Ketone supplement experiment

Do ketone supplements work? The big test, part 1
Do ketone supplements work? The results

Part 1

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As the keto diet increases in popularity, we are seeing an explosion of keto-related products coming onto the market. Many people use exogenous ketone supplements to enhance their keto lifestyle, and the companies who sell them make many wide-ranging claims about their benefits for your health.

But what actually are these supplements? What are they made of, who is selling them, and do they carry the benefits we are told they do?

As with all health products, it is crucial to remain conscious as a consumer and not necessarily take marketing about benefit claims at face value. That is exactly what I decided to do when I enlisted the help of some of my fellow Diet Doctor team members to test some of the top brands of ketone salts on the market.

Watch the video above for the first part of our big ketone supplement test, where I look at the promises ketone manufacturers make and try to call them on the phone to discuss it. You also get a preview of our soon-to-be released findings.


Part 2

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Do ketone supplements work?

That’s what we wanted to find out when we ran an experiment on exogenous ketones at our head office in Stockholm. We produced a written guide that describes the experiment and its results in full detail.

But we also filmed the process, to show you how we ran the testing, and to give you a behind-the-scenes insight into life here at Diet Doctor. Watch the video to find out more about the experiment, meet some of our team members and get a summary of our deep dive into all things related to exogenous ketones, here at Diet Doctor.
Exogenous ketones: Do they work?

Table of contents

  0:02  Introduction
  0:21  What are ketone supplements?
  1:09  How was the experiment set up?
  2:00  What ketone supplements were tested?
  3:44  Who where the test subjects?
  5:03  Taste, effects on appetite and sensations after taking the supplements.
  7:21  Ketone supplement specialist’s advice on how to use them.
  8:00  Days 2 to 5 of the experiment.
10:45  Test subjects’ thoughts after completing the experiment.
13:33  What do the actual results show?
14:18  What is wrong with the marketing of ketone supplements?
15:19  The conclusion.


Written guide

Exogenous ketones: Do they work?

About the video

Recorded in Stockholm, June 2018.
Experiment: Kim Gajraj
Editing: Jonatan Victor

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