1. Jim

    The greater danger in this regard, these experts believe, lies not in products such as eggs, shrimp or lobster, which are high in cholesterol, but in too many servings of foods heavy with saturated fats, such as fatty meats, whole milk, and butter.

    "These experts"... :-/

    Two other citations that instantly came to my mind:

    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. -Albert Einstein


    What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them. (...) Are you still so dull? -The Bible, Matthew 15:11-16

  2. PatrickP
    Baby steps. They're slowly waking up. Maybe trying to do the right thing but also trying to save face. Not gonna be easy for them.
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  3. Johnny D.
    They just don't get it do they! Well all I know is that my health has improved since I started changing my diet to LCHF. As a close friend once said, "if they don't get it let 'em twril".
  4. Boundless
    re: Baby steps. They're slowly waking up.

    And if they wake up to the fact that their unsupported advice has caused the early deaths of millions, and healthcare costs in the billions, they may decide they need to manage the liability.

    Governments may have immunity, but the NQUs (National Quack Unions) and PMAs (Perpetual Malady Associations) do not, and they've been cluelessly parroting the same deadly advice.

    So expect that releasing the truth on low fat mania, 'healthy' whole grains, 'healthy' industrial grain oils, carbs for diabetics, statins for everybody and other fatal follies to be delayed until all the original perpetrators are dead.

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  5. Paul the rat
    "….until all the original perpetrators are dead…."

    I wish this was true Boundless. Hordes of "healthy grains - statins for everybody" brains are being hatched year after year in every med school around the world. It is their livelihood. In my opinion LCHF will be a niche lifestyle for many years to come, (which by the way is fine with me, my colleagues and I consult only those who want to listen; and numbers are increasing).

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  6. Boundless
    re: ... hatched year after year in every med school around the world.

    A paradigm shift indicator to watch for is when med schools finally begin teaching more than 19 classroom hours on the role of diet in health.

    We're perhaps lucky that schools don't spend more time on it today, because what they think they know is incorrect. I suspect that the negative correlation between what little they teach, and actual outcomes, is part of why they don't teach more (the other big factor being that it doesn't pay well - people only need doctors telling them what to eat today because the majority of consensus doctors are telling them to eat toxins).

  7. Eddie Mitchell
    Each month another nail gets hammered into the coffin of the American Food Pyramid and the NHS Eatwell Plate. Each month another well know medical professional joins our cause. Each month another paid for big name dietitian is exposed for being on the payroll of junk food. The dangers of a high sugar-highly processed carb diet are becoming well known. The scaremongering of fats from healthy sources, is now being seen as the greatest hoax and con in the history of dietary advice. And now we have the dietary cholesterol warnings being withdrawn.

    The future is bright, the future is low carb high quality fats, if you want to control your weight, diabetes and many other medical conditions. Only today another expose was highlighted by the BBC.

    Row over sugar firms' links to scientists http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-31412551

    "Prof Simon Capewell, from the University of Liverpool and an adviser for the group Action on Sugar, told the BBC: "I was shocked, quite honestly; this is heart-breaking news and basically it appears a lot of people have been seriously misled."

    He said there would be an "inherent conflict of interest" between profits and public health.
    "It's like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank," he concluded.

  8. Apicius
    Possibly part of the reason for slow propagation of truth is that there is no evident scapegoat to take the blame, to have their image smeared by mass media and subsequently attacked by crowds of people. This horror story lacks a clear villain. "The establishment" or "big Pharma" or "the government" or "big Ag" is insufficient. Not tangible enough to get people's hearts and mind going. The cigarette issue had a clear villain. But this issue is much more complex I think.
  9. Murray
    I think the sugar message is starting to sink in. My wife had lunch with a colleague yesterday who turned down dessert. Toronto has a winter restaurant festival this week, called Winterliscious, in which restaurants feature three course fixed price meals. So the dessert is part of the deal. The price is good enough to pass on the dessert.

    The waitress asked for dessert choices and the table passed. The colleague said she gave up sugar and the waitress said she had too. The colleague told my wife that the first two weeks was rough but since then she has felt great and for the first time she no longer has adult acne. The waitress said she no longer gets migraines.

  10. christina
    I have problem of hair loss, my hair became very greasy since i am eating LCHF. Is it normal? Or what should I do to against it?
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  11. Jim
    @christina: Fatty as well as dry skin should greatly improve on LCHF. But it can take weeks or even months. Did the hair loss worsen or even only start with LCHF? In this case you may want to get some blood test done (thyroid health, lipids, maybe minerals/vitamins).
  12. christina
    Thanks Jim. I am doing LCHF and sometimes Paleo since september last year. My Cholesterin is 258 mg/dl, HDL is 107 mg/dl, LDL is 144 mg/dl. TSH 2.11 µU/ml. I think the result is not too bad. I am sure i don't have enough VD3, coz I live in Austria, cold and not much sunshine.
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  13. Zepp
    Its comon if one lose weight, get pregnant, have trauma, or big hormonial changes!

    Its cald temporary hair loss.

    It means that hair growt take a break.. waiting for the situation getting stable!


  14. Jim
    @christina: Lipids are not bad, indeed. But your TSH is somewhat highish... Maybe supplement selenium? D3 also is something you should probably supplement. My D3 supplement (I'm from Germany) is made in Austria... ;-)
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  15. Zepp

    It should be 6 or lower.. very good if its 4 or lower!

    You got a very high HDL, that in combination with femal gender is protective of CVD!

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  16. Christina
    Thanks Jim. I thought TSH range is 03 to 6. whatever, what do you mean about selenium? Should I eat sth. with selenium or wihtout it? Danke! :=)
  17. Christina
    Hi Zepp, I know it is great! just after some months LCHF diet. And, my Triglyceride is 36 only.
  18. Eddie Mitchell
    Cholesterol numbers have no correlation with heart disease, non whatsoever. Just as many people have heart attacks with so called good numbers as so called bad. Another complete crock along with saturated fats from healthy natural foods will clog your arteries.

    This video is less than two minutes long and says it all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8SSCNaaDcE

  19. Solomon
    I will check and fix Vitamin D before worrying. Vitamin D has shaved more than a decade off my 'health age' after adding it to my LCHF lifestyle.
  20. Chrissy
    Well they're still banging on about 'dangers' of saturated fat..guess big food companies and big pharma don't want to let go of their golden goose! (they wield ENORMOUS power in Washington!). As for diabetics being told not to eat more than one egg a day..these people need to come clean, WE KNOW refined carbs and sugars are what diabetics REALLY need to avoid!
  21. Jim
    @Christina: Actually, healthy TSH levels range from 0.3 - 2.5 mU/l. Upper limits of 4mU/l or even more are outdated. But many laboratories and doctors seem to have missed that...

    Selenium is necessary for normal thyroid function (necessary for production of regulating enzymes and antioxidants). While iodized salt is pretty much the standard nowadays, selenium deficiencies continue to persist. Most soils low in iodine are low in selenium, as well...

    Selenium is found in some nuts and garlic. Supplements seem to contain compounds of low biological availability... So I'm not sure if they are beneficial. Keine Ursache. ;-)

  22. Jim
    Oh, selenium is also found in fish and meats, of course. ;-)
  23. emory
    The fat/cholesterol recommendations from the U.S. government were based on the faulty studies of Ancel Keyes, who convinced the medical establishment to vilify researchers who followed Banting and others...even though LCHF was consistently proven to be superior to LFHC. Instead, these researchers found themselves defending against being labelled as dangerous, crackpots, etc.

    The pyramid came about because of George McGovern. McGovern and several members of his staff had become familiar with the Ancel Keys' influence on the American Heart Association, which was proposing that fat and cholesterol consumption should be lowered for better heart health, even though the link between the two had never been proven in any scientific study. With this focus, the creation of today's USDA Food Pyramid began.

    To quote Gary Taubes:
    "It was Senator George McGovern's bipartisan, nonlegislative Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs--and, to be precise, a handful of McGovern's staff members--that almost single-handedly changed nutritional policy in this country and initiated the process of turning the dietary fat hypothesis into dogma."

  24. Niki
    Nixon did not want food to be a political issue. Speed through time--less money spent on food meant more money spent on everything else. And if you are hungry all the time, you buy where ever you go--at restaurants. Spend more money on food with servers. More you buy, the more you eat, the more you get hungry, and the bigger you and everyone around you gets. If you are not hungry, then when you go to the store, you buy less, spend less, and you are not interested in fattening foods. So you don't stop to eat it. So then if you don't go Banting, you get fat and you then buy diet products. Get fatter on that. It is a nasty cycle, and the craziest part about it is that politicians sourced this one out. I wonder what the effect on overall behaviour on LCHF.
  25. harry
    hi , i am doing lchf , my problem is i am 5feet 2 inches , i weighed 150 pounds with a 39inch stomach , i am now 132 pounds with a 33 inch stomach , i am getting there , the problem is i am losing fat every where , and my arms and legs have sagging flesh and skin hanging , not a good look , i dont know if it would be a good idea to do weight training once my waist hits the 30 inch mark , any suggestions ?
  26. Barbara Owen
    Had a blood test my cholestrol came back at 8.5 she didn't explain other parts of blood test.Now my question is this I have been on statins for years and the level was 3.5 but because my family kept saying come off I did stupid I know.Now I have lost 5stone in weight and I thought because it was a healthy diet my cholestral should be okay, but ad I say it was 8.5. So the Doctor said I have Genetic Cholesterol and to tell my children who are in their 40s to have their cholesterol levels checked as well.Can you please tell me if this sounds correct please. Thank you very much Barbara.

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