when my cholesterol increased, everything has now leveled out. My FP is surprised, pleased and listening (somewhat). The recipes and meal plans have been the biggest, most important help as this is a busy world we live in. The food guides are my mainstay. The courses, interviews, presentations are so abundant with extraordinary, exciting, new information!!! Updated constantly. Thank you, Dr. Andreas for your inquisitiveness, vision and perseverance. Huge applaud to the entire Dietdoctor team!! I am LCHF for life!!!! --Jonda
  13. Yüksel
    Not only IPhone. Android app also please.
    Don't exclude us.
  14. KimF
    Another for Android. Also please make sure the filter functions, portion sizes are accurate and if it can talk to MFP and Fitbit that would be great too. I would also love to be able add more than one recipe to the meal plan (ie.an entree and a side). And have a notes section for personalized recipe changes or comments.
  15. Bellinda
    For facebook, messenger, MAC, PC, IPhone & IPad ; Safari & Firefox, ALSO PLEASE with .pdf files & video YouTube, MP4 links with all informations from & to all recipes IF ALL IS POSSIBLE ; THAT WOULD BE AMAZINGLY AWESOME !
  16. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Yes, the app will be free. And yes, we will create an Android version soon. :)
  17. Franca Campbell
    Hi my name is franca Campbell would be keen to test your recipes

    Or via messenger threw fb

  18. Marzella
    Right because typically apps are first developed for iPhone... which has I believe the biggest app market, and then once that hurdle is passed they are ported over to Android, the second biggest. :-(

    Well, I guess I got the answer to my question, which was: Where is the app? Answer: Its currently in development. Thanks

  19. Asma
    Hello, New to Keto. I am a 57 year old female. Need to lose about 40 pounds. Learning about keto and finding a hard time calculating my macros. There is no app or any information (that I have seen on this site) so I can calculate my protein intake. Don't want to overdo on the protein. Help.
  20. Cat Owen
    Will you post on website when phone app will be available in January or give us a timeline update? Thank you!
    Reply: #21
  21. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Yes! We will be shouting about it from the rooftops! It will be posted here as well as our other social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.
  22. Ezequiel
    Hows this coming along? I'm looking fwd to the app.
  23. Kirby
    Is there any news on when this is planning to come out?
  24. Steve
    Hi, can you update us to the availability of the app on the android platform please.
    Reply: #25
  25. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Hi, can you update us to the availability of the app on the android platform please.

    We do not have a projected release date yet for the Android version of the app.

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