Virta Health raises $45 million in investment to expand low-carb treatment of type 2 diabetes


Virta Health has just raised another $45 million in investment, after a highly successful one-year keto trial showing that type 2 diabetes can be reversed. The series B raise increases their total funding to more than $75 million.

This is taking the company another step closer to their ambitious mission: reversing type 2 diabetes in 100 million people by 2025. It also shows that some very smart people in Silicon Valley – the investors include Venrock, Obvious Ventures and Founders Fund – believe in the promise of a ketogenic diet to revolutionize the treatment of type 2 diabetes.


1-year results of the Virta Health keto study

Reversing diabetes with Virta on The Doctors


Mission: reverse diabetes

Type 2 diabetes


How to reverse type 2 diabetes


  1. Steve
    How can I invest too?
  2. Cookie
    I'd like to invest too!
  3. Kim
    I've lost 93 pounds following the low carb lifestyle in the last year. It definitely works.
  4. Fox
    You don't "reverse" or "cure" can control it... I'm sure a low carb diet will yield huge benefits for those with type 2 diabetes...but resume a "normal" diet and their symptoms will most certainly return...because they have a n insulin resistance disease....
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  5. Witch's falls
    Good luck getting people to stick to this. Won't happen.
  6. Sprout
    Actually, it's quite easy to stick to, once you detox from the carbohydrate addiction we're all suffering from, at least in America. I've lost better than 50 lbs on a medically supervised very low carb diet, and I feel great. Fat is not the enemy, and the added, sometimes hidden sugars in processed foods are driving the obesity epidemic. Try it, before you scorn it.
  7. Rob Jobe
    I’m sticking to it after being Type 2 for ten years never having AC1’s being below 10 with drugs and on the Canada Food Guide I’m now 5.7 average on Keto with no meds. Down 60 lbs too.
  8. Christine Kemp
    Low carb diet does work if you give it a chance. It's easy. My a1c is 6.8 and never felt better.i not only do this for my diabetes but all so for my over all health.
  9. Louise Scofield
    Yup, I've been low carb for 15 months. My A1C is 5 now, instead of 13.5
    It is NOT a diet, it is a lifestyle.
  10. Gentiann
    You just don't resume a "normal" diet. It's easy with keto because you don't have cravings anymore.
    If the "normal" diet is what made you sick in the first place, what the point to resume it ?
  11. LD
    This "investment" is about as much of a slam dunk as I can imagine. I'd put my money into a venture like this, no hesitation. The future of medicine will either be like Virta or we will be bankrupt, sick and miserable. Modern medicine has bifurcated. Trauma medicine is fantastic, health care is an utter and total catastrophe. The thing that is going to tip the balance is medical imaging. When you can see what happens to your arteries on LCHF vs the "standard of care" there will be no more debate. I'm heading in for my 3rd CIMT soon. LCHF rocks.

    I've been doing low carb for over a year now. I have absolutely no desire to go back to a "normal" diet --- EVER. There's nothing "normal" about eating stuff that makes your toes go numb and your retinas die and your willy go limp. If someone dumped you in a vat of acid would you really want to climb back in once your skin healed? We were born into a toxic food environment. The cure is to get yourself out and stay out.

    When boomers find out how their food suppliers and government have totally screwed them look out, the backlash is going to be epic. This could well be the most invest able trend ever.

  12. Carol
    True. The mood is changing ..... from «why didn’t we know about this? » ...... to « the fact that this has been hidden from us is criminal negligence » I think our movement is moving from the back foot to the front foot...and we have a lot of ground to make up. Patients need to demand to know why even their Drs are being lied to.

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