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Do you have a Diet Doctor membership but are not sure of what exactly that means? Or are you thinking about getting a membership but don’t know what the benefits of a membership are? Look no further, we have just updated an entire page on this!

On our updated page about the membership, we list all the benefits and other fun facts that can come in handy. At Diet Doctor, we want to provide people around the world with trustworthy information about health. To remain trustworthy we have chosen not to show any ads, nor sell any products which often creates conflicts of interest. We’re fully funded by the people, for the people! We now have an amazing 50,000+ members! Why not join us you too?

Check out all the details here:

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  1. Karen
    Just a friendly suggestion about the English title...should be "our page" (rather than "or page").
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  3. Thomas J. Brewer
    I attempted to sign up for membership this afternoon. It was a frustrating, and ultimately unsuccessful, experience. After providing my credit card info, I was directed to a Pay Pal page where I was asked to input all of the same information again, and then informed I couldn't proceed because apparently at some time in the distant past I had already created a Pay pal account using my same email address. Efforts to work through this eventually failed. I would like to become a member but not if it requires 30+ minutes duelling with Pay Pal. If I'm agreeable to giving you my credit card info directly, why do I even need to deal with Pay Pal? Is there some more straightforward way to get signed up?
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  4. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks for telling us. We fixed it yesterday.
  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I'm very sorry to hear about your troubles and the issues with PayPal!

    If you have a credit card you should not have to use PayPal. Don't click PayPal on the sign-up page. Instead, just fill out your credit card number, accept the terms, and click "become a member". Does that work for you?

    Andreas Eenfeldt

  6. Thomas
    Worked fine today - thanks for whatever change you made. Best regards.
  7. Thomas
    Why I became a member

    About a year ago, I hit the wall hard. My cardiologist was having me do a stress-echocardiograph test as a follow up from two stents being installed two years previous (one was for the widow maker that was 95% plugged), and that was followed by open heart surgery for a new aortic valve a year after the stents.
    At 5’8” and 250 pounds and on the verge of going into Full blown type 2 diabetes, I was not in very good shape. Blood pressure would get up as high as 215/95 even with multiple BP medications.

    During the stress echocardiograph test, The technician became very worried and aborted the test, and instructed me to go home very carefully without any exertion and to call my cardiologist as soon as possible.

    When I had my follow up visit with my cardiologist, he said that there’s not much more that he could do at this point.
    I had tried to follow the advice over the years of a low-fat diet.
    I tried very low calories and vigorous exercise, vegetarianism, nothing worked. I really felt that I was at deaths door, I pleaded with the Lord and prayed for something that would really work. I then came across a very helpful articles and YouTube lectures of Dr. Robert Lustig, then I was greatly help by Dr. Jason Fung’s book: the obesity code, When looking for some more lectures by Dr. Jason Fung, I was directed to the dietdoctor.com website, which provided me the real practical means to turn my health around.

    Fast forward about nine months months of eating low carbohydrate, and somewhat keto: I’ve lost 50 pounds, while still enjoying the foods that I eat now, and find it very easy to do intermittent fasting without any stress or sacrifice.
    Blood test show that I am out of the pre-diabetic mode and I breezed through my second stress echocardiograph test.
    BP at around 120/72 with only one BP pill.
    When I started to explain the details of my dietary change my cardiologist, he simply said “hey whatever you’re doing just keep doing it”

    I Visit the diet doctor.com just about every day for news and inspiration, and continue to recommend it to the many people when asked about how did I make such a big and positive change to my health and looks.

    I became a member mainly to support the site to help others. I have no problem if you made everything accessible to people who are not members yet, that does not matter to me, it’s my way of supporting good health to others, as I have benefited from it.
    Tom B.

  8. Jennifer
    I have struggled with the program and have little to no success which is why I cancelled my subscription. I have followed the plan quite detailed in the first couple of months but have ended up with a bigger belly than I started out with. I think your site is well laid out and informative but sometimes I think I needed a little more detail to help get through the difficult times - such as feeding a family who are not n the diet and don't support it. And quite a few older family members who don't want to follow the plan. So it has been really frustrating not to lose the weight.
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  9. Renee
    I became a member because I didn't HAVE to become a member to get LCHF help from this site. I didn't want to become a member when I first went keto if I couldn't even do it, yet Diet Doctor offered a lot of info for those of us who weren't members. I really appreciated that. Once I knew keto was for me, I wanted to join to help support others. :)
  10. Karla
    I love your site. I am not super strict on Keto but I love the recipes. Excellent variety for all skill levels. I haven't found any that I don't like so far. My friends like them too when I sneak one to them. Thanks for an affordable site with good information and encouragement.
  11. Simone
    I'm in the same situation, Jennifer. As I have tried so many other diets , I am not willing to give up yet. However, I would really like to find a solution.
    I must admit I didn't do IF for longer than 2 days as my appetite was too strong. I had hoped after 3 weeks of keto the hunger would subside but that only worked with 3 meals a day.
    I guess it is age related , I am a 64 year old women and I have been dieting on and off since I was 16, subsequently my body goes in starvation mode as response.
    I wonder if I am only one of the few , and how to handle this.
    Would it be useful to ignore hunger feelings and do IF anyhow.
    I love the keto recipes and felt better after 3 weeks, only I don't lose the weight... so frustrating.
  12. Richard
    I am 77 and I have always fought my weight. I am a retired Army and a disabled Vet. I always struggled with my weight. If you do not meet the Army weight standards you will not be able to re-enlist and eventually retire. Since retiring I have had my bouts with weight gain. I did Weight watchers several times and lost a ton, slowly but surely I gained it all back plus some. I really hated the meetings and I was always hungry. Since I have been doing the Keto I find that the meals are so satisfying that I am really never that famished and I have managed to lose 13 pounds the first 5 weeks. I am into my 6th week and loving it. I do the gym at least 5 times a week as I have for the last 40 years. What is amazing to me is my body is shrinking and I am fitting into my thinner wardrobe without doing killer workouts, mostly walking on the treadmill or stair-master. I am looking forward to my next Doctors visit to see how the Diet has impacted my Cholesterol, Sugar and BP.
  13. Maureen
    Your Facebook membership pages asks for membership password to sign up, then there is no password on membership page.
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  14. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Your Facebook membership pages asks for membership password to sign up, then there is no password on membership page.

    The password/phrase is on this page, in bold, next to Kristie's shoulder.

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