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The world’s largest meeting on diabetes research is over, but next year it will be in Stockholm, Sweden – almost my home town. I’ll be there and my suggestion to the organizers is simple. Try to get it right next time.

At least, do have the courage to discuss all the research showing that today’s lifestyle advice isn’t working very well for people with diabetes, and may even make some people sicker. It’s high time for new thinking, when 5 million people die from their diabetes every year.


  1. Jaime
    It's pretty obvious: it is either (a) most scientists, politicians and many others are so idiot that they can't see how a problem arising from insulin resistance can't be cured by prescribing to the population massive amounts of the only substance that triggers equally high amounts of insulin, and therefore, potentially creating insulin resistance, or (b) there is a "bonkers-like" conspiracy theory for a different kind of "idiots" who think some people without ethics benefit from selling all this crap and/or making a fortune selling a cure for it (i.e. remedial medicine that never cures the patient).

    The new mantra is "The 'scientific' consensus says that...", and it is presented with a warning that implicitly says "whoever disagree is a conspiracy paranoid". The problem is that there are lots of bonkers who make up silly conspiracy theories that discredit serious criticisms; on the other hand, "mainstream" theories are often backed up by large organizations and governments who have the money and/or the credibility to sustain them, and too often, monetary interests to perpetuate their views.

    If there is something that 20th century propaganda and mass-control psychology has learned is that the best way to suppress reality is to ignore it, not confront it, but spending MORE money banging on people's heads with the opposite idea, with more money and resources, until any lie becomes "common sense". Attacking someone who's right face to face has been proven to be the wrong approach in most cases, so don't feel ignored if you don't get the attention from the media and the "Big Guys", because whether they are aware of what you are saying or not, their main directive is to ignore you, while their expensive propaganda machine does it job: to brainwash people by simply repeat their lies; people don't normally attend to reason, but they are very receptive to messages that come up often.

  2. Goz
    Why don't you be one of the speakers and tell it like it is?
    That would be priceless!
  3. Boundless
    > Try to get it right next time.

    Probably not going to happen, as long as the organizers self-identify as EASD rather than EAS-T1D or EAS-T2D.

    T1D and T2D are significantly different ailments, with some overlap of symptoms and management.

    T1D is so far almost entirely irreversible, but can be managed, via diet, with minimum meds. It may prove to be largely avoidable with diet in the future. Conferences on T1D, if honest about the role of nutrition, are apt to be useful for some time to come.

    T2D is an entirely optional ailment; an almost completely predictable metabolic response to a full time moderate to high glycemic diet. It is completely reversible up until irreversible side effects set in, at which point it can still be arrested, and managed with minimum meds via diet. We only need one more conference on T2D, to point out what is already obvious to ordinary citizens who are paying attention.

    There are no ALD (alcoholic liver disease) Association conferences. As with T2D, this is an optional ailment, trivially avoided and fully reversible to the extent that the complications are.

    Secret conferences like EASD strike me as "we doctors will continue pretending T2D is a disease, and you pharmas can sell potions that somewhat manage but don't cure it."

    Anyone who discusses "diabetes", without clarifying T1 or T2, is at the very least being negligent. Less charitably, they are being deceptive, as some national diabetes promotion and management associations are, because they want to be able to misleadingly confound T1D and T2D to claim that "diabetes is incurable", even though avoided, reversed and remissed T2D needs no cure.

    This all could get darker before it gets lighter. I expect that the only thing preventing Alzheimers from being called T3D is the lack of an expensive chronic treatment option.

    Goz suggested ...

    > Why don't you be one of the speakers and tell it like it is?

    He might be disinvited to attend, much less speak, as soon as they read the abstract. The effort would be useful, however, in clarifying whether EASD is merely dangerously incompetent, or is a willful criminal enterprise.

    Fixing this problem is probably going to be a grass roots effort (and don't eat seeds of grasses, either).

  4. Mitch
    It's a ' supply and demand' situation.

    Consumers demand two things at the same time:

    1. To regularly eat any of the available food-stuffs available today and not move much etc.

    2. A medical cure for health issues like diabetes, heart disease, etc.

    Food factories can provide the most of first demand and make a living from it.

    Medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies can try provide the second demand and make a living from it.

    The higher priority of demands placed by consumers is the first one and it is also easier and cheaper to deliver.

    The medical researchers are just doing what they have been ask to do - find a medical cure for today's illnesses.

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  5. FrankG
    "Consumers demand...To regularly eat any of the available food-stuffs available today and not move much etc."

    Are you saying that we brought this on ourselves.. that given a free [market] choice this is just what we humans do?

    You don't see that misguided government policies, misdirected "science", and slick marketing have their share in the culpability for our current preventable health crisis?

    Given a choice between processed, packaged, junk-food and freshly prepared, real, whole food; which do you think most people would go for?

    When I was overweight and dutifully following the established medical advice, I didn't choose not to move much.. I had little energy or motivation so to do, despite my best efforts of "will-power" but since I started eating LCHF, I now look forward to regular physical activity... that came "naturally".

    Be careful you don't confuse psychological/conscious choice with physiological/biochemical processes and drives in the body :-)

  6. FrankG
    In this case I think the food manufacturers are, at least in part, driving demand and not just responding to consumers... look at the advertising budget of any major corporation and ask yourself why would they waste so much money? if you have any doubt that marketing works

    BUT that is not to say we are powerless and cannot effect change, by voting with our dollars at the checkout.

    Drug companies similarly, are only focused on their bottom line.... they are not altruistically looking to cure the ills of humanity... unless it is profitable.

  7. Mitch

    What I am saying they will keep providing if consumers keep buying it.

    Yes food-product companies spend a lot of money on advertising and deceiving the public and it does work ( though the people kind of know it's not healthy) - but on mass it's still bought so advertising works and the food-product companies know that.

    Re: choice between processed food and real whole food.
    In this health conscious forum ( lchf, paleo, primal etc) then of course whole foods.
    Outside of that, eating, preparing real foods is considered boring, too hard, too restrictive - mostly processed food wins for the masses, it's convenient, fast to make or buy ready done, it lasts on the shelf, requires little planning or prep - note we have made this world busy and we are time poor. I do keep in mind that food product manufacturer have food scientists that manipulate it it such a way it is addictive.

    Re: government polices etc
    Yes it plays a big part - though we 'feed off' each other ( so to speak), they do, we react ( follow or not follow to some degree), they modify their policy, we react to the modifications, this goes on still things stabilize at a compromise - that's what we have today - a poor political compromise for the masses, the lowest common denominator.

    I'm glad you stopped following the bad advice given to the masses and now in much better health - congratulations.
    Though you've probably found most people around you choose to not do what you did even though almost everyone has an health issue that probably would be improved if they adopted a real food way of eating - I see this time and time again - so I don't try change anyone. They eat their processed food, overtime they feel tired/depressed, gain weight, regularly see the doctor for 5min, get a prescription, take sick leave often etc, continue on with their life slowly getting worse.
    Tell them most the problem is from the foods they eat and most won't even consider trying it for a week let alone a month.

    My original comment is meant to prompt a paradigm change in individuals - factories provide because, the masses buy it ( for what ever reason, deception, addiction) - rather than act like I'm a victim, perhaps instead feel empowered - say I'm not taking this crap any more, I'm in charge of my health, no government, pharmaceutical company, or food-product company cares more about my health and happiness than me - their motivation is their taxes and profits not my health.

    It comes with some effort ( especially in the beginning), but the bottom line is we have a choice.

  8. Kris Valle
    Thank you for your courage! I wish there were more doctors like you! Sleep well at night, please know you have made a difference in so many lives and I cannot thank you enough! :)

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